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This site advocates individual liberty based on basic natural concepts of right and wrong. Information is provided to assist readers in opposing threats to Canadian freedom, including statism, war, imperialism, surveillance and social engineering. Topics also include, for example, basic freedoms, self-defense, property rights and sovereignty.

Individuals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome at this site, everyone who is concerned about the need for a society where people are free to live by their various beliefs and traditions in peace, without interference.

As a libertarian, I believe that no person or institution is entitled to use force against another except strictly in self-defense. I wish Canadians would set an example for the world and create a powerful new type of society in which common goals and cooperation are not achieved by government compulsion and taxation.

It seems to me that presently we are facing the opposite of freedom - the prospect of greater controls and tyranny. The only thing we can do is point out what is happening, speak out at every turn, and try to preserve the freedoms we are losing.

Editor: Alan Mercer

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