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  1. Sex education is a plot by world government supporters? Gimmie a break!

    Liberty minded conservatives are marginalized, time and again, by social conservatives. Social conservatives insist on pushing their religiously inspired agenda into the public space. How is forcing your moral beliefs down the throats of others any different from what the government does in every moment of every day? As for the will of the people, I’m sorry to say, the majority of Ontarians are not against sex ed. Quite the opposite. Most people, like myself, are not offended by the idea that giving our children sexual knowledge is anything but good and necessary. Why? Turm on the TV. What do you see? Degraded sexuality and violence is everywhere. Our children cannot avoid it so they must be given the tools to deal with it. To that end, sex education works. The parents job is to enhance that understanding of their children and encourage abstinence — if they so wish. Sex education greatly improves the chances that young people will make good decisions when they are repeatedly confronted with our hypersexual culture. They must know and understand that unsafe sex can have serious consequences.
    Social conservatives also seem to have a knack for mobilizing their opponents. The result is that they greatly diminish the ability of conservatives to affect necessary change, ie., fiscal responsibilty, smaller government, personal liberty, etc.

    As far as I can tell, religious conservatives are leading the charge for a more intrusive government; especially with regards to the so called ‘war on terror’ and the many Liberty destroying policies adopted by governments in response. They are helping strip away of our most basic constitutional rights, and yes, resposibilities as well.

    Canadian Liberty is a misleading name. As in the story above, most of the things on this site seem to be more pro Harper than pro Liberty, that’s my opinion anyway.

    • How is imposing sex education against the wishes of many parents “liberty”? It’s not. Did parents have input? No. Do any of us have input to UNESCO policies? Does UNESCO espouse a libertarian ideology? No, it does not. Does McGuinty? Do these elites listen to libertarian opinions? No. They live off the system of taxes and controls and fiat currency and imposed debt. Liberty-minded people are not listened to at all by those who run things. People need to protect their children. You don’t protect them by putting them at the mercy of a socialist government-controlled UNESCO dominated education system. How am I forcing moral beliefs by expressing them? Stop supporting forced public education. Morality is just about natural protection of rights and the person standing up for themselves and their children. Protect your rights. Protect your children from totalitarian ideologies. There’s hardly anything on this site that’s pro Harper. Who do you think Harper works for anyway? You see, that’s the left-right paradigm fooling you. I’m not religious, I don’t follow any dogma about religion, I used to. Religion often adds a layer of confusion. But many people understand the world through different religious or cultural lenses, and maybe it helps them get a grasp on some things faster than those who are secular. I don’t think I’m “conservative”. Morality is for protection. There is a natural order of right and wrong that people need to start getting in touch with before all sense of individual identity is destroyed by organizations over which we have no input, such as Julian Huxley’s UNESCO. Who do you think is crushing religious people all over the world? Neo-cons and “liberals”. Both. Demolishing Middle Eastern countries like there’s no tomorrow. What’s “conservative” about that? They are a globalist power ideology like the “liberal” version, and they just play the religious people like dupes. Why wouldn’t they do the same thing to other types of religious groups that they’re doing to the Muslims nations? What goes around comes around. People have a right to religious beliefs and to their own cultures and values. That’s freedom too. Same in Ontario. Same in the rest of the world. If people don’t stand up for their own right to educate their children and their own natural sense of values and protect their children and themselves, then there will never be any liberty, and no future, because people will just be reduced to drugged up indoctrinated propagandized cogs in a wheel. You do not let strangers teach your children about sex. You do not let them eat all the crap that is produced because somehow international corporations have the “liberty” to produce toxic crap. You do not stay ignorant about population control policies which are reality, and this site proves it. I have the statement by Justice Ginsberg on the site, and that’s one small piece of evidence. The UNESCO polices are about getting to the children as young as possible so that they don’t have families. And the premier just gets it handed to him. And that’s who runs things. So where’s this “liberty”? It’s just a hope and a prayer. It’s an ideal that we will never experience as long as people are indulging in their bread and circuses and it’s business as usual with the porn channels and sports/movies channels going full steam. Business as usual is no future, no liberty – ever. We are living in a surveillance state where families are now scanned – so men, women and children are reduced to naked images. This is the future. The “left” kills as many people in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It isn’t stopping the body scanning. It isn’t stopping the surveillance state. And you’re going to let these people decide sex education? And there is no hope of it until people wake up to these realities. There is right and wrong. There is privacy. There is personal integrity. Don’t let the government decide these things. These prejudices about religion / no religion and left / right are just false paradigms that hide what’s really going on.

  2. To answer your skepticism more specifically about this false reality that’s created by the controlled media so that we don’t understand even the basics goals of the corporatocracy, this agenda has gone on all our lives and governments are constantly introducing legislation in order to control our speech about cultural changes.

    UNESCO report from 2009 and International Planned Parenthood Foundation propaganda from 2011

    Much more is collected here, including documentaries on Kinsey and research by Judith Reisman and some of my comments on more recent gender-related legislation in Canada concerning gender:

    Kinsey was funded by the big foundations who alter social and legal norms on behalf of the big bankers. Why? In order to break down the values that prevented the creation of a uniform totalitarian slave system (which is what was created in the Soviet Union as a temporary phase – created and propped up by the same elites – search Antony C. Sutton). The New World Order was announced when the Berlin Wall came down and the two systems were merged (search Norman Dodd, Reece Committee on the foundations).

    There are some incredible quotes by others in the documentary “The Net” about the unabomber, LSD etc, and the plans to create a global society: See https://canadianliberty.com/?p=13273

  3. So here we are, Spring of ’22, 10+ years and look at how we’ve evolved, eh?

    The vile, Progressive LEFT has been marching its agenda along for over a decade.

    The Global Reset and Build Back Better with the WEF is well underway.

    Sex ed and those concerns we had, when we told them to stop teaching this perversion to our children?

    They didn’t give no _ _ _ _ s about this and our concerns, they just kept’a steam rollin’ on.

    Now were turning our kids into trannies, puberty blockers and they’re telling us it’s the right of our children to make this decision on their own.

    And look at the mess we’re in now!

    But we’re starting to push back, waking up, finally.


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