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The integration of Canada into a U.S. dominated North American Security Perimeter — 4 Comments

  1. Why is not anything being done by your and any other like organizations to put pressure on the Government on issues of freedom and soverienty for this country? I have personnally contacted my MP and the PM on the TPP and other issues but hear nothing else from organized groups such as yourself in the media or other venues. What currently is being done by your group to get the message out to the masses? Time has run out and action is now primary to stem the tide of out-of-control government. Can you spearhead any type of grass roots movement to galvinize the people of Canada to resist and revolt against this type of tyranny? Global takeover by the banksters is imenent and we as a people must be educated and therefore be ready to fight back against this assault on our values and freedom. PM Harper is evidently a globalist