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Eugenics, Technocracy, Secret Societies, Esoteric, Religion:Video: "Manly P. Hall - Success is the Accomplishment of The Necessary" [Time: 1:13:30] ( - People agree with some of it, some truth, it's all presented in nice spiritual language, but we tend to swallow the whole thing. Interpretation of what Hall is saying by Alan Watt

Esoteric: "2012 isn't the end of the world, Mayans insist" by Mark Stevenson (at - Oct. 11, 2009.

Religion: "It's not easy picking a path to enlightenment"

Cults, Occult, Hubbard, Crowley, Parsons (Pasadena rocket scientist): "SCIENTOLOGY: Revealed for the first time. . .The odd beginning of Ron Hubbard's career"

"You mustn't mention God... council bans church from putting up notices about its meetings" ( - Sept. 16, 2009.

Religious Freedom: Pope's Visit to Britain

Globalist Takeover of Religion: Council of Parliament for World Religions "The Global Interfaith Movement"

Religion: "The EU equality law that will let 'upset' atheists sue companies that hang up crucifixes" by Jonathan Petre ( - March 7, 2009.

"Humanist Manifesto I (1933)" ( - "Humanist Manifesto II (1973)"

Globalist Use of Religion and Spirituality to promote World Government: "THE WORLD COMMISSION ON GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS & SPIRITUALITY" ( - Global Councils - "Since its Inauguration in l998 the World Commission (WC) has taken as one of its highest priorities the importance of forming powerful networks, partnerships and collaborations in the interest of fostering growing circles and forces for creative transformation on a planetary scale." To make the world all sweet and wonderful of course.

Religion, Globalist Takeover of Vatican: Vatican thumbs up for Karl Marx after Galileo, Darwin and Oscar Wilde

Planners: Faith-Based Social Services (Rockefeller Institute of Government)

Religion, Culture: Tony Blair and New Age

Authoritarianism, Obedience to Authority, Cult Dynamics, State Power: Google Video: "Cults: The Wave - 46 min - May 13, 2007". - "THE THIRD WAVE" by Ron Jones (1972).