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Alternative media heavyweight Alan Watt passed away on March 4, 2021 — 33 Comments

  1. He hinted at retiring from continuing his recordings a few weeks ago. His voice sounded terribly rough on the last show. Regret he couldn’t do an official retire show and say goodbye on his terms. Feel like we will never get disclosure regarding if his death is real or he just ended it because everythings been already told, donations drying up, government threatening him/confronting him.

  2. Maybe we will hear more about how he died if it’s not private. He could have died of old age, I don’t see any reason to doubt that he died. Doing anything like that (“just ended it”) would not have been consistent with his values, so I don’t believe that. In the last show, for the most part he sounded very upbeat to me. I don’t see why he would retire (I don’t recall him saying anything about that) because the content of his shows stayed consistent. In fact, for some of us anyway, I think studying what’s going on helps us survive this world psychologically and trying to do something with the information also. We need to engage with what’s happening, not to exhaustion, but doing that energizes us I believe. I think that’s how we’re meant to be–actively engaged in the world to counter what’s going on. We’re not here expecting to hang around in this crazy world forever, no way, but on the other hand we want to save some decent values for the next generations.

  3. I remember how he was laughing at how crazy things have become, that’s how many of us feel part of the time about this COVID disaster. Marshall McLuhan thought that way, he refused to take the system seriously (he wrote this in one of his letters). It’s part of a healthy response to this world. I mean, that’s part of a healthy sense of life force when we can feel like laughing at this world run by Batman/comic book villains (as Alan referred to them) instead of allowing fear to take us over and disable us. Now isn’t the time where we need to feel like rolling over and giving up if we can tap in to that spirit inside us.

  4. Seemed like where he lived was in the middle of nowhere. Who else could be printing stuff out to send etc, deal with accounts receiving donations, etc It seems weird that they can still accept donations and deal with orders. Who will be paying for the site domain as well. He amped up to 4 hrs talks though seems weird to just stop now if all times. something doesn’t add up How do we know he’s not being held hostage for example? No obituaries for march 4th deaths in Ontario or Scotland. So deemed suicide since those dont get published. how do these people gain access to Alan Watt’s home, bank accounts and emails, so swiftly in order to access his websites, and access and post the products he was selling. All during a lockdown.

    this was a nice tribute show:

    • I have wondered that myself, how come they have access to his accounts and email. Re listening to the beginning of his last show he made some comment about ‘hope you’re hanging in there and not from trees’ ..’certain people have been getting very depressed’. In retrospect perhaps one certain person was himself. I wish I had been insightful enough to catch that this was a little out of character, and send some positive message which might have helped. I hate the thought that his last moments may have been in despair and hopelessness when his words helped so many, and was loved by so many. B.t.w. as we have no information on the credulity of the people currently running his page, it might be a good idea to download, and preserve as much as possible. He was a genuinely good man. While some might view what he said as ‘negative’ I for one view vacuous lies with superficial ‘positive’ spin, as far more sole sucking and ultimately depressing, than the plane un-garnished truth. It made me feel less alone, in this insane world to hear his voice of reason, and yes humor.

        • It would be super hard, To have the knowledge he had, And no one to talk with on his level, He must have been burdened with it, It is rather strange, The date was March 4th, And someone has already assumed the helm, As for a comment I read about him being a mason, I did hear on one of his talks, The comment “Keepers of the bar, Keep your chins up” I emailed him with a question about that comment, And got no response…At any rate, It pretty much kills off the only Honest truth speaker thats reaching so many that I know of…All the rest have Weather they know it or not,Have been compromised, By dark forces!!,.

          • What’s the full quote and which program? “Keep your chins up” is a common UK expression to encourage others.

            In response to your and other comments: I can’t tell who is an intel agent and who isn’t- I don’t want to censor comments-but we have an agenda also at this website!

            I recommend his own books. Nobody knows if he was ever a mason–I doubt that–(or worked for Tavistock?!)–there are a lot of books available about freemasonry – because he studied and read publicly available books! People should start reading all the globalist books he mentioned. He wrote against freemasonry and their agenda.

            We don’t have any info about his death for some reason – I wish we did.

