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One nail in the coffin of Canadian freedom went through December 15, 2010

Shame on the Citizens of Canada: Obituary for the Rule of Law by Shawn Buckley, NHPPA – www.nhppa.org

“… all four parties in Parliament rammed the Consumer Product Safety Bill (C-36) through Parliament in record time. The Rule of Law was blind-sided by the Bill, and despite efforts to revive Her, She was declared dead by the Senate on December 13 2010

“With Her passing, the state can now take control over private property in the area of consumer products, and in some cases keep the property, without any Court supervision of any kind. This can be done in secrecy, so that the rest of us will not know of families being destroyed by unchecked state discretion. State discretion without independent Court supervision (see the definition of Tyranny in any dictionary) is the anathema to the Rule of Law, and led to her demise.”

Again and again, “representatives” in Parliament on behalf of certain special interests have been targeting the production of alternative health products. Popular resistance has pushed it back on those occasions, but not this time.

Obviously we’re busy doing other things, it’s true, I know I was, while the international corporations complete the new totalitarian global system.

The old system of a respect for property rights has been gradually killed over the decades through interfering legislation that pretends to “protect” us and keep us “safe” and “help” us, that pretends to care about our “health and safety” and “protect the environment”. But it’s really about controlling OUR LIVES. It’s really all about suppressing competition in the broadest sense, suppressing escape routes, suppressing alternative ways of doing things, outside of the rigid controlled system of taxation and regulation that we live under. That is what “totalitarian” means.

It’s socialism or fascism or total control on behalf of the international corporations. It’s what Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells dreamed about. It’s what State or crony “capitalism” is all about. It’s what the robber barons are all about. They have a world utopia in mind of total control and total monopoly. They invented and experimented over the years worldwide with all the different variants of Socialism. In other words, “left” and “right”, and the party system is just nonsense for the public to believe in.

If you think your politician comes up with this stuff, think again. He just does what he’s told.

America is going through all the same things we are and worse. Europe is going through all this. We are headed towards dark times when goons arbitrarily invade your home, kitchen, land, basement with excuses passed as legislation, because of some product you bought years ago, or because of some food you’re preparing to sell at a bake sale, or because of some vitamins you passed around. Or because of your fridge, or because of your furnace. Whatever. The sky’s the limit.

What? You think you or your neighbour will be able to afford the fines? You think people will keep their homes or businesses?

The government will do what it wants to do and it will always find a good story or excuse about “debt” or “austerity” or “the environment” to use on the public. Those who are in denial who are better off at first won’t care if it’s not affecting them. They will make excuses for what the government does until the bitter end.

You think “freedom” is a luxury, that “rights” is just a meaningless word? You think the government is there to build us up and make us prosperous and healthy and safe and independent?

They make it sound nice:
Text of C-36: An Act respecting the safety of consumer products

“This enactment modernizes the regulatory regime for consumer products in Canada. It creates prohibitions with respect to the manufacturing, importing, selling, advertising, packaging and labelling of consumer products, including those that are a danger to human health or safety. In addition, it establishes certain measures that will make it easier to identify whether a consumer product is a danger to human health or safety and, if so, to more effectively prevent or address the danger. It also creates application and enforcement mechanisms. This enactment also makes consequential amendments to the Hazardous Products Act.

This is standard stuff now in legislation federally and also provincially:

“An inspector who is carrying out their
functions and any person accompanying them
may enter on or pass through or over private

Seizing items. Massive monetary penalties. Etc. Just more and more power for the government. More and more reasons for invading your home and business. Less and less power for you. Bills like this are being pushed all the time.

Received royal assent: December 15, 2010

Similar bill C-6 in a previous session of Parliament was attempted

C-36_4 (pdf)

Yes, lawn darts is mentioned.

Again, your property, your life, your choices, your body, even some of your private trade used to be considered sacred to some degree under the old value system. More and more, NONE OF IT IS YOURS. None of it is your choice. We are owned, controlled and monitored.