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Some reality for you: mass forced sterilization in Uzbekistan

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Uzbek women accuse state of mass sterilisations (www.nzhearld.co.nz, July 18, 2010)

“The 24-year-old housewife had a caesarean section in March and gave birth to Ibrohim, a premature boy who died three days later.

“Then came a further devastating blow: She learned that the surgeon had removed part of her uterus during the operation, making her sterile….

“‘He never asked for my approval, never ran any checks, just mutilated me as if I were a mute animal’…

“Human rights advocates and doctors say autocratic President Islam Karimov this year ramped up a sterilisation campaign he initiated in the late 1990s….

“Health workers involved in the campaign are threatened with salary cuts, demotion or dismissal if they do not persuade at least two women a month to be sterilised….”

Doctors sterilise Uzbek women by stealth (www.timesonline.co.uk, April 25, 2010)

“According to human rights groups, tens of thousands of young women like Zavidova have been sterilised without their consent in the authoritarian former Soviet state of Uzbekistan.

“The policy is aimed at keeping down the country’s poor population…”

Eugenics.  In other words, government “health care” serving government population and economic policies

The UN acknowledges this:

“… a report by the United Nations Committee Against Torture reported a “large number” of cases three years ago. According to the UN, Uzbekistan’s fertility rate has fallen from 4.4 babies per woman to 2.5 since Karimov came to power.”

Opponents of the repressive regime have been jailed, tortured and killed.

Karimov’s two daughters are discussed in the Times article.  It is interesting that one is a UNESCO ambassador, and the other is ambassador to Spain and a Harvard graduate. This  connects the Uzbek ruler to the UN / U.S. globalist elite.

But more than that, as explained in the next article, Uzbekistan is a key military ally of the United States.  The U.S. picked one of the worst dictators in the world as an ally in their Terror War, which is no surprise.    But Canada still insists on being a close ally of the United States, and integrating ever more closely, without any shame or concern.

US allies with Uzbekistan at a cost to human rights (Jim Lobe, www.atimes.com, October 5, 2001)

“…There is hardly a family in Uzbekistan’s middle class, such as it exists, in which a member has not been detained, questioned, arbitrarily imprisoned or beaten by internal security forces,” according to Robert Cutler, a Central Asia specialist at Carleton University in Montreal…”

“Uzbekistan was the first former Soviet Central Asian republic to offer Washington overflight rights and access to military facilities…”

“…Torture is common, according to the report, which cites routine use of beatings, electroshock, and rape….

“Over the past decade [written 2001, so this refers to the 1990's], Tashkent has received some US$263 million in economic and security assistance…”

“Now that Bush has declared “war” on terrorism, analysts say that Washington’s embrace will become much tighter. In addition to increased economic aid, according to Congressional aides, the administration will likely ask for more military assistance and press the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to provide more loans. Earlier this year, the IMF withdrew its resident representative in Tashkent out of frustration over Karimov’s refusal to implement reforms….”

I don’t know if the aid was also tied to population measures in this case, but here is some background to Western involvement in population planning:

National Security Study Memorandum 200 (April 24, 1974)
“Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S.Security
and Overseas Interests”

“…A fundamental element in any overall strategy to deal with the population problem is obtaining the support and commitment of key leaders in the developing countries…”

Some points and overview about population control

The agenda as presented by H. G. Wells More info