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  1. My greetings
    I am victim of mind control
    .I live in Iraq .And this matter so unknown here .No doctor here can know or else
    There the gang whom used this ways .jumping cheer about this climate .and found Iraq like criminals paradise . No one know about their secret magic weapons .and they established out legal organization to Cover them self . By this mask . And began use their mind control .This gang slavery the people here by and sale by them .use them for sex and work and human parts trade . Else .I cover this .and I never let any one didn’t tell him .I told Iraq parliament by this hundred once
    Also health departments .and many many .but no use .This gang use this mind control chip .to spy on me .and obstacled and fail my attempts .cause they know every step I do against them . . The curreption here in Iraq became in their side .This gang have a lot of money . They saled honor so easy ..and shut mouths . And I am alone .so poor .beside my body vibrated .cause those directed me by energy ray . .This gang have big influence here in Iraq no one dare to open his mouth with .
    I need little help by sending to me .detail cheap ways .. about .how can I scan mind control chip .or detective it .Also how can disable it .and how can shield myself from the signals .Also I have question .What the victims will do .

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