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Liberty means being free to follow your nature, which includes being aware of basic rules of life that come with being human, rules about respecting others’ rights.

“Liberty” means being free to be ourselves as individuals.  It means being left alone as individuals and groups to do things in our own way.

There are also more personal “rules”, you might say, about how you live, how you treat others, how you protect those you love, how you become stronger, and how to avoid becoming weaker, what to know about the world, what to protect yourself from, how to protect your health, what skills you have, etc.

Because the consequence of liberty being undermined is our ability to survive being undermined.   And when the “walls” that strengthen us are weakened, our commitment to principles such as liberty are weakened.   Tyranny seeks to undermine and destroy in order to dominate and control.

So we need to build up the “walls” in our own lives which have been deliberately undermined – by governments, by academia, by culture, by corporations, by a lot of religion too – in order to defend our lives from ceaseless attacks of all kinds.   So liberty is not an academic issue or pie in the sky.

“Freedom” or “liberty”, in a fundamentally important sense, means freedom from arbitrary power.  It means the right not to have your property seized.  It means the right not to be thrown in a dark dungeon where nobody knows you exist for the convenience of a person or group who is elevated above everyone else.   The past is a mixed bag.  The present and future is gearing up to be worse and worse.

Again, it’s not about an “idealistic” pie-in-the-sky future.   Why do you assume there will be any future worth living in if you do not stand up for the freedoms and rights that are being lost?

Those who dominated the old world order have been gradually bringing in a  new world order where no differences will be tolerated.   We will all be “one”.   They are the kind of people who tear up our world, bombard us with indoctrination, and refuse to leave people in peace.   In other words, they manage the systems of control we have experienced since birth.

Opposing the world order does not mean your personal order or the things that are good for you in your family or beliefs.   It means opposing the order that is imposed upon you by abusers, thieves and liars.

Liberty or freedom goes hand in hand with truth and understanding reality.   Political idealism is a fine thing to get caught up in, but truth is the harder subject to deal with and the first order of business.

You have to experience truth in stages before you can see the lies you are living with, and break free from the grip your mind is under.   When more of us are able to see – to see the lies and slavery system we are part of – to see the actual class structure we are living under – then we have some hope of diverting the course we are on.

We need to wake up and speak up, or else we give our consent to the tyrant’s agenda through our silence.

–Alan Mercer
July 11, 2010
(edited: April 25, 2013)


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This site advocates individual liberty based on basic natural concepts of right and wrong. Information is provided to assist readers in opposing threats to Canadian freedom, including statism, war, imperialism, surveillance and social engineering. Topics also include, for example, basic freedoms, self-defense, property rights and sovereignty.

Individuals from all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome at this site, everyone who is concerned about the need for a society where people are free to live by their various beliefs and traditions in peace, without interference.

As a libertarian, I believe that no person or institution is entitled to use force against another except strictly in self-defense. I wish Canadians would set an example for the world and create a powerful new type of society in which common goals and cooperation are not achieved by government compulsion and taxation.

It seems to me that presently we are facing the opposite of freedom – the prospect of greater controls and tyranny. The only thing we can do is point out what is happening, speak out at every turn, and try to preserve the freedoms we are losing.

Editor: Alan Mercer

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