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Gardasil HPV vaccine destroys girl's ovaries

Gardasil Destroys Girl’s Ovaries: Research on Ovaries Never Considered
by Heidi Stevenson, gaia-health.com | October 17, 2012

… The BMJ has published the case report of a healthy 16-year-old Australian girl whose womanhood appears to have been stolen by Gardasil vaccinations. She has been thrust into full-fledged menopause, her ovaries irrevocably shut down, before becoming a woman. The authors, Deirdre Therese Little and Harvey Rodrick Grenville Ward1, draw direct attention to the fact that, though the girl has been thoroughly examined and tested, there is no known explanation other than the series of three Gardasil vaccinations she had.

Making matters worse is that there may be many other such cases, but most are likely masked by the routine treatment of irregular or scanty menstruation with oral contraceptives. Indeed, it’s only because this girl refused them that the truth of her situation was unmasked. …

Premature ovarian failure 3 years after menarche in a 16-year-old girl following human papillomavirus vaccination
By Deirdre Therese Little and Harvey Rodrick Grenville Ward, BMJ Case Reports 2012; doi:10.1136/bcr-2012-006879

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