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Explaining pro-tyranny propaganda in the Batman trilogy — 2 Comments

  1. I have a friend who says a couple of generations ago you couldn’t show “realistic” things on TV like killling the bad guy or torture or the darker things we are seeing noe in TV shows and movies… he says society’s sensitivity has changed so that we can show realistic things in movies etc…. even when I pointed out how they changed James Bond he’s saying that Bond is acting as he should realistically nnow (never mind that they’ve totally changed the character, it’s “realistic! I never liked Bond but I hate when characters become changed from who they are supposed to be!) I wonder if what my friend is calling “realistic” is really indoctrination? I know it is, but I can’t seem to explain this to him. He wants realism in fantasy all the time, for games, for mobies, for TV shows… I’ve seen over the course of my life the corruption of “good moral” fantasy into darker and darker terms… Batman never used to be this dark! Over the course of my life he changed too! Now that people see these things being done by the “protagonist” characters in the movies (“good” guys) they will accept them as “inevitable” and acceptable in real life! It’s terrible!

    • Yes, I noticed in one of the recent James Bond movies at the end that he was about to interrogate someone and I thought that was disturbing.

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