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“From Spitfires to sensors” [IBM] by Darren Waters (news.bbc.co.uk) – May 6, 2009. – “internet of things” – “…IBM’s ambition as a company to build a “smarter planet”‘ …”real-time monitoring of personal energy consumption…”

Pervasive Technology–Tax-Funded Naturally

More on Pervasive Technology Programmes

“Your smart meter is watching” (thestar.com) – Nov. 17, 2009.

“Obama announces $3.4 billion in grants for smart grid” by Steve Holland (at reuters.com) – Oct. 27, 2009.

PhysOrg-Ford Motors and Microsoft sign Deal to Work on Smart Control Grid

IBM Speaks of Planned Future at Chatham House-RIIA–CFR

IBM’s “Smarter Planet” Strategy

Appliance Interaction-Smart Meters-Echelon Corporation

Smart Grid and Electronic Interface Companies get Cash Gifts from Gov.

Smart Grid-Key Players

Who’s Who in Smart Grid Technology–pdf

IBM and Speeches by Sam Palmisano on Sustainability Video

A Smarter Planet for a Sustainable Future

The Smarter States of America

SmarterCities Forum

Intelligent Transportation Society of America

2010 IBM Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Smart Meters and Microwave Radiation

California’s Latest Revolt: Against Smart Electric Meters

IBM tests “Smart” Electrically Controlled Society on Danish Island

Surveillance, Energy: Google Interface For Monitoring Energy Consumption in Homes

Surveillance: Smart Meters

Smartcities IBM

Surveillance: Internet Connectivity of Things IBM

Surveillance: Internet Connectivity of Things IBM

Surveillance: Internet of Things

Surveillance: Governance issues regarding the “Internet of things”: comments about a chronicle from Jacques Attali announcing the upcoming French ONS root

Surveillance of Everything, Planetary Skin: Planetary “Skin” System collects all Data for Bigwigs

Planetary Skin

State Can Invade Homes to Ensure Eco-Friendly Appliances Used

Smart Meters


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