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  1. Dear Readers

    The quote of Josephus “James, brother of Jesus, known (legonomous-genitif) the Christ, selfnamed Jacobus-autooi( this greek word is the smoking gun)” was originaly:

    James (the brother of !Judas!(the Galilean),legonomon(accusatif)Chreston(greek traduction of Sadduc-Zadok), his own was name Jacobus…

    Thus forget Richard Carrier’s hypothese about this matter!

    This fit with the theories of Daniel Unterbrink and Robert Eisenman.

    It is very possible that John the Baptist Yohanan Ben Zakkai (first rabbin Yohanan ben Zacharias, and Zakkai is the abbrevitaion of Zeccharia)- samen name as the Pharisean founder of the new Rabin Judaism) is a rewrite of the story of Theudas(Name translation: “flowing by the water”) shifted in time.


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