Nov 21-27/04 – Liberty & War

Nov 14-20/04 – Liberty & War

Nov 7-14/04 – Liberty & War

Oct 25-31/04 – Liberty & War (Vaccines)

Sep 2/04 – Liberty & War

Jun 18/04 – Liberty & War

April 11, 2004 – Liberty & War – Tyco Juror Ruth B. Jordan, Baby Walker Ban, Falluja, Mass Punishment, NATO Blasts Church, NATO Grows, Spanish Election, Blackstone’s Commentaries, The Right to Defend Yourself, Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Natural Law and Rights: Coke, Soviet Gulag, Habeas Corpus in Canada, Terror Famine

March 10, 2004 – Liberty & War – Habeas Corpus / Great Writ Under Attack, Martha Stewart Lynched, Politicization of Life, Senator Byrd, Rudyard Kipling on War and Lies, Haiti, Neocons, Federal Court, Mismanaging the World

February 20, 2004 – Liberty & War – Antiwar Sentiment – Mel Gibson’s Joke About WMD, No End to War: Frum-Perle prescription for endless conflict, “Ending Evil?”, U.S. Report: Canada Not Totalitarian Enough, Rush Limbaugh and the War on Pain Relief, Ron Paul on Dependency, Grovelling and Drug Prohibition

February 3, 2004 – Liberty, War & Politics – Electing New Idols, Bush Government Spending Out of Control, Race for the White House, Bomb-Joke Student Threatened with 15 Years, George Orwell Defended Bombing, America’s Propaganda – in the Best Tradition of Soviet Agitprop, Canadian Military Scaling Back, Arar Suing Washington, More on Torture Survivor Maher Arar, RCMP Raids Canadian Reporter over Arar Case, Fingerprint Identification and Driver’s Licenses

January 2, 2004 – Liberty, War & Politics: Liberal Imperialism – Good and Bad vs. War and Peace, Noam Chomsky on America’s Quest for Global Dominance, Limitations of Democracy – Nock – Chesterton, National Greatness?, False Justifications for Iraq War, Random Checkpoints, Right of Secession, FBI Targeting Protestors, Merchants Serve Humanity, Finding Meaning in War vs. Ordinary Life, E.D. Morel, Control Through Fear, 1914 Christmas Truce, Judicial Blows against Military Tyranny, Australian Journalist Mistreated

December 14, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Introduction to The Myth of National Defense, Private Means of Security Production, The U.N., C.S. Lewis, Human Law must Conform to a Higher Law, Hypocrites of the “Democratic” West after Putin, U.S. won’t Share the Iraq Loot

December 4, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Showdown In Samarra, Canadian detained by US denies terror charge, Protectionism, Trentadue Coverup

November 24, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Conrad Black, Empire, Hollinger, General Franks Envisions Military Dictatorship, Hawk Admits Invasion Illegal

November 9, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Maher Arar – Canadian Citizen Betrayed to Torture, Saved by His Wife and Traditional Family, Innocent Man Condemned by Governments, Basic Points about Rule of Law – Detention and Justice, Canadian Subservience to U.S., Be Part of the War Party’s Problem, 1952 Rothbard Review of Social Economy and the Price System, Western Media Covered up Stalin’s Mass Starvation of Ukrainians

October 30, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Bush Sr. & Jr., Australian Prime Minister Censured, Cut Government Spending Everywhere, Dubious Intelligence on Iraq – Tenet Warning, The Neo-Jacobins – Imposing Abstract Virtues on the World at the Expense of Traditional Morality, The National Defense Myth – Destructive Empire vs. Private Alternatives, Turkey and U.S., Holocaust in the Making – Mini-Nukes, Rumsfeld Memo

October 14, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Governments Are Gangs – Coercion and War, Living at the Expense of Others, Interference in Our Personal Lives, Days of Deceit – Pearl Harbor, Empire of Lies – From Lincoln to Operation Keelhaul to Iraq

October 5, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics; Values, Cults: Power Blackouts, Price Gouging Conserves Resources, Ernie Eves and Price System, Ontario Election, Ontario Libertarian Party, Weapons Inspectors Find Zero in Iraq, Public Education Cripples Our Kids – Stifles Dissent Originality and Maturity, Richard Weaver – Historian of the South, Accepting the Realities of Evil and the Limitations of Power, Destructiveness of the Modern State, Subversion of Moral and Social Authorites – Comments with Respect to Cults, Mess in Potamia, Blood for Unity – Review of Bennett’s Book, Lew Rockwell’s book Speaking of Liberty

October 4, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Minimum Wage – Bridge of Asses, America is for Aliens, Resources Directed to Empire, Railroad Lawyer – Why the Republican Party Elected Lincoln, Neo-Jacobins, Invading Iraq for Democracy?, CIA Requested Investigation of White House Leak

