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Bill Gates (2010) – population reduction and zero CO2 (same thing) — 5 Comments

  1. We are well underway. Through fabianistic socialism that was birthed in the early 70’s with the “limits to growth” crowd, these elitist “stakeholders” created special interest groups and NGO lobbyists which in turn influenced and infiltrated government especially tied to the Department of Foreign Affairs has partnered with the Malthusian scientific community to fulfill the ultimate “revenge of the nerds” on our global population. Summed up in simpler terms, a “Death Cult”.
    Read this link page and tell me if something sounds a bit off: http://2006.confex.com/uicc/uicc/techprogram/P7935.HTM

    Pay close attention to the use of “Toward Full Globalization” and “Incorporating Sustainable Development Principles into Practice”

    Oh, and about that geoengineering thing – the icing on the cake. Among stated goals of 80% reductions, you may be asking yourself, “how is the problem addressed when it comes to the highest producers of the carbon footprint?” — Russian roulette using Darwin’s revolver — watch the video and draw your own conclusion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2i4n7wYpaI

  2. This author is either stupid or deliberately deceptive. Gates did not say “Then he describes his equation, so I’ll paraphrase: Amount of CO2. He wants to get that down to ZERO!!!!”.

    Gates says the INCREASE of CO2 must become zero. The rest of the misrepresentation or lies stem from this.

    • That’s OK if you want to correct my wording of what Bill Gates meant — but I actually understood him very well – what I meant was “closer to zero” or downwards – which is just as crazy as zero or preventing an increase as if anyone can measure that. I’m not going to go over that speech again. What I also know is that he is just trying to rationalize his intention to cause human depopulation – because carbon dioxide is just a trace gas in the atmosphere. Plants absorb it and require it for life. It doesn’t add up to zilch as a percentage (by “zilch” I mean very low). Water vapor is not demonized by these social engineers in the same way because nobody is going to believe that water vapor is a bad thing – but water vapor traps more heat and is more prevalent than anything – way beyond any other gas. It’s deception, because the elites have the same attitudes as they have always possessed. They seek to create the impression that there is a scarcity of resources because they want to monopolize all resources for themselves. Just like the old kings of England told the people that the forests belonged to them and the deer were theirs to hunt- or they would take their eyes out – it’s the same people and the same attitudes that dominate us today. And the more we are fooled by their rhetoric and nonsense, the more danger we are in – every day that goes by.

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