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  1. We are being hamstrung by a world of information.Please go to Dr Zach Bushe website to see what a virus really is and how it lives in our society since the beginning of time..Nobody dies from anything but covid to promote their fear agenda.Estmates are the stock market will decline by 40% by April.This is the real pandemic,people move your money to a safe place before then.

  2. A real gong show is playing out right now in Manitoba.When this Thing started there were very few cases in Man.In Sask where I live we had about 5 times as many SO CALLED CASES.We had very few deaths attributed to this virus and to date have 54.Ninety eight % of those deaths were and are in NURSING HOMES,think about that have you ever heard of anyone released from a nursing home accept to attend their own funeral.This is a reality and most people long term in those homes look forward to the day of going to a beautiful and fully accepted place.(Best monologue ever by Zach Bushe on U Tube)It appears that every death in Man is THE VIRUS since they are averaging about 10 a day.Man has 11266 deaths per year on average.With the annual rate of death they are at 30.86 per day WHAT IS PALLICER whining about.They are doing better than normal.The proof will come when the year to year stats come out.He is an embarrassment to human intelligenceI have read thousands of pages and watched hundreds of documentaries on this virus thing.It appears anyone who does not agree with THE NEW WORLd ORDER is labeled an IDIOT or TERRIORIST of some kind.Where is Marc Karney now and after his speech of 2008(A CANADIAN once the head of the Bank of Canada)now part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER.Could it be the MONEY.The real tragedy in this is the children,they suffer in silence with no voice.I see my grandkids changing every month.They are not enjoying school at all masked all day long,we treat animals better.Thank god their parents are smart enough to try and normalize the situation.The truth will prevail and those responsible for the perpetuation of these lies will be held accountable either here or beyond.People remember we are all PERFECT, born perfect and will die perfect, lets live our lives in that light.Have a perfect day

  3. SOOOO who is safe to receive this vaccination.Tam is saying they cannot transport this vaccination to nursing homes(the location of 80 % 0f all the deaths in Canada) and that the vaccine would be administered at the arrival point TO WHO. Next the British in charge are saying people with allegies should not receive the vaccination.Health care (professionals) are saying probably 50% of the population has some form of allergy.Probably because we are so healthy.The CDC is saying it may be a risk to have doctors and front line workers get the vaccination as it may put the medical society in risk of not being able to deal as there may be too many sick DOCTORS.I want to see all the chief medical doctors ,the premiers,all mla”s,all mp”s,PRIME MINISTER”S and all their families standing first in line for this vaccine which they have promoted so vigorously.Only the ones who have been so strong in their beliefs.It appears that the sheep will become the recipiants of this NON PROVEN RNA GENE DNA ALTERING STERILISING expieriment NO THANKS I will take my chances with the FLU.

  4. Well here we go.THE VACCINE is here.If anyone believes all these past presidents,current PMs ,politicians are receiving anything more than a saline solution,have I got a deal for you.Lets get back to the science of the matter.Yesterday on THE HIGH WIRE Del Bigtree had a number of guests (AS USUAL)Dr Valadimer Zelenko was one of the attending doctors for Trump and Guieliani when they tested positive by the PCR test .which has proven to be at least 50% false positive.Please pull up THE HIGH WIRE and yesterdays program to UNDERSTAND how the body deals with viruses.Dr Sucharit Bacdi explains how the killer Lymphocides in your body kill the infected genes,watch him on UTUBE.None of this has been necessary.Now to get to a simple expieriment done by a bunch of plumbers.We have a hazoardous gas monitor which measures the level of dangerous gas such as carbon monoxide,carbon dioxide,H2S and other in a space,usually confined.Whe we put the sensor under a mask while on a person the machines warning devices went crazy .lights flashing bells ringing all the alarms were activated.The reading on the monitor was 800 parts per million.Now the normal levels of CO2 is 23 -29 MMOL/L.When this monitor acts in this way we clear the building and ventilate the space until safe to enter.No wonder our children come home with headaches and pour grades,which were once top of class.We have to stand up for our rights.Two comments, a person once said (If we loose one freedom a year for 50 years they will all be gone and we will not know the difference)at least 50 are gone in one year.If we will not stand up for ONE thing we will fall for anything.I would sooner die on my feet than live on my knees.Thank you

  5. The savior has risen too bad it looks like the devil.Do you really think all these politicians are going to take anything but a saline solution,oh ya THE WORLD COULD NEVER BE SHUT DOWN BY A SINGLE EVENT.Facism is the fear of a common enemy either real or precieved take your choice.A very simple expieriment was done at a plumbing shop.We used a dangerous gas monitor to test the level of co2 under a mask being worn.All the machines warning devices wet off .The reading was 800 ppm.When this happens we vacate the space or the building and ventilate until safe to return.Masks are not only inefficient to stop any virus they are also putting peoples health at risk.Check out The High Wire by Del Bigtree last thurs you will be amazed at the world renowned scientific info on that show or maybe just follow your Provincial Chief Health Professional to the train station.

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