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  1. Regarding difficult situation in Spain, we’ve started a book project on the issue. What we have in mind for this book is an approach to the financial crisis from the point of view of 4 family members. We want to show how all generations ( not only the working class) have been affected by this situation. We’re not trying to give miraculous tips on how to cope with the crisis. It’s more of a phsychological approach on it. We want to show how this economic crisis, from the moment it started up to now, has caused many mental distress in spanish population due to the extreme conditions some families are exposed to and the consequences of all of it. Once we expose these problems in detail, we will proceed to tell the way they force themselves and help each other to overcome this mental distress as they come to understand it’s the main cause of them getting stuck. This way, we’ll show (based on real life stories) how some people decide to struggle and find a solution and others decide to give up, to blame everything except themselves and to reach extreme actions. To sum up, it will tell the traces of the crisis from its beginning up to now on 4 lives and how they manage to psychologically cope with it. With this book we hope to help people who are lost in similar situations and don’t find the way to overcome them by showing them these real life-based stories. Then, we also want people all over the world to understand better the situation spain is in right now.

    We thank all the interest readers of this reply can show to our project.

    All of you can find our project on http://www.indiegogo.com/1struggle/x/1985931.
    Opinions, advice, funding, spreading a word. ANY is sincerely welcome and equally useful for our project.

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