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  1. “The Blue Economy- European Edition” by Gunter Pauli is now available on http://www.blueeconomyshop.com/epages/es10582137.sf/en_US/?ObjectPath=/Shops/es10582137/Products/978-3-942276-96-2

    The Blue Economy takes readers beyond the obious and aims to wake up the entrepreneur in all of us. The innovations it explores are founded in solid science and demonstrated by multiple platforms. Committed grass roots entrepreneurs worldwide can realize triple cash flow using open-source innovations that create competitive business models. This book will encourage thousands and perhaps millions of us to apply a Blue Economy busines model that will shift us from scarcity to abundance.

    • The blue economy has been discussed during the pre-conference Rio+20 document negotiations. More here. It’s a system that buys in to the false story that human beings are causing significant climate change with the production of natural non-polluting carbon dioxide (necessary for plant life) and methane which are part of life itself! Some examples here. To me, it’s just part of winding everything down, shutting down human activity except for the elites and governments who will do whatever they want, running around with high-tech weapons and surveillance systems to keep the poor people in line. A complete feudal system. Poverty for the majority. That’s why all of this is happening in the first place -see quote from the Club of Rome.

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