I have yet to complete the rest of the privacy policy details below but I plan to add and edit those details further. My actual privacy policy is as follows in bold text:

I highly recommend privacy as a human value and protective measure for life most of the time. Ironically, the Internet, websites, “personal” computers, technology, and corporations tend to work against privacy, and privacy laws and policies seem to have very little effect on all of that. Privacy laws just seem like a whitewash to catch peoples’ attention while they actually dis-empower people, making it incrementally harder to communicate with others and make a living independently. The purpose of a website like mine is to engage in public discourse as a human individual who is a citizen of Canada with God-given rights. I have a certain set of values that I try to promulgate non-privately in the public sphere and share with others and I don’t take kindly to systems that try to interfere with my goals and fundamental freedoms and rights (I can point the reader to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms). I make use of the Internet for now. I am using standard website software that is aware of the Internet addresses of visitors. I am not interested in identifying or tracking individuals or sharing your Internet address data with others–but it can happen when you click on embedded or third party websites. I am interested in using standard software that monitors general statistics about visits to the website. Other software is installed in order to protect the website comments section from bots, spammers and hackers–website owners like to be aware of this activity. As long as I’m using this particular blogging software, the comments section is enabled because I would like to hear from readers (and how I approve comments is up to me). I consider your comments to be publishable by me, but I’m not interested in using your personal data collected with your comments for anything else other than comments approval and spam detection, so I will not collect it and share it with others. The newsletter software I am using collects the data you enter – I interpret the authorization to collect and use your subscription data as only applying to my newsletter administrative purposes, and I will not share it with others.