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Canceling Canadian Automobile Association Membership — 5 Comments

    • Your comment is worthless as it expresses no opinion about actual issues, but it’s idiots who let these institutions lie to them. Human-caused climate change is an orchestrated lie. You’re welcome to actually read up on Agenda 21 and you can read the facts on climate change which is a political agenda tied to Agenda 21 at this site and at other sites like climatedepot.com

  1. I agree with Alan it is all about the money and anyway governments can get it out of your pocket and into there pockets to be used for causes they like.

  2. Good God, are you actually serious? I thought this was satire because of how obviously ridiculous it is. I genuinely feel so sorry for you and will pray for your soul.

  3. Please explain why it’s “obviously ridiculous”? Is this just your indoctrination? Did you read the quotation from the think tank?

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