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Actions in the Face of Evil and Helplessness: Petition Strategy: Context of Unwanted Laws and Policies: Repeal Carbon Tax — 3 Comments

  1. Great article. I’m 25 and I’ve been taught my whole life that global warming is a real and immediate threat. I’m not well read in the debate on climate change, nor am I aware of past laws that stem from this man made climate change stuff, but this carbon tax thats coming into effect really feels like the first time the tentacles of this agenda will reach out and have a physical effect on my every day life.

    I’ve read enough through the years to know the same establishment that is pushing this garbage on us has in the recent past pushed contradicting theories on us, such as the global cooling hoax that was really influential in the 1970’s. All that seems to have disappeared down the ol’ memory hole though.

    It seems to me that there’s going to be no “mass awakening” on this important subject. The mainstream media have been driving their agenda home in a big way ever since Donald Trump became president. It’s nearly impossible for me to visit Reddit since November because of the obvious planted stories on the front page. Most of the popular alternative media sites seem to be ignoring the issue and steadily building a new age belief system for their infotainment followers. In other words shits getting real and the people that should be on top of this seem to think now that Donald Trump is president everything will suddenly become sane again.

    It’s a frightening time. I hope you continue writing on this matter.

    • Sorry but none of us, rich, poor, elite or average citizens are going to get out of this alive, so we should live and let live. Death and taxes is the one commonality we’ve all got. Good luck.

  2. “live and let live” is misapplied, because it is usually expressed as a principle of not interfering in another person’s life. What is happening with these policies over the decades is literally greater and greater interference in our lives. What Huxley referred to as “the ultimate revolution” referencing the Marquis de Sade (in the foreword to “Brave New World”) includes the mass sexualization of children through sex ed and through the entertainment industry, mass propaganda promoting wars, propaganda promoting torture, practices of commodifying human beings, mass vaccination imposed on us, all of this in the name of “improving” our lives while reducing our wages and other standards for our lives in the name of “free trade”. All of this is going on for decades but it is accelerating and people are for the most part blind to it, so more people need to be informed and need to do something about whatever they object to, whatever they can, to put the brakes on this agenda. And people should be sick of being lied to and poisoned and degraded. Point by point people can examine these areas – entertainment – genetic modification – fluoridation – and tell me everything’s OK. It’s just death and taxes?

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