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Times are very serious. I have started adding links again based on shared, common interests and concerns, focusing on the more immediate topics. I expect there to be a lot of online attacks on “alternative” views due to the same powerful monopoly interests dominating the world more than ever (May 2020) –with money as their main tool. I am just trying to post the ones I have some familiarity with. I am sure there are others I’m not familiar with yet. You are welcome to recommend links, articles and videos for me to take a look. Let me know if there are any problems with the links.

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General & Current Issues

Much Ado About Corona

Alan Watt:

Canada: Dan Dicks: Press For Truth (Canada)

Vaccine Choice Canada (formerly

Robert F. Kennedy Jr:

Dr. Mercola:

UK Column
Patrick Wood:
Patrick Henningsen:
Jay Dyer:
Jon Rappoport
G. Edward Griffin: Need to Know and Red Pill University
Aaron & Melissa Dykes: Truthstream Media

Jasun Horsley:
Funny: The Grimerica Show (Calgary)
The Higherside Chats

Health & Nutrition

Health, including Vaccines

Official Information: Health and Vaccines