Updated: August 1, 2022
May 2020: Times are very serious. I have started adding links again based on shared, common interests and concerns, focusing on the more immediate topics. I expect there to be a lot of online attacks on “alternative” views due to the same powerful monopoly interests. I am just trying to post the ones I have some familiarity with. You are welcome to recommend links, articles and videos. Please report suggestions below or problems with links. Thank you.

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Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

One of my COVID summaries, others on home page.

Possibilities for COVID Legal Assistance

Primal Edge Health. Also on YouTube and Rokfin

General Topics, Para-politics, COVID, Health/Nutrition/Survival

For Official Information on Vaccines and Other Health-Related Issues, see Resources.

Additional Canadian Freedom/Truth Groups

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Canadian COVID Care Alliance
New Blue Party of Ontario
People’s Party of Canada
Ontario Civil Liberties Association
Canadian Frontline Nurses
HugsOverMasks.ca (Facebook group)
Appel à la liberté / Action Citoyenne Pacifique
Police on Guard for Thee: “We are a group of active duty and retired police officers who have assembled to create a haven of truth and justice for all members.”
Perth Public Sanity: for Perth County, Ontario (including Stratford)
Overpasses for Canada
Chris Sky

If you are like-minded and are serious about networking with others for mutual support, please contact me personally and I can try to get you in touch with someone if possible. Certain groups are not public.

Note: I have concerns about false opposition, possibly false dialectics (intentional or not) about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, for example, and I’m unsure about some alternative ideas concerning Common Law–based on expert opinions I have heard.

I take principles more seriously than laws and Charters. I understand “natural” principles and I think that’s how we reason about laws. Laws can be very wrong, and some of them can be very old and wrong–or very new and wrong–because they’re based on the will to power and not principle.

I also know that the political system, in Canada for example, is not in the hands of the public as it should be, so I don’t overestimate its value. I think the political system can be used positively but it depends on the public being better informed, which is a more important focus.

Political pressure could be brought to bear on the problematic Oath required to sit in Parliament and provincial legislatures. This illustrates how big the gap is between the changes we need and our present situation in which many are not aware of the basic problems.

I try to link to different kinds of groups and make friends with all sorts, I listen to other arguments, I maintain my preferences. We want to look for common ground and unite, not divide.

I think the global agenda has been to break down the current nation states and undermine local sovereignty–to break down the walls of our fortresses–nation states, religions, families–which is the post-World War II agenda described by globalists like Julian Huxley.

I think we are headed in the direction of having to live in parallel societies, but in the meantime we should try to convince those who can heal the system and possibly make it work for all of us. We need to grow in numbers and keep working for common ground with as many Canadians as possible and with everyone we can internationally.


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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a lawyer to proceed legal action against WestJet for dining my religion exemption, the same exemption that was approved by ViaRail. Any volunteers will be greatly appreciated.


  2. The don’t you dare site is only an American U.S. site with U.S. information. Is there a Canadian version of this site? To whom should we send the letter they have? And the letter is geared to the American decision. It starts as follows:

    The International Health Regulations (IHR) was adopted by 194 member states of the
    World Health Organization (WHO) in 2005. They enable the WHO to declare a Public
    Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) if it decides that an infectious
    disease outbreak has occurred in a member state, but with the consent of the
    member state. The World Council for Health (WCH) acknowledges this aspect of the
    current regulations because it recognizes the sovereignty of nations that adopted the
    IHR. But that is about to change.
    On January 18th 2022, the United States Department of Health and Human Services
    proposed amendments to the IHR. These amendments give control over the
    declaration of a public health emergency in any member state to the WHO DirectorGeneral – even over the objection of the member state. The Director-General
    communicated the text of the proposed amendments on 20 January 2022, via a
    circular letter to State Parties.

    Has anyone in the Canadian Government made such actions?
    Do we just send this letter to the Who and our mp?


    • I think you should combine those facts about the US with this message urging your Canadian Member of Parliament to oppose the government’s signing of the Pandemic Treaty: https://www.votervoice.net/LifesiteNewsCA/Campaigns/95331/Respond I think that link is very good. When the government signs a treaty, it’s committing to changing domestic laws, so I would think someone would probably have those changes drafted already and ready to go. If I see other relevant points, I will add them. Whatever happens, whatever stage we reach, people need to challenge everything and educate others so that more people understand the situation. It’s a big agenda that they are set on and even though it is a lunatic end goal they have in mind, it will take a lot to make them back down. They with the major parties under their control for the most part have introduced many destructive changes to our society and have been training us gradually to accept dictatorial measures for a long time.

    • Adding to my first reply, this might help readers, there are two processes which you probably are aware of already: #1 The Pandemic Treaty is still to come. #2 Proposed changes to the International Health Regulations. Today, people are saying that these changes to the IHR have been put on the back-burner. It’s good to keep an eye on both of these and whatever else they have up their sleeves. And to educate the public as well as officials about what is being done to them on all fronts.

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