September 28, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Subjugating Iraq in the Holy Name of “Democracy”, March 2003 Bush Letter linking Iraq and September 11 – but No Evidence Now, Murray Rothbard – War, Peace and the State, Thomas Jefferson and Kentucky Resolutions, Rothbard Battles the Mainstream, Rothbard’s Differences with Mises on Action Axiom, Empirical vs. A Priori, WTO a Mistake, Privatizing Iraq? – Problems with Privatization

September 21, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Neocons Target Syria, Bush and Rumsfeld – No Evidence Saddam Involved with 9/11, Bush Seeks to Increase Powers of Justice Department, Central Planning Doomed to Fail, Consequences of Government Spending

September 11, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Government Getting Bigger, Continuity of Government Commission, Congressmen and Judges Opposing Threats to Liberty, Wider War Unless Democrats Speak Out, The First Victims of the U.S. State: American Indians, Reviving an Old Trait: Mind Your Own Business, World Empire Built on Rotting Base, Abortion Mills

September 6, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: The Opinions of Gore Vidal, Interviews and Book Review

August 24, 2003 – Canada Arrests 19, Conservative Backlash Against Patriot Act, Congressional Complicity in WMD Duplicity, War Foes Were Right, Deaths Caused by Empire, From Apocalypse to Anticlimax, Grounds for Optimism about Liberty, Deception on Iraq, The Ten Commandments Question

August 21, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Rice the Hawk, Uranium from Africa Allegation, General Zinni: Paying the Price for Speaking Out, People Don’t Want to Believe their Government Lies, John Ashcroft on Fox News, Provoking Carnage – the State Fails, Social Engineering – Schools

August 17, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Power Will Submit to Ideas, Food Police, U.S. Government – You are Racist if You Oppose the War, Rice Remorseful – Knew of Doubts about Uranium Connection, America Silences Niger, Falsehoods, Redistribution of Power from the Individual to the Friendly State Continues

August 10, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Demand Doesn’t Rise with Population, Is the World a Better Place with Hussein Gone?, Ashcroft List of Judges, Gwynne Dyer, Justin Raimondo, Sitting Ducks in Iraq, Patriot Act, Classical Liberalism, Harry Truman on Trial: A-Bomb, History of Conservatism in America, Are Military Tribunals worth Dying For?, David Hackworth, Howard Dean, Nuclear Arsenal Summit, Revenge, “Evil Freedom Culture”

August 7, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Drug Reimportation Increases Medical Freedom, Past U.S. Alliance with Iraq, Saudis Demand Declassification, Libertarianism and Religious Freedom, Gore Vidal: Perpetual War, Militarized Economy Began by Scaring Americans, Protectionism and Destruction of Prosperity

July 24, 2003 – B – Liberty, War & Politics: Perversion of History, Defense of the Old Right, Founding Father of Iraq?, Flawed Comparison: Iraq and American Revolution, Fed Punishes Savers, False Pretenses for War, Cosmic Climate Study: Sun and Earth’s Position in Galaxy Causes Global Warming, My Comments on Co2 Issue and Environment

July 24, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Reading the Wrong Thing in Public, Time and the State, WMD’s

July 14, 2003 – B – Liberty, War & Politics: Bogus War Justifications, Stay out of Liberia, Anti-Discrimination Laws

July 6, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Thomas Jefferson – Keep out of Foreign Contentions, Colonists, Resolve Property and Sovereignty Issues with Indians, Iraqi Hostilities and Bush Remark, Paintball “Terrorists” on Bail, University of Alberta Professor’s Memories of Rothbard and Hayek

July 3, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Grace on Canadian “Conservatives”, Insider-Trading Should Not be a Crime

June 30, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: The Road Map to Empire, Pat Robertson, WMDs Gone MIA, Misguided U.S. Foreign Policies, Orwell, “National Interest” is Fiction, The State’s Version of Morality, The Servile State

June 22, 2003 – D – Liberty & Music: Freedom is in Hades, Matthew Good’s “Avalanche”, Buy in it’ll shut you up

June 22, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Vulnerability of Educated Mind to Government and Cult Propaganda, Colonel Hackworth Bio: Spoke Out on Vietnam

June 19, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Homeschoolers Fight for Freedom, WMD Lies, Loyalty to Country Not Government, Troops Stuck in the Desert because Americans Bamboozled and Afraid to Speak Up

June 18, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Gaza Trap, Militant Internationalism, Lands Lost – Town Fenced In, Leave Iran Alone – Please, Gwynne Dyer on Iraq, The Less Government Power the Better, Apologists for Aggression, Margaret Atwood on George Orwell and Current Threats to Freedom, Buckley’s Cold War Military Socialism

June 17, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Americans Misled, Media Caved, For War They Lie – In War they Die – Does it Matter to You?, Iraq is “Free” Now – Right? – Wrong, Slaughter of Innocent Bystanders is NOT OK just because you call it “War”

June 14, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Permanent War and Surveillance, War of Aggression: Kosovo Also, Estimate: 7000 Iraqi Civilian Deaths, Justifying War and Maiming, Political Economy of World Domination, Worldwide Central Planning will Fail, Christian Conservatives and Religious Freedom, Prosecutorial State, World War I Fabrications, The Real Lincoln

June 4, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: War Destructive of the Social Order, Tangled Web: Timeline of Statements on Iraq Weapons

June 2, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Guantanamo USA, “Legal Technicalities”, Admitted: WMD just a convenient excuse, Tonkin Gulf Lie

May 31, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Iraq – Protecting their Women and Children, Dignity and Honor, Towns Challenging Patriot Act, Blessings of Deflation, Healthy Patriotism, Project for the New American Century

May 19, 2003 – C – Liberty, War & Politics: Aggressor Nation, Wars Suppress Liberties, Frustration over Iraq WMD’s, Gwynne Dyer on WMD’s, Putin Mocks Blair, Lies, Plagiarism, Forgery, Conservatism Abandoned its Principles, Battled to His Death: Peter McWilliams Speech on Medical Marijuana, Leo Strauss

May 19, 2003 – A – Liberty, War & Politics: Taxpayers Paying to be Attacked, Internationalism, Cut Off from the Past: about F.D.R., ‘Personal is Political’: Recipe for Totalitarianism, Bertrand Russell Pros and Cons, Freedom of Thought, The Violent State, Senator Alleges 9/11 Coverup, McCarthy Beats Truman, Zero-Tolerance, Doubting Official Version of 9/11, The State’s Instability, Boris Yeltsin

Apr 27, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Make Peace with North Korea, Lessons of Lebanon, Swiss Example of Neutrality, Dixie Chicks, One Soldier’s Plea, Immigrants’ Detention, Force and Consent, Iraq, Empire, Mysterious Deaths of U.S. Presidents, Collectivist Calculations, Individual Responsibility the Basis of Society, Pre-emptive War is Like Pre-emptive Arrest

Apr 19, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Iraqi Civilian Deaths, Traditional Morality vs Totalitarian Morality, Tim Robbins Speech Against War and Tyranny, Rush Limbaugh Defends the Policy of Fear, Let-Down on Gun Rights and Political Speech

Apr 13, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Iraqi Casualties, Michael Moore and Dixie Chicks: Loved More after Speaking Out, Three Toxins: Oligarchy Paranoia Arrogance, War Industry is Not Free Market, Looting Tax Payers to Destroy, Aggressive War Cannot Be Just, Fox TV, Police State, Example of Somaliland, Rothbard on Nationalities and Self-Determination

Apr 13, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Anti-War Heroes, Chodorov, Fighting Ideas by Killing is Stupid, Former CIA Director Announces World War IV, It’s Not Your World America!, Strategic Blunder, Orwellian Times, Muzzling Dissent, Canadian Alliance M.P. Keith Martin Against Iraq War

Apr 13, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: David Orchard Speech, Rebuild Canadian Military, Not for Attacking Small Countries, Government Travel Database, Canada’s Mixed Messages, Avril Lavigne Not About War, Freedom to Read Protection Act, “Empire”, Middle East Colonial History, Pressure on Allies: Croatia’s Response, Socialist View of the War from Sept. 2001, Agrarian Foundation

Apr 13, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Campaign for Canada: David Orchard, Orchard Against Iraq War, Francophobes, When Your Cause is Bad You Get Mad, War on Liberty

Apr 6, 2003 – Liberty & War: Central Planners Make the Same Mistakes: Ignorance Persists, Rule-the-World Productions, OxyContin & Pain, Medical Malpractice Crisis, Collusion to Kill IRA Suspects, Civilian Casualties, American News Doesn’t Want to Know, No Future for the Bush Doctrine?, Great Empires and Small Minds, Those Affected by War Avoid It

Apr 6, 2003 – Liberty & War: Iraqi Casualties, Soviet-style Propaganda, Dehumanizing and Demonizing the Enemy, Sending the Young People to Die, Go Home After You Remove Saddam, Canadian NDP Leader: The Illegality of War, Liberals Challenged to Withdraw Ships

Apr 1, 2003 – Liberty & War: Endless Series of Wars, Gratitude for Bombing?

Apr 1, 2003 – Liberty & War: Other Side of the Story, American Brezhnev Doctrine, Wilson and Bush Compared

Mar 26, 2003 – Liberty & War: Other Side of the Story, Shameful Nuclear Forgery, The Pope is Against this War

Mar 16, 2003 – Liberty & War: Social Engineering Iraq , Feed a Deer Go to Jail, Libertarianism in the Age of Empire, Ron Paul’s Left-Right Antiwar Alliance, Bill Moyers Interview with Lew Rockwell on War & Economy

Mar 9, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Novak on Origins of Iraqi Policy, Buchanan on Imperialism and Outdated Alliances, Why the Anti-War Movement Needs the Right, Ilana Mercer on Global Government, Lew Rockwell: Economy Hurt by War

Mar 5, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Hapless Hegemon, Flimflam, Wars Have Destroyed Freedom, Bush Would “Discipline” Sovereign Mexico,, Billy Bragg & Canadian Kate Fenner, Defending ‘Gods & Generals’ Against South-Demonizers, Confusing Patriotism with Religion, Daniel Ellsberg Quotes

Feb 23, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Weapons Inspectors Comment on U.S. Intelligence, France Stands Up to the Hyperpower, Threats to Liberty – Patriot Act II, U.S. Propaganda Efforts, What Happened to the War on Terrorism?

Feb 17, 2003 – Congressman Ron Paul Explains Liberty, Democracy vs. Limited Government, C.S. Lewis on “omnipotent moral busybodies”, Not America’s Finest Hour, European Experience of War

Feb 13, 2003 – What Happens to the Soldiers? Nightmare in Baghdad, Poets Against War

Feb 11, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Hope for Peace Rally Scarborough Ontario included Canadian Korean War Veterans, Article about U.S. Veterans, Canada’s P.M. on Iraq, Ontario Family’s Anti-war Web Site

Feb 9, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Stalinist Polish leader Supports War Party, Price of Empire is Terror, America’s New Nuclear Response will Shame its Allies, Canada’s Need to “Grow Up” (John Manley expression) and leave N.A.T.O., Rationalizing Actions of Government, Mandela, Problem with Pro-U.N. Positions, Anti-war Opinion from Toronto

Feb 8, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Privacy ruling rejects infrared search, Privacy under ‘unprecedented assault’: Official Report by Canadian Privacy Commissioner George Radwanski, Russell Kirk, Sobran on wartime distortions, Buchanan: Is Bush an Imperialist?, Nat Hentoff

Feb 8, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Schwarzkopf, Quotes from State of the Union: “dominate the weak and intimidate the world”, Nuclear Posture Review

Feb 5, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Murray Rothbard on Gulf War, John Randolph, Canada & Missile Defense, Buchanan: Global Economy, Anti-war Senator Chaffee, U.S. Lowering Nuclear Threshold, Marginalization of Political Thought, N. Korea & Iraq, Dextroamphetamine & U.S. Air Force

Feb 2, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Stromberg on War Party Propaganda, Jack Layton: Canadian NDP Leader, NDP Anti-war platform, Pros and Cons of NDP, Conservatism and Canadian Sovereignty, Clark, United Nations, Worthington, American Doubts, Risks to Iraqi Children, Eric Margolis: Americans Forget the Costs of Empire, Raimondo on Military Opposition to War

Jan 26, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Neoconservatism and Protestant Dispensationalism, Media Control over Personal Life, Private Education for the Poor, Gangs of New York, The Reluctant Anarchist, Iraq War

Jan 18, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Stop War on Iraq, Dying for the Global “Democratic” Revolution, Kevin Michael Grace on CBC, So-called “Conservatives”, Republican Dissent, Mothers Against War, Churches Against the War Except … Disappointed with Chuck Colson, Virtues of the Market Economy, Canada and North Korea

Jan 18, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Threats, the Draft, Sheryl Crow, Iraq, Al-Qaeda, Pax Americana

Jan 9, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Leave Iraq Alone – The Idea of “Just War”

Jan 2, 2003 – Liberty, War & Politics: Airport Security, Bully-Boy Version of Capitalism

Dec 29, 2002 – Liberty, War & Politics: War on Iraq, P.O.W. Treatment, North Korea

Dec 15, 2002 – Antiwar Conservatism: Buchanan and Taki

Nov 23, 2002 – Liberty: Stop the War – About

Nov 21, 2002 – Liberty: War and Iraq – “War, Whatever”

Nov 10, 2002 – Liberty: About H.L. Mencken: Individualist and Libertarian

Oct 8, 2002 – Liberty & Anti-War: Opposing Unprovoked War against Iraq – U.S. Congress: Resolution Authorizing President to Use Armed Forces Against Iraq

Aug 30, 2002 – Iraq and Human Life: Libertarian Objections to War, Canada’s Position, Libertarian Ethics: Jefferson, Rand, Smith

Aug 10, 2002 – Introduction Continued: Basic Freedoms – Religion, Speech, Conscience. Criticism vs. Religious Freedom

June 22, 2002 – Introduction: Topics include Cults and Religion, Liberty, Pro-Life Ethics, Canadian Politics, Philosophy, Paranormal