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Privilege, Ruling Class, Class Structure, Bail-outs, Subsidies, Some are More Equal than Others, Elitism

Also see: Democracy, Secrecy, Corporate Feudalism

Power, Corporations, Financial System, Bailouts, Burdens: More Money for Freddie Mac

(Move) Family Connections, Culture, Media: “Ari Emanuel” [Agent to Michael Moore and Brother to White House Chief of Staff] (wikipedia.org).

(Move to Science), Technocracy, Media/Propaganda, Power/Corruption, False god of Science: “Scientists faking results and omitting unwanted findings in research” by Richard Alleyne (telegraph.co.uk) – June 4, 2009. – “The results paint a picture of a profession in which dishonesty and misrepresentation are widespread”

(Move) Authoritarianism, Obedience to Authority, Cult Dynamics, State Power: Google Video: “Cults: The Wave – 46 min – May 13, 2007”.“THE THIRD WAVE” by Ron Jones (1972).

(Move) Planners, Power, Marxism, Imperialism, Climate Change, Reality behind Politics: “Gingrich, Toffler, and Gore: A peculiar trio” by Steve Farrell (enterstageright.com) – July 9, 2001.

“Tony Blair buys another house – five homes worth a total of 11m pounds, according to a report” by Alastair Jamieson (telegraph.co.uk) – Oct. 7, 2009.

Power: “Tony Blair criticised for asking to keep 24-hour armed guard” by Lawrence Conway (thisislondon.co.uk) – Oct. 5, 2009.

(Move) Rule by Science, Experts: “A Wobbly Three-Legged Stool: Science, Politics, and the Public” – Ignorance of public about energy, fuels, etc. – “…This gap cannot be bridged by loading the public with facts, or trying to make the public more science literate. How should scientists deal with this awkward reality? How can science help create a more rational, pragmatic, and far-sighted society capable of addressing the challenges we face?”

(Move) Media/Propaganda, Culture, Power, Terrorism: “Presidential Plane Photo Op Scares Some New Yorkers” by Margaret Besheer (voanews.com) – April 28, 2009.

(Move) John Pilger—Stand and Fight

(Move) Power: Politicians Coached to Talk to Public as though they are 10yr. Olds

(Move) Power, Big Brother: “Undesirable? I’d swap Jackboot Jacqui for a shock jock any day…” by Richard Littlejohn (dailymail.co.uk) – May 10, 2009.

(copy) Financial System, Economy, Power: How the Economy is Controlled – London School of Economics ‘Trickle-Down Theory’ – Pandora’s Box by Adam Curtis. Episode 3, The League of Gentlemen. Whole series: Pandora’s Box by Adam Curtis (1992)

(move) Power, Psychology, Psychiatry, Advertising, Behavior Modification/Social Control, Propaganda: Documentary Series: “The Century of the Self” by Adam Curtis – Part 1 – “use of ideas of freud in politics, business and economics”, “his american nephew Edward Bernaise” – Part 2Part 3Part 4 ‘”This series is about how those in power have used Freud’s theories to try and control the dangerous crowd in an age of mass democracy.” – Adam Curtis’

Following Leaders: “Crowds ‘pick leaders to follow'”

Power Structure Rewards and Pay-Offs: OBE’s: “Order of the British Empire” Wikipedia (wikipedia.org). – For example: List of Celebrities appointed to the Order of the British Empire

Government: “Kosovo unveils Clinton’s statue” (news.bbc.co.uk) – Nov. 1, 2009.

Left-wing-Right-wing-Chicken-wing–Birds of a Feather Get Knighted Together

Little liars grow up to be great leaders

(move) G20, HealthCare, Power: “Ralph Nader on the G-20, Healthcare Reform, Mideast Talks and His First Work of Fiction, ‘Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!’ ” (democracynow.org) – Sept. 21, 2009.

Corruption, Elites: “Report: 237 millionaires in Congress” by Erika Lovley (politico.com) – Nov. 6, 2009.

(Move) Energy: Lobbyist found dead at home

Power, Planners, Policy, Corporations, Subsidies: “How the Government funds lobby groups to lobby it for money” by Ed West (telegraph.co.uk) – May 25, 2009.

Elites, Power, Corruption, Pedophilia: “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush” The Washington Times (at voxfux.com) – June 29, 1989. – one point: “investigation is said to be focused on … abduction and use of minors for sexual perversion, extortion, larceny and related illicit drug trafficking …”

Power, Secrecy, Wikileaks: Ambassador Meeting in US

(Move) Power: British PM Coached on Body Language by Obama’s Trainer–for 66,000 Pounds

Power: “Obama ‘Offers Clinton Top Job’ ” (news.sky.com) – Nov. 15, 2008.

Britain-New Reforms says new Deputy Prime Minister-The “Benevolent” Dictatorship” Period

Power, Authoritarian Power Structure: The Real Power Over Parliament and Opening by the Queen

Queen’s Speech in Commonwealth Countries, New Social Engineering Controls on Families, Retaining DNA of Innocent People: “Queen’s Speech: ban on mobile phones in jail” [Queen’s Speech brings More State Powers] by Richard Ford (timesonline.co.uk) – Nov. 18, 2009.

“Shimon Peres to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth” Israel Today Staff (israeltoday.co.il) – Oct. 24, 2008.

For those who still believe in Honest Politicians–The Lobbying Farce of Politics

Channel 4 Sting Ropes in Members of Parliament “For Hire” by Corporation Lobbyists

Bernanke-Time Magazine Man of the Year

Video: “Choreography Of Newspapers And Politics” [Peter Oborne on Politicians] (youtube.com).

Power, Corruption: Politicians and Cash for Access – Want a Gov. Contract ?–Pay Up

Corruption, Power: Serial Killers and Politicians Share Same Traits– same article at examiner.com

Corruption: Duchess Fergie dealing Husband for Hire-for Half a Million Pounds You Will Gain Access to Prince Andrew, UK Trade Envoy. Ten-Fold Return-Cash Only Please.

UN, Corruption: UN Cutting back on Internal Corruption Investigations

Criminality, Pedophilia: Top Portuguese TV Presenter and Ex UNESCO Ambassador Guilty in Homosexual Pedophile Ring

UN, Corruption: “A British nuclear expert has fallen to his death from the 17th floor of the United Nations offices in Vienna” (telegraph.co.uk) – Oct. 21, 2009.

Tony Blair tipped to Take Over as CEO of BP

Gordon Brown to serve as Harvard visiting fellow – Telegraph

(Move) Evil, Psychopathy: Psychopathy, Neuroscience and Neurolaw

Spending Watchdog spent 4.8 Million Pounds—On Itself

“BBC: Express Gravy Train – MEPs abusing their expense (Video)” (wiseupjournal.com) – May 19, 2009.

“Q&A: The MP expenses row” (news.bbc.co.uk) – May 15, 2009.

“What MPs can claim on expenses” (news.bbc.co.uk) – May 8, 2009.

The Cost of Keeping Britain’s Overlords

Cost of Bodyguards for Ex-Prime Ministers

20,000 “Experts” Cost Britain 2 Billion Pounds per Year

Ex-Prime Minister Mulroney Owes Taxpayers 2.1 Million Dollars

Transparency in Government-Civil Servants get 20% Pay Raise

Representative Coble on Politicians’ Pensions

Tony Blair-“Why I Need 5 Million Pounds Per Year Just to Get By”

Government Workers feel no Economic Pain

“Sir Fred Will Not Forego 16.6m pound Pension Pot” (news.sky.com) – Feb. 26, 2009.

The State as Protection Racket


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