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H. G. Wells “Imperialism and the Open Conspiracy” Part I — 4 Comments

  1. The Milner Group described by Quigley were prime movers against Germany in the run-up to WW1. They controlled the Times whose reporters undertook to publish only news that would promote Anglo-German antagonism.

    They also had key placemen in or close to the government.

    Grey and George V played a duplicitous role in preventing Wilhelm II of Germany from brokering a peaceful solution between Russia and Germany during the July Crisis.

    Typically the CFR, a direct descendant of the Round Table Group, has been instrumental in promoting the view that Germany was the main instigator of WW1. Both Henry Kissinger and John Stoessinger are examples. Both were CFR. The execrable Kissinger cites the Crowe Memorandum for the idea that Germany was bent on world hegemony.

    Eyre Crowe, ironically of German ancestry himself, was Milner Group too.

    How convenient!

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