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FIPA and Chairman Harper

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Chairman Harper and the Chinese Sell-Out
by Andrew Nikiforuk | | October 11, 2012

“Who needs democracy? Secret treaty is a massive giveaway of Canadian resources and rights with no vote in Parliament…”

“…The investment banker never explained how a highly subsidized industry whose leaders are appointed by a secretive human resource division of the Communist Party of China qualify as free market agents

“… CNOOC, one of Mitt Romney’s favourite investments…”

“…Harper’s Communist-leaning Tories …”

The above article jokes that possibly he is a communist. Well, why not? Why do “conservatives” love Communist China so much? Is China both “capitalist” and “communist”? The “left-right” paradigm doesn’t work for explaining reality because the two wings are part of the same bird, namely “Wall Street” or international corporations, as Antony C. Sutton has documented. (By the way, GM sponsored a film celebrating the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.)

I don’t agree with calling Harper a “libertarian economist”. Libertarian ideas may not be on target on all points and there are different flavours of libertarianism, but based on past statements, Harper is not sympathetic to libertarianism. See this National Post article by Jesse Kline:

“…Mr. Harper fired the opening shot when he made a surprise appearance at the Manning Centre Conference in 2009. In a speech that the Financial Post‘s Terence Corcoran dubbed, “The Night the Prime Minister Purged Libertarians from Canadian Conservatism,” Mr. Harper launched a scathing attack on libertarians, who he — using twisted logic that almost rivals that of Mr. Toews — basically accused of causing the financial collapse.”

There may be globalists who have their special version of libertarianism, but Harper is actually a globalist of the neoconservative variety. Based on his actions, which are like almost all of the Canadian politicians and Western leaders I can think of who constantly attend endless international meetings, he obviously believes in having an authoritarian global government controlled by monopolistic private interests (a more open, enhanced version of the current system). This is the way the 2010 G20 was conducted in Toronto.

He is playing a role that is part of a larger plan seeking to build up China and reduce the independence and economic performance of Western nations who used to uphold rights and freedoms. Reducing Western prosperity and freedoms, establishing authoritarianism, and hanging out in China are also characteristics of the Green faction. Even though his government passed the Sustainable Development Act in 2008, Harper does not play the role of Green. But the policies of so-called left and right are all working towards the same goal.

FIPA Delay Nov. 2 – Canada is not for sale – send a message to the PM about the Nexen takeover and the Canada-China investment deal

Tell Prime Minister Stephen Harper: Canada is NOT for sale |

Click here to send a protest message to the Prime Minister and others.

“The Canada-China FIPA is set for automatic approval on October 31st ….

“Send a message to Prime Minister Harper and your MP: Canada is not for sale, stop the Canada-China FIPA [Foreign Investment Protection Act] and the Nexen takeover….

“Alongside this deal, the Harper government is trying to speed through the sale of Nexen, a major Canadian oil and gas company, to the Chinese National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), one of China’s massive state-owned oil companies. The $15 billion-dollar Nexen takeover will open the floodgates to a wave of foreign buyouts of Canada’s natural resources.

“If FIPA passes, a Chinese company can take over Canadian resources and then sue Canadian governments – provincial or federal – in secret, if the government does anything that threatens the company’s profits….”

Temporary foreign workers to work in Canadian mines

Chinese workers fill B.C. mining jobs | October 10, 2012

“In total, anywhere from 1,600 to just under 2,000 Chinese nationals could find full-time work in four projects being proposed in coming years for the region, due to the shortage of underground mining skills in Canada, according to industry officials…”

“Stephen Hunt, western director for the United Steelworkers union, ridiculed Tuesday the suggestion Canadians couldn’t be trained to work underground.

“Bullshit,” he said of Cavanagh’s assertions.

“That’s just a cop-out, a way to bring in guest workers who are going to go into a camp, contribute virtually nothing to the economy, and then when they’re done they’ll be sent back to China,” he said…”

It’s all propaganda from government and industry. They’re not admitting that this is tied to international trade agreements. You’re supposed to compete with low wages and unsafe working conditions in Chinese mines. The same thing is happening in Australia. Our old way of life is being destroyed and that’s the point.

2010 study: Chinese villages: fluoride in water linked to lower IQ in children

Fluoride in Water Linked to Lower IQ in Children – December 21, 2010 –

“… Exposure to fluoride may lower children’s intelligence says a study pre-published in Environmental Health Perspectives, a publication of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (online December 17, 2010)….

“In this study, 512 children aged 8-13 years in two Chinese villages were studied and tested …”

The privileges of China’s elite

The Privileges of China’s Elite Include Purified Air – November 4, 2011

Chinese Communist Party members have “special schools for the young ones”, “organic produce grown on well-guarded, government-run farms”, access to the best military hospitals, and air-purifying machines in their homes and workplaces.

Do North American and European officials have similar privileges?

Australian Fabian government predicts integrated Asia-Pacific emissions trading system that includes parts of Canada

Combet [Australia's Climate Change Minister] predicts Asia-Pacific carbon trading pact – April 24, 2012

“Once China and South Korea start trading carbon Mr Combet says there can eventually be an integrated Asia-Pacific system which could also include Australia, New Zealand, California and parts of Canada.”

The article mentions also that China has “carbon reduction” plans, apart from trading:

“They include a Government commitment to reduce the whole country’s carbon output per unit of GDP by 17 per cent before the end of 2015, and by a whopping 40 to 45 per cent by 2020.”

So all of these incredible, anti-human and economically destructive power grabs are going ahead despite the facts that “global warming” propaganda is being systematically discredited.

Chinese government promotes their population control measures (2009)

Population control called key to deal – Dec. 10, 2009

From 2009, Chinese government representative advocates China’s totalitarian population control policy for the world:

“Population and climate change are intertwined but the population issue has remained a blind spot when countries discuss ways to mitigate climate change and slow down global warming, according to Zhao Baige, vice-minister of National Population and Family Planning Commission of China (NPFPC).”

The article cites hocus-pocus about “tons of CO2″ from fellow totalitarians at the UN and London School of Economics, in the context of their authoritarian religious carbon dogma, implying that carbon dioxide – invisible, odorless and totally natural – is bad for the planet even though it makes the plants grow.

It’s incredible that the power elites have created this scam accounting system to show quantitatively how much we are supposed to hate and fear our fellow human beings, in order to justify eventual government interference in reproduction.

Article refers to:

by Thomas Wire, August 2009, sponsored by Optimum Population Trust

UN report: State of World Population 2009

Current UN report and previous years


China orders deletion of Lady Gaga songs

Aug. 25, 2011: China bars some Lady Gaga hits from download sites, AP,

China’s Ministry of Culture ordered songs to be deleted that had not been screened, including songs by Lady Gaga and other pop stars, to ‘preserve China’s “national cultural security.”‘

Marxists countering cultural Marxists.

I don’t know exactly what the Chinese government’s motives are. But every family and household ought to put up defenses against the weaponized value-destroying culture that is coming at us from the music and entertainment industries, or we will ironically, be absorbed into a dehumanized system, probably more totalitarian than China.

Harper's free-trade deal with Honduras

Harper’s free-trade deal with Honduras

He claims that the agreement will benefit Canadian workers and businesses somehow. According to the article, Harper also promotes the idea that these globalist “free trade” agreements “reduce human-rights violations”. Really?

What about with China with its human rights violations like forced sterilization? The Canadian Establishment is pushing for a free trade agreement with China. Wouldn’t that just give tacit approval for what the Chinese regime does and wouldn’t its attitudes tend to influence Canadian society?


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