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Acknowledgements: Thanks to the following sites for many of the source links and positive influence. Note that points of view may differ.

Other Activist/Freedom/Health/Patriot Info Sources and Link Sources

G. Edward Griffin: Griffin: Freedom Force International

Alex Jones:

Toronto Truth Seekers

We Are Change Toronto

Press For Truth
Oh Canada: Our Bought and Sold Out Land
Activist Post
Sovereign Independent (Ireland)
Old-Thinker News (
James Corbett: The Corbett Report
Reality Zone Unfiltered News (Griffin)
Wise Up Journal (

U.K. Independence Party (

Climate Change: Lord Monckton:
Climate Change:
Climate Change: Piers Corbyn

Political Parties (Libertarian or Populist, differing ideas)

Other Alternative (and Mainstream) news and opinion sites (“left” and “right”). Useful sources.

Banking Industry Today (EIN)

BBC News

Blacklisted News

Eugenics Watch

CBC News

Esprit de Corps – Afghanistan

John Pilger (

Toronto Star

Toronto Free Press

Source Watch (Center for Media and Democracy)

Our Food (originally:

Anthony Flood

B.C. Civil Liberties Association

Sovereignty International (

Environment Probe

Tax Tyranny

Friends of Freedom International (Tucker)

Anti-Communitarian League

Ark Institute

The European Foundation
Links page (John Laughland etc.)

EuroParl Channel on YouTube

Electronic Privacy Information Center – see also

Center for Freedom and Prosperity – Legislation

Privacy-Aware Search Engines (pending legislation) (or

Establishment Institutions

Foundations, think tanks, governments, NGO’s, corporations, research centers, etc.:

International & U.S. Organizations

Amnesty International (

Bahá’í Faith

Bank for International Settlements

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Council on Foreign Relations

Free Trade of the Americas


Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

SPP News

The Trilateral Commission

World Trade Organization

City of London Corporation

European Union

UN Press Releases & Meetings Coverage

United Nations Human Rights

United Nations Population Division

Optimum Population Trust


NATO Update

NATO Press Releases

NATO Review

Rand Corporation



The World Bank

IMF International Monetary Fund

Rothschild Foundation

Charles G. Koch Foundation

The National Center for Public Policy Research

Earth Charter Initiative

World Federalist Movement and Institute for Global Policy

Responsibility to Protect

One World Trust (

Reform the UN

Biosphere 2

University World News

A to Z of Nanotechnology

Biometrics Consortium – Publications

World Citizen Foundation

World Government of World Citizens

National Security Agency

Secular Humanism

Aspen Institute

Society of Professional Journalists (

Open Society Archives ( (International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights)

International Monarchist League & Constitutional Monarchy Association

Institute for Communitarian Policy Studies

Canadian Organizations

Canadian International Council (formerly Canadian Institute of International Affairs)

Canadian Foreign Policy (and links)

C. D. Howe Institute

Canadian Constitution Foundation

MacKenzie Institute

Polaris Institute (

Royal Society of Canada

Bank of Canada

Canada’s Parliament

Canada News Centre (Government News) (old: (new:

Canadian Patents Database

Democracy Watch (Ottawa)

Science for Peace (Canada) ( (now

Consumers Association of Canada

Power Corporation of Canada

Ontario Legislature

Ontario Government Newsroom

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (

Toronto City Update

The Fraser Institute


Usually the links are selected because I feel there is some value in them. Canadian Liberty does not endorse all views and content at these sites.



Worldwide Church of God

Ethics, Human Life, Philosophy & Religion


Electronic Texts


Liberty, War & Politics


Other Political Commentary

Canadian News

Canadian Resources

From Older Links

Usually the links are selected because I feel there is some value in them. Canadian Liberty does not endorse all views and content at these sites.

Stop the War Now! (

Libertarians 4 Peace

Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty

Libertarian Party of Canada

Ontario Libertarian Party

Freedom Watch

Libertarian Alliance Blog

Marc Emery, Cannabis Culture
Mary Ruwart and Healing Our World
Pro Libertate
Sean Gabb

Western Standard Shotgun Blog

Canadian News

Bourque Newswatch
Google News Canada
Google News “Canada”
Google News “Ontario”
Yahoo News Canada
MSN News (original:

Canoe (
The Globe and Mail
National Post
Norman’s Spectator
Toronto Star
Toronto Sun Canadian Newspapers
London Free Press
Canada Free Press
The Hill Times (
Embassy Magazine
Public Eye Online (B.C.) (

Canadian Political Opinion


Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Conservative Forum (

Free Dominion (Forum)
Western Standard (Forum)

David Orchard

Vive le Canada

Progressive Bloggers

The Blogging Tories

Alternative News (Alex Jones)


International News

The Big Index of Global Newspapers World Newspapers
BBC News
Boston Globe
Boston Herald
Channel 4 News

The Independent
International Herald Tribune
New York Times
Sydney Morning Herald
Tech Law Journal

Washington Times


Government of Canada
The Constitution Act, 1982
Criminal Code
Laws of Canada
Parliament of Canada

Provincial and Territorial Governments

British Columbia

New Brunswick
Newfoundland and Labrador
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
Québec (new:, old:


Global Governmental Institutions
World Health Organization

Other Organizations

Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic

Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary
Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia


Libertarian Party of Canada

Ontario Libertarian Party
West Coast Libertarian Foundation
British Columbia Libertarian Party (

LPC Forum

Pierre Lemieux
Thomas Knapp
Boston Tea Party

Stefan Molyneux: Freedomain Radio
Stefan Molyneux: Blog

The Libertarian Enterprise

Small Government Blog (

Le Québécois Libre
Mises Institute
Ron Paul
Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)
Butler Shaffer

Future of Freedom Foundation
Harry Browne
Ilana Mercer
James Bovard

Joe Sobran
Scott Horton: Weekend Interview Show

Strike the Root

Libertarian Alliance (U.K.)
Walter E. Williams

Philip Dru Interviews
International Society for Individual Liberty
Advocates for Self-Government

Blogosphere of the Libertarian Left

Samuel Edward Konkin III

The New Libertarian Manifesto by Samuel Edward Konkin III

Bill St. Clair (original: Blog

Other Libertarian (please note above disclaimer that applies to this whole page: some sites I would agree with more than others)

CLASSical Liberalism

Karen Selick
George H. Smith

Jim Peron
Libertarians for Life
Liberty, as it is: François-René Rideau
FEE: Foundation for Economic Education (

Acton Institute
Atlas Economic Research Foundation (
The Anarchist Library (includes Commies as well as Individualist Libertarians)



Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Anti-Imperialist Conservatives & Liberals

Eric Margolis
Paul Craig Roberts

Kevin Michael Grace

Nat Henthoff (original:
Charley Reese
Patrick J. Buchanan
The American Conservative

John Pilger (

Ethical Issues

Terri Schiavo: Life and Hope Network ( redirects to
Libertarians for Life
Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics


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