            Again, I don’t believe he would have considered killing himself (based on what?) from what I’ve heard, it’s not within his value system. Nobody should consider suicide- that’s what the enemy wants – they want us to give up. That’s why they have the euthanasia programs so people will just give up. The cultural degradation is so that people will just hate themselves and each other and give up.

            This is the most absurdly satanic system in history we’re up against that tries to defeat all opposition and create artificial scarcity–even with knowledge. It is not all powerful. If people just stood up for what’s right and against contradictions and supported each other, we would easily defeat it.

  5. Alan Watts Scottish brogue threw me at first, but I simply turned the volume up, and my adaptive human brain will quickly adapted and understood him perfectly.

  6. I haven’t listened to him for ages and regret it now…..he was always a comforting voice to listen to, his diction and manners are like something from a bygone age….

    I feel the same way as when Stanley Monteith died…..it’s more than a man who dies, it’s the loss of the voice of a whole generation.

  7. i keep searching his name and only a couple people with almost NO ‘subscribers’ are talking about him…how can it be that NONE of the ‘truthers’ with some reputation are AWARE of alan watt and, as alan said for YEARS, ‘get their info from’ him…and they are silent about his passing? i’m shocked at the silence.
    if g. edward griffin passed away, the ‘truthers’ would be slobbering all over themselves to praise and remember him…and alan was far more active in the current era of ‘truth seekers’…
    it’s very strange.
    why is there no information from anyone about his passing? was he sick? he didn’t sound like it last week…
    what’s with the ONLY announcement coming from his radio show ‘friend’ that HE NEVER MET? where are HIS FRIENDS that knew him well? certainly THEY know how important alan was to many ‘fans’ of his work…they have NOTHING to say about their friend’s passing?
    very strange

    • The comments here are echoing some my own thoughts, I just heard this sad news yesterday, and I too am perplexed by the ‘take over’ and no factual information about what actually happened to him. He was a good man, I listened many times over the years, but not so much recently….. I am perplexed and sad. You people here, are like ‘his’ real, genuine people…. the others are…disturbing. Thank you. God bless you Alan wherever you are… maybe with my Patrick, …..he and I used to listen through the night to you.

  8. I have been listening to Alan for years, I learned along the way to just listen and learn, not to get angry or anything. Every now and then he would laugh when speaking abt these horrors at first it frustrated me but then I got it, he knew mankind are so weak and conditioned that all this will play out. Getting angry or upset isn’t going to help anyone but all you do is feed the system your energies!But yes, the guy on reality bites was very reluctant to expose how he died. I don’t know if they got him because to silence him would have been simple to ban his videos which they never did, which is suspicious.

    So many small channels re uploading Alans blurbs but here is one of the best tributes to Watt:

  9. Alan Watt was one of the most influential people in my life. His passing hurts so deeply. His voice was the last thing I heard every night before sleep. I counted on him to carry me through this nightmare we are living. He was so sensitive and always had a kind word for what we are ‘living through’. I didn’t have that much from any human being on this planet, because none of them would face the truth of what we are living through. There is no information on his passing, how, what, why, who was his family, who were the people who found him. It has been very hard to lose this brilliant man who taught me more than any other person in my life. He referenced all of his work, he had a gift for music, and he understood the world for what it was. I want to know more about him and his passing. This leaves a great hole in my heart. Anyone who knows Alan and what happened to him, please let his supporters know. I was one who supported him this past Christmas and really was moved by his music. It is very hard thinking I will never hear his voice going forward through all of this ‘madness’. I will miss you Alan, so much

    • Me too, Alan has been my guide through a lot of social change over the past 10 years. I’m searching for m,ore info as he didn’t sound sick – either mentally or physically – on his last show.

