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“The City” and Heist of the Century

Energy, Taxes, Austerity, Climate Change: Pay More for Less–Bills Up by a Third – “Householders face a 300 pound -a-year rise in their gas and electricity bills and significant cuts in how much energy they use if Britain is to “keep the lights on” and meet its climate change targets, the “Government” has said.”

“Ponzi scheme victims to get tax relief, IRS says” by Drew Hasselback (nationalpost.com) – March 17, 2009.

“Privilege” instead of rights, attack on nation state, tax on “birthright privilege”, globalist wealth redistribution, “give back to the world” – “world” means the global bureacracy: Accidental Place of Birth and New Citizenship

US Largest Tax Hike in History for 2011

600 Dollar Coin Sale–New Tax form for You

Unemployment in the US and Value added Tax Proposed

Everyone Works for Government–Gov. to Dispense Wages after they Deduct Taxes

Shuffling Taxpayers’ Cash from One Group to Another

“Baby tax needed to save planet, claims expert”

UK–First 5 Months Earnings go to Taxes

Surveillance, Taxation, Government Control of Pay Cheques: Her Majesty’s Tax Department Could Take Control of Every Worker’s Pay-cheque

Combined Purchase Taxes for Ontario, Provincial and GST(VAT) Push Costs up Another 8%

UK Value Added Tax Goes to 20%

Tax Saving Tips to Cost Tipper 5000 Pounds Fine

Tax season is approaching. TurboTax Canada will answer your questions and guarantees you get your maximum refund.

Planned Austerity–Next Gov. to be Very Unpopular by Introducing Higher Taxation etc.

Obama Considers Value Added Tax 2009

Obama Considers Value Added Tax 2010

Moodys Warns of a Test of Social Cohesion (Societal Breakdown) if US and UK Can’t Successfully Implement Massive Taxation

Death Tax for Elderly

Pre-Death Tax to be Announced

Councils Draw Late Property Taxes Directly from Bank Accounts

UK-20% Value Added Tax on Purchases due to Mounting Debt

“Archbishop of Canterbury claims higher taxes would be good for society” [Archbishop of Canterbury Wants Higher Taxes] by Martin Beckford (telegraph.co.uk) – Nov. 16, 2009.

Planners: “Top candidate debates EU tax at elite dinner” [Bilderberg Members Discuss Taxes for Welfare State] by Andrew Rettman (euobserver.com) – Nov. 16, 2009.

“We’ll Need to Raise Taxes Soon – Expect Congress to seriously consider a value-added tax.” by Roger C. Altman (online.wsj.com) June 30, 2009.

Romania Raises VAT to 24% for “Debt”


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