Travel, Transportation, Automobile, Checkpoints, “Security”, Mobility, Mobility Rights Shredded

Also see: Police, Scanners

Travel: “All travel plans to be tracked by Government” by David Millward ( – March 14, 2009.

Search, Seizure: “Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches – U.S. Agents Seize Travelers’ Devices”

“UK ‘least wanted’ list published” ( – May 5, 2009. – So-called global society. Will people have “rights” at all? Or will everyone be constantly evaluated?

“New travel document requirements for USA citizens”

Travel Restrictions, Mobility: US Air Travelers Need Secure Flight Passenger Data Supplied 3 Days Before Travel–Nov 1

Canada to launch no-fly list in June

Watch List Snaring Innocents: “A Good Name Dragged Down”

Canada to US Flights-Passengers to be Searched Twice

Washington Subways–Bag Searches or No Ride

Secure Flight Program

TSA Advertises for Recruits on Pizza Boxes

Automobiles: Gas Guzzlers to be Driven Off the Road-US

Sailboat Skipper wanted to Attend Canadian Folk Festival–Halifax Border Services Tore Boat Apart

Cattle Truck Airlines-Standing Room Only

Osama is Poster Boy for New Mobile Boarding Pass-Red Faces All Round

Out of date propaganda: “Now Boarding at BWI: Security With Hint of Calm” by Del Quentin Wilber and Ellen Nakashima ( – April 29, 2008.

Automobiles: “Big Brother is watching: surveillance box to track drivers is backed” by Paul Lewis ( – March 31, 2009.

Travel, Mobility: “Government wants personal details of every traveller”

Obama Admin Favors Bicycles over Autos-For You–Beginnings of Essential Vehicles Only

More Farce-Volcanic Cloud which cost Millions to Air Travel-Based on Computer Projection

Real Reason for Grounding Commercial Aircraft-April 12 to 22nd-Largest Test of Allied Nato and Partnership Airforces Ever Conducted

Brilliant Ardent-Military Exercise

Security Guards Mock Victim at Vancouver Airport

Behaviour Detection Officers at Airports a 200 Million Dollar Flop

“EU funding ‘Orwellian’ artificial intelligence plan to monitor public for ‘abnormal behaviour’ ” by Ian Johnston ( – Sept. 19, 2009.

Behavioral Screening: “Behavioral screening — the future of airport security?” by Dana Rosenblatt ( – Dec. 2, 2008.

Automobiles, Green Agenda: “Auto-ban: German town goes car-free” by Tony Paterson ( – June 26, 2009.

Automobiles, Travel: “White House Says Transportation System Overhaul Must Wait” [White House Delays Banning Gasoline Vehicles] by Alec MacGillis ( – June 26, 2009.

Security- Terahertz Waves Disrupt Double-Strand DNA

Los Angeles-TSA Agent says he is God-High on Drugs

Security Test with Explosive not Detected

Laws-Control-Grid: Roadside Fingerprinting Goes Nationwide-Britain

Pre-Flight Threat Assessment on All Air Passengers Recommended-Political Restriction of Travel

New Sliding Hand Pat Down Technique to Dissuade Passengers from Opting Out of X-Ray Scanner

New Roadside Cameras Scan for Tax, Insurance, Seat Belt Use and More

Automobiles: Police State UK-Testing Ground for World

Canada to US–More Airport Hassle

Lancashire Police Close All Country Roads-Mammoth Exercise

“Is Tougher Airport Screening Going Too Far?” ( – July 16, 2009.

Automobiles, Travel, Breath Tests: “Police should be allowed to do random breath tests for drunk driving: MPs” by Andrew Mayeda (at – June 18, 2009.

“Police to get mobile fingerprint scanners amid plans to hold random identity checks” by Matthew Drake ( – Oct 27, 2008.

Police State, Tasers: Taser Bracelet for Airline Passengers: “Want some torture with your peanuts?” by Black and Denning ( – July 1, 2008.
Article includes response from “Lamperd Less Lethal Inc., the Canadian company that designed the EMD Safety Bracelet”.

Denver-Bicycling Agenda Turning Cities Over to UN Control

Automobiles: City Councils Send Door-to-Door Officials to Nag People into Giving up Driving their Cars

End of the Road–Towns Rip Up the Pavement Rather than Maintain Roads

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