    • Beautiful ! I can relate to every single word you said .
      I rarely cry when someone dies ,
      But couldn’t stop when heard about Alan ‘s passing.
      He left and we could all say that he had a LIFE , he lived he knew and he shared .
      He would love to know now and much appreciate if we here with our hearts filled with love.
      And we are not sad it sacred but strong and full of gratitude .
      I think he always knew something that he never shared .
      I meant to email and ask him so many times and I didn’t.
      He knew human nature and psychology.
      He knew that what is happening it meant to be in a way , simply because we are not ready as human species

  10. Cryed so hard sleeped all day, mad as hell, the truth movement is officially dead, he is and all ways will be the greatest, ps we are all srewed

    • Dear Sir I agree with you whole heartedly. There will never be another like Mr. Watt as well as Mr William Cooper. At the same time I highly doubt Mr Watt would want us to just throw in the towel. Stay strong for your family and friends. Resist when you can and share the truth when possible. I know how hard that is living in a world so full of brainwashed drones. But your out there, I’m out there along with many others. Archive the truth so your grandkids can find it I possible. sincerely RW

    • Leah, be strong and be strengthened. Alan’s memory is a blessing. He abides in the world of truth now. No blood was found on his hands for he warned us all.
      God bless his soul
      A proper man.

    • No Leah we fight on for him and in his name. Don’t give in as he taught us to stand up not to be afraid. Listened to many “truth” tellers and Alan shone out as being the most real and insightful. I can’t believe he has died, still searching for answers but please don’t give up now. x

      • As having a 99% trust in Mr Watt.I think he’s engineered his disappearance.All in all he was a fine conspiracy theorist but not as knowledgeable as Bill Cooper.He could be an old Tavistock guy with a leaning towards social philosophy.There is a 1% chance that the cause of death was a stroke, or he’s still running the show and retired from long talks (bad lungs could prompt this).He was very cool and deserves respect for his making public the cruel and cold socialist history with a modicum of hope.

  11. OK, just my own thoughts on what has been said. I really don’t think suicide was possible for him with his value system, that’s my belief on that. Part of our environment right now which he talked about is the encouragement of suicide, with, for example, MAID being legalized in Canada just a couple of years ago, also with TV shows and pop music (things have been really satanic) and it ties in with the denial of healthcare going on with CV, especially the elderly, and also with the concepts of essential/non-essential. Euthanasia is an aspect of the novel Brave New World, so Alan talked about this. Also, I suspect he was 70 or almost 70 years old, to speculate, something could have caught up with him. I do think it’s a real possibility that he was taken out though, using whatever technique and I think that happens to various people, maybe to Dave McGowan and various politicians who have died in Canada in recent years I have suspicions about why/how they died. Also, I think it’s useful to understand that privacy was a very real value with that generation in particular, anything to do with finances, personal life, personal feelings, that’s how my parents were and they came from a similar culture. They kept things private. So I don’t doubt he had friends helping him locally who had access to everything but I’m sure for security reasons they’re not going to tell the public anything that carelessly gives out other locations and names. It would be good to know more, sure, but I don’t see how anything like that will reassure us or make a difference in this world as it is now. We need to focus on taking a lot of his advice on making provision for ourselves and networking with others/keeping our friends and families in communication, which I think we’re all finding very difficult. And we can also share his info, there are years of transcripts of his shows on his site. I listened over the years to all the audios (and read his books published in the late 90s) up there which goes back to 2004 as far as I could tell. He did not give details on his life and especially very little on his musical career (except one or two stories) which was obviously covered by non disclosure agreements which I heard him mentioning once. I’ve been using social media, I have mixed feelings about it, but I deliberately decided to use it, maybe it was the wrong decision, he would have disagreed. When we disclose info, we should be very deliberate about it and realize what we’re doing. I switch my cell phone to airplane mode for long periods, I have the Internet off/disconnected when not in use, I have the bluetooth and other devices disabled. It’s good to plan as we try to change things around, I don’t think the truth movement is dead, people do have various views on religion and politics, but there is some capacity to unify on essentials as Dr. McCloskey mentioned how differences didn’t matter now in that interview with Neil Foster I posted. It’s not easy to get along with others, it’s not easy to know others. There is a good side to the lack of trust, there is a bad side. Society has been atomized deliberately. People have irrational beliefs from mainstream media now, others are intimidated. I am open to suspicions about every group and entity. Using Bill Cooper as an example, he was with naval intelligence, I believed he was putting out good information (about most things, none of these guys gets every detail right), I listened to a lot of his shows and I think he died because of it. There was not one version of events, there isn’t going to be truth coming from official sources, especially nowadays, and people have to protect themselves.

  12. Very surprising to hear Alan died.

    I will draw heat for the following and I don’t care:

    I have quite strong suspicions Alan Watt was a freemason. He knew a bit TOO MUCH…

    I had picked up on Alans CTTM website in 2007. I learned a lot, corroborated even more and very carefully analysed his material.

    Very interesting was his initial publication of some little green men type “jazz”, almost a thing in common with William. I do believe both Watt and Cooper did this in fact to appear somewhat crackpot to squelch the flames of ire from our friendly stonecutters.

    Alan had material which was complementary to Bill and HOTT.

    What I have not divulged until this text is the fact that I was very nearly murdered (yes, that’s right folks) by, you guessed it, a member of the fraternity. IT CHANGES ONE’S PERSPECTIVE COMPLETELY.

    Quite often, a dying “brother” does in fact talk. But they DON’T go online… they tell one or perhaps two people who they pick for odd reasons. It’s an act of contrition driven by shame mostly.

    I want those who are reading this to UNDERSTAND THE ILLUMINATI and the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR ARE VERY VERY REAL. It’s not a scary bedtime story for children. Just ponder that a moment. (Give yourself one hour).

    Bill Cooper was SCARED!
    So was Alan Watt, I believe.
    I say this because from my DIRECT PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I have a taste of that “brand” of fear.

    The Knights Template have their own magazine:
    The Crusader

    It is QUITE PROBABLE Alan Watt did actually suicide. I have loose plans along these lines myself as it is the only prudent thing to do.

    It is quite likely you will believe me nor agree with me. That’s cool…

    Free will, right?

    It will ALL COME OUT in the wash.

    “Some Can’t”
    Banned YouTube and independent researcher

    • Dont do suicide. Life is short enough, why end it before its time? As the saying goes “you’re a long time dead”. It would all be for nothing, hurt a lot of people, and prove nothing. I occasionally wonder if those who attempt suicide regret their action before they die. Please don’t do. You’re just lost in your thoughts. If you get these thoughts, try to remove yourself from that moment of isolation. It will pass if you let it. No one said life was easy. Try not to be so self-centered, get out more and meet other people. Force yourself if you have to, embarrassment and akwardness is always a better option than suicide.

  13. I find it hard to believe, God needed him more there with him,Then the world needed him more here with us!!!

  14. I think his death is a hoax of his own creation. Where is the proof? Where is the actual evidence of his passing? No one would have immediate access to his PayPal and email. Alan liked to spin some fantastical yarns and I think this may be his grand finale.

  15. I have to say that I also don’t believe that Alan Watt is dead. I think he has played his role, and there is no longer a need for such a ‘piped piper’. Any ‘awake’ person from the early part of this century is 15-20+ years older, and will never rebel against the system.

    The younger ones are too far gone, and Sex(ualising) Education is delivered to them socialist, brainwashed younger teachers. Parents don’t withdraw their children from UK schools, this pathetic society deserves all it gets.

    It will only get worse. I used to listen a lot to Alan Watt after hearing on the AJ Show- hmmm… they all work for the ‘opposition’- just like politics- two sides of the same coin.

    His brief (or raison d’etra, if you will) was simply Revelation of the Truth. Yes, we know now- but what of it…?

    There’s a time when one stops listening to the like of him go around in ever decreasing circles.

    WHERE’S THE OBITUARY? Who’s running the ‘site…? It’s all a bit piss take.

    • Leaving aside Alan Watt’s death which I don’t have confirmation of either, it’s the wrong time to be defeatist. Plenty of people who have learned from him and others over the last 20 years are sharing their understanding with others, and many are aware of Agenda 21 for example. It’s the end of the road and many people are waking up. Giving up now means losing everything so they’re not going to give up. Most people don’t “deserve” this. Believing that is part of the psychological operation. I see the pictures of the huge marches in the UK. Get in touch with others and work on building a community that can be independent and hold ground. I don’t see any easy answers, I Just know that it doesn’t make sense quitting as more and more people get angrier and more aware. They’re not going to quit so why should we? There are all sorts of age groups awake.

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