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Libertarian Opinions: Konkin, Russell

Libertarian Opinions

Interview with Samuel Edward Konkin III

The major issues of the 1960s for American youth were the Viet Nam War and conscription for it, drugs legalization, and freedom to protest. Libertarians agreed with the New Left (SDS, etc.) on all these issues and the traditional conservatives ("trads") who controlled YAF were opposed.

Who Is A Libertarian?
Dean Russell, The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty - 1955,

Webster’s New International Dictionary defines a libertarian as “One who holds to the doctrine of free will; also, one who upholds the principles of liberty, esp. individual liberty of thought and action.”

In popular terminology, a libertarian is the opposite of an authoritarian. Strictly speaking, a libertarian is one who rejects the idea of using violence or the threat of violence—legal or illegal—to impose his will or viewpoint upon any peaceful person. Generally speaking, a libertarian is one who wants to be governed far less than he is today...

The libertarian’s goal is friendship and peace with his neighbors at home and abroad.

Beginning of book "Towards a Just Society"