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    • “Conservative-liberal”, “Left and right” is a chump’s game. The presidents and major parties just take turns pushing through the Establishment’s agenda, and playing little games with partisan allegiances, which deflects attention away from the STEAMROLLER of the elite’s agenda:

      War – to destroy nations who do not conform
      Global warming propaganda tax and control agenda
      Attacks on whatever remains of individual rights, and the build up of a totalitarian world state focused around population control.

      So, please, conservatives and liberals who come to this site – you’re welcome – but not to ignore the message of this site .

      Your mind-set is going to get bashed around here. “Left and right” is just a control mechanism. You’re just supposed to pick a side so that their agenda moves along.

      This site is staked out territory for individuality – freedom of thought – to wake up from these paradigms.

      When the Internet is tightly regulated and dissent is silenced, your party will share the blame because your club did NOTHING to save freedom. Nothing at all.

      Obama – Bush – Republicans – Democrats – Conservatives – Liberals – oh, and the MEDIA – what a disgrace! What a shame, the mainstream media. Hang your heads like the liars you are. Members of the same club.

      And everybody who goes along without a whimper about the mass slaughter and torture that is going on in the name of NATO and “America” and “Canada” and the mass robbery by the banks – you’re just part of the problem. You’ll go along with everything else too. You’ll be waving your party colors while the world burns down around you. Completely suckered to the end. You’re all just digging freedom’s grave.

  1. I need to be pointed in the left direction 🙂 I am searching for info about Canadian Govt. legislation that points to mandatory vaccinations, or points to giving World Health Organization certain ” power” during a pandemic. Can ya help a brother out?

    • Geoff,

      I plan to post on that subject and whatever specifics I can find. We need to oppose anything of that nature that is mandatory. Governments have gone too far already. I’m suspicious of what the Establishment are doing, and there are good reasons to be suspicious. And anything to do with vaccinations and blind trust and obedience, we need to start scrutinizing it and saying NO whenever we feel like it. But the system is based on the use of force.

      I was taking a close look at the Ontario government’s “Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act” which is all about *emergency powers*. Ontario laws are here: http://www.e-laws.gov.on.ca/index.html
      Probably other provinces have similar laws

      Federal laws you can search:

      As far as the WHO having power, they already do. Because their messages are sent directly to media and other corporations and published on a daily basis.

      There is already a parallel global “government” that the politicians listen to. The G8 was one of their club meetings where the politicians are put out in front. It’s raising itself up right in front of our eyes, and that’s one of the reasons for the swine flu scare, to get us used to it.

      Please keep in touch. You can email me if you like at a j a m e s at i d i r e c t dot c a

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