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www.torontosun.com, April 22, 2010 – McGuinty backs down on sex ed plans after trying to force it on parents in Ontario.

More details on the attempt:

www.globaltoronto.com, April 21, 2010 – Ontario premier defends sex-ed curriculum and Apr 21, 2010 – www.thestar.com, Catholic schools must teach new sex ed: McGuinty

The origin of this worldwide agenda is really UNESCO:

www.examiner.com, September 3, 2009 – Condoms, masturbation, abortion content provoke controversy in UNESCO sex education draft guidelines portal.unesco.org: UNESCO Sexuality Education guidelines

So here we witnessed the Premier of Ontario trying to push the dictates of his bosses on the people of the province, and then appear to back down for now.  It’s nice to see that some are able to stand up to this kind of abuse.    Supposedly McGuinty is putting the curriculum on the shelf – but  he and his interchangeable pals – red or blue – will sneak it in when they get a chance.

Do people ever ask themselves why the government would bother pushing a program with so much potential opposition?   Because they don’t represent the people.  They are following an agenda set by the elite classes, and not by the people at all.

Most Western governments are just part of an international clique that seeks to build a god-like “scientific” dictatorship.  Traditional family and moral structures are to be completely destroyed so that no family structure stands between individuals and the planned world state.

Sex education at an early age is another addition to the pop music culture that also targets children, where the videos show people having sex in public bathroom stalls etc.   It’s the same international power cult that runs the production of toxic culture as well as governments.  (This is another boycott parents can look at – selectively boycotting pop music that manipulates their children).  And in all the above articles you see all sorts of excuses presented as the supposed reasons for training children to obsess over sex, which is really to prevent long-term bonding and families.

And again we see that public education serves as a tool for allowing elite classes to engineer society – to target children at as young an age as possible.  In the case of sex education, they are grinding society down into pulp so that the global elite can remake it into a perfect Brave New World of docile citizens.

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