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Ontario Legislation – Making Kids Stay in School until 18 (September 10, 2007) — 11 Comments

  1. just a suggestion to people who are under 18 and want to drop out of school i found a way you can legally do it.. canceling your birth certificate… once you do this they can’t deal with you anymore when it comes to paperwork there’s nothing the law can do to force you to go to school unfortunately you will have to get your parent to do it for you since your not 18

    please note: there’s a lot of negative effects of canceling your birth certificate as well

  2. I have a 13 year old student who refuses to come to school. His mom goes to work in the morning and is not there to make sure he goes to school. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t seen him for most of October.

    • will I know u can inform the mom and his dad and let the police know about it and u can let child agnates know on what’s going on. the mother should or his dad should be taking him to school walk in the class room with him and what there until u get there. that’s all I can think of and u can fail him hold him back as will. make his grad drop. or every time he show up u can rewired him with some thing as will. there are things can be done its a mater how u do it.

  3. People shouldnt get worked up . thw police and courts do nothing to up hols these laws. My daughter told the police to shove off and told the jusge to throw her in jail. You cant force me to learn. Causing tax payers to pay for kids to be housed in mini jails for school puposes meets great rebuttle when it comes to tax payers. Ir ia cheaper to pay the welfare then put them in jail. Forcing pwople to do things against there will is illegal and imoral. Just because the government wants to grow a sociaty of drones to pay them higj taxes dont mean we all want to ve included.

  4. Forcing people against their will? I read that and think that something is amiss for the education of our children. Do we actually believe that any 16, 17, 18 or even 19 year old has complete understanding, maturity and knowledge. Do they feel they don’t need to learn anything because they feel they know it all. I don’t believe children, or people, are omniscient at any age. What’s wrong with going to school and learning? It’s not a concentration camp, it’s school, it’s education. Not so many people of this globe have such privileges. Perhaps our education is failing us, I do not know why, but I hear my step-daughters tell me their teachers know nothing or what they learn is not important. They don’t need to know what happened in world wars, what’s the charter of rights and freedoms, how their rights came to be, or even figuring out sales tax, aside from too many examples to mention. I don’t want to get off-topic here. Why do some children, or youths, feel they don’t need to learn anymore? Do they actually believe, or led to believe, they know all they need to know. Where’s the harm in learning? You know Your iPhone doesn’t tell you everything. Can you imagine in 15 years from now you go see your doctor and she/he tells you “Give me a minute while I input your symptoms in our search-engine to find out what’s wrong with you?” or a mechanic doing the same thing with your car, etc. Allowing an uninformed belligerent teenager to do whatever they want, whenever they want, enabled these entitlements only to escalate. Mandatory education isn’t prIson.

    • It is actually selling something to people that isn’t education. It is used for indoctrination by the oligarchy for the purposes of control and social engineering. Whether it’s to promote the current foreign policy or to promote the latest and very significant sexualization and politically correct doctrines, this is the purpose of so-called “education”, to break up the family and turn people into ever more effective slaves. Read Huxley’s Brave New World (as it is part of the curriculum in many schools along with other dystopian science fiction). There is the just the fact that the generations are isolated from each other via school and have no idea what their kids are learning, which is ridiculous. I challenge you to evaluate what children are actually learning and decide whether you actually agree with it or not. And what is the quality? Doesn’t that matter whether they’re wasting their time if that’s all they are doing. There is a lot of information at this website about the Huxleyan agenda, about the population control agenda. So-called education is not worth anything. It’s to promote whatever dogmas of scientism (not real science) so that people know their place in the universe no significance to human life and its value (so that abortion and euthanasia and transhumanism can be inflicted on all of us and gmo food and every other policy that we have no say over but we pretend that it’s a democracy – our place is not as special beings given our life by God but under the boot of the oligarchy and its governments who put on a show of democracy. They undermine the family unit. They undermine the sense of identity people used to have by all their policies. They undermine reality. This is what’s happening. There are no saints running schools. They work for a hierarchy that has an agenda of total control and total subversion of the natural order and natural ways of living. It’s the same with the private corporate entertainment system and “news” that feeds the rest of the crap into peoples’ homes and people don’t know enough to turn that off while it poisons the minds of children with pornography and insane attacks on traditional family values. Watch “24” and how the “hero” tortures people for example. And listen to the lyrics of some of the hit songs. Government education is on the same track. Why do parents want their children subjected to all that it has to offer?

  5. I am in grade 10 and wish to drop out of high school in Ontario. I am a good student and always get marks in the high 80s. I have serve anxiety and depression and going to school is the worst thing I have ever had to do. I have attempted suicide many times because going to school is so bad. I constantly miss school/skip classes. The thought of going to school (especially when it’s the weekend) gives me panic attacks. I have been dealing with this for years and it continues to get worse. As I get closer to graduating/dropping out the harder it is to continue school. I hate this new legislation with a passion. School makes me more unsafe than I should be. This new legislation will most likely kill me.

    • Hi Trevor, I wrote this post back in 2007 when this legislation was being proposed and introduced. It’s just a more recent addition to the system of trying to get everybody into the same box, getting everybody to think the same way and have the same indoctrination, and it relates to public health issues also about giving people all the same vaccines, whether safe or effective or not. The public school system has been pushed on people for a long time. There’s a lot to be concerned about with it. In your personal situation, there are all sorts of pressures in life in addition to school also, and maybe there are some suggestions (from others also) that might help you cope with day to day life. If you can make time to pursue whatever interests you (academic topics or musical instruments for example or nature) each day, that might help motivate you to deal with all the unwanted things. There are a lot of challenges in life anyway and there are ways to learn various skills and gain knowledge that makes life more interesting and give you more confidence. I’ve heard a lot of stories about teens feeling very bored and frustrated and anxious about high school. The social pressures alone are huge. Writing out your thoughts in a journal and expressing the contradictions you see day to day and putting them on paper might help. Feel free to discuss this further. Thanks for your comment. Alan

    • Trevor, are you able to talk to your parents? There are psychologists at the school, talk to them, be real and honest. Please don’t do anything rash. I experienced anxiety through highschool, felt like I had no control over my life. It gets better. I promise you. What about online courses? Please stay strong. My son is also experiencing similar things, I tell him school is not the dictator of life. If it’s not your thing then so be it. Sometimes he goes sometimes he doesn’t. Are you on medication, have you talked to your doctor?

    • Have your parents look into home schooling. Send a letter (Schedule B – Notice of Intention to Provide Home Schooling) to your school board. Adding a doctor’s letter with regard to your mental health struggles doesn’t hurt. Once you get their response (generally a “permission” letter with an expectation that you will be provided with suitable instruction), you are free to home school and can use that letter and whatever school records you have (transcript/report cards) to apply for online or distance learning through the Independent Learning Centre or Virtual Learning Centre. They are both inexpensive options for acquiring your high school credits, if you choose to do so. It’s perfectly legal to home school.

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