Canadian Liberty Freedom, Peace, Truth Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, Protest, Dissent, Freedom of Religious Expression, Conscience, Political Correctness, Freedom of the Press


Global Council for Media Transformation - Mission, Charter, 5 Year Plan - Just to select one paragraph out of this incredible authoritarian agenda to control the media totally and not allow any more local and national perspectives, because of all the crises they present to us:
"To succeed in its core mission - serving humanity - media must update its voice and perspective, reinforcing the reality of human interdependence. The media must fulfill its responsibility [to] humanity ["HUMANITY" IS CODE FOR ONE WORLD EMPIRE, ONE SYSTEM OF CONTROL] - one, global community [code for ONE WORLD ORDER] - by fostering our capacity to successfully recognize, understand and manage our very real global challenges. The Global Council for Media Transformation will initiate the first step. We must transform the media."

"You mustn't mention God... council bans church from putting up notices about its meetings" ( - Sept. 16, 2009.

"UK 'least wanted' list published" ( - May 5, 2009. - So-called global society. Will people have "rights" at all? Or will everyone be constantly evaluated?

"Extradition judgement of the information mailer" by Gabriel O'Hara ( - April 2, 2009.

Media Propaganda and Censorship, Civil Liberties: Washington Post on Wikileaks -rushes to promote arrest of Assange and Internet censorship and everything the U.S. government does

"MP Galloway will fight Canada ban" [British Member of Parliament refused entry to Canada by JDL] by Sue Turton ( - March 20, 2009.

Canadian Government Monitoring your "Incorrect" Online Comments and Correct them for You.

Memory Hole, Censorship, Knowledge: Libraries Close Across Britain

Liberal groups Want Radio and News Censorship

Internet: "Aussie censors implement six degrees of separation policy" by John Ozimek ( - May 7, 2009: - "Links to links now banned"

Anti-Terrorism: Anti-Terrorism Team Warns 12yr. old Not to Practice Democracy

Preacher Arrested by Homosexual Policeman for Saying Homosexuality is a Sin

Obama Regulatory Czar-Infiltrate all Conspiracy Theorist Groups

"Police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti-Olympics posters during 2012 Games" by James Slack ( - July 21, 2009.

"Colleges on extremist signs watch" ( - Feb. 18, 2009.

"Man sought by UK authorities over alleged sending of DVD"

"New police anti-extremist strategy"

Whitehouse Asked to Remove "Hateful Videos"

Rights & Freedoms: UK--"Hate" Register for Children in Schools-5yrs. old and Up

Schools, Education, Political Correctness: Welcome to the Pavlovian Soviet--Three-Year-Olds labelled Bigots by Spying Teachers

Pre-Flight Threat Assessment on All Air Passengers Recommended-Political Restriction of Travel

"Parents lose right over sex education" by Graeme Paton ( - Nov. 5, 2009.

"Parents to be fined if they take their children out of sex lessons" by Laura Clark ( - Nov. 6, 2009.

Canada Bans Dire Straits Song