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Media Doorway — 5 Comments

  1. I noticed you have included my website on your information site .. thanks …
    http://nomorefluoriderinsenb.blogspot.ca .. I was able to get the local school to stop the rinse, merely by postering the area for 3 years .. I don’t fight with people; but I have felt the burn of being an indep. activist here..

    as well.. I was glad to see links to Niki Raapana’s articles… her books with her daughter Nordica Friedrich at ACL Books, Alaska, USA are unvaluable reading on communitarianism … “2020: Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto” … good luck…
    Long live liberty.

  2. Alan, I’ve since started a page and blogger for “Tantramar Landowners Association” since I believe the workaround to liberty and property rights is required in the age of technocrats and agenda 2030 useful idiots… did you belong at one time to the Libertarian party in Canada? Tim Moen is coming to Moncton NB July 8th and I might try to meet him and make a short video about the importance of citizens forming land rights groups .. the scam of the NGO stakeholder mafia needs to be exposed.. why not by me… http://tantramarlandownersassociation.blogspot.ca thanks again!

  3. Thanks for the info, Sally. Yes, I used to participate in the Libertarian Party of Canada (and the Ontario LP also), and probably it’s productive to share that info with anyone but as many people as possible. I am skeptical of political leaders and parties ever dealing properly with fundamental reality shifts as is needed with Agenda 21. Tim Moen has been made aware of Agenda 21, but I don’t know his thoughts on it. Libertarians focus on particular media that tries to set the discourse and range of thought for them, and even alternative media does this, but there are vocal people who aware of wider issues that get involved with that party. In addition to being ignorant or being in denial of realities, I believe that political parties and leaders are generally used to corral people and limit discourse. However, that event does provide potential access to an audience of concerned citizens, so you should take advantage of his audience and networks and send him and his friends simplified info in advance in case you don’t get a chance to meet him in person. What you are doing sounds like a great strategy, and please create media (disks or print) for everyone you meet who is concerned about property rights and freedoms and social engineering so they can start to understand the bigger picture which you are so knowledgeable about.

    • Did meet Tim Moen by chance .. imagine that? We had a good chat.. he is now part of the “Beauties in NB” photography project… at indie media eastcoast.

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