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Masonic child identification program – no chip (yet) but DNA and biometrics – getting us ready for the real deal?

Our society is run as a public-private partnership with private groups pushing the big agenda in areas where governments hang back (at least publicly).

Why Are the Freemasons Collecting Our Children’s DNA? by Amy MacPherson, www.huffingtonpost.ca | September 26, 2012

“Conspiracy theorists need theorize no more…

“… What is MasoniChip you ask? It begins on the surface as a child identification project, in case your loved ones are ever to be horrendously abducted. Parents are familiar with at-home kits…”

The above article links to this story about how the government seems reluctant to go all the way with the DNA database because of actual constitutional restraints and privacy laws!

Man oh man, you mean there are actually laws that restrain the government? They would have to break laws to create a complete totalitarian DNA database? No kidding!

But you see how there are activists and media everywhere always pushing the government to go even further, and always for a good cause supposedly, usually to “save the children”. It can’t be a power grab, right? Everybody’s used to what happens at the airports now, so it’s all good, right? Who needs “privacy”! That’s so bourgeois, comrade.

MasoniCh.I.P. Ontario Child Identification Program

“Masons helping you protect the ones you love…”

“Child Identification Program sponsored by the Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario working with regional and national law enforcement agencies…”

“…The kit collects photos, video, voice recordings, digital fingerprints, dental impressions, saliva swabs as well as traditional statistical information (height, weight, hair and eye colour, etc.)…”

In the FAQ, they claim the parents get the only copy of the data along with the kit and they delete all this information from their computers. Really.

Just to make an observation: part of Agenda 21 is the inventory of planetary resources, including genetic material. Genetics is of great value in so many ways, whether it’s for the creation of a global police state or for the genetic modification and selection of human beings. It’s hard to list all the possibilities. I’m sure the regular masons don’t know either.

The FAQ explains there is no microchip and the acronym “CH.I.P.” stands for CHild Identification Program. On the other hand, it spells the word “chip” and sounds like “chip”! How subtle is that? Does someone want us to associate the program with future microchips?

There are programs that exist for chipping pets of course. But also Alzheimer’s patients, dance club patrons, and Mexican police and officials.

According to the trend, it looks like these programs will come together at some point.

So it looks to me like MasoniCh.I.P. is part of a conditioning program to get us all ready for the larger scale implementation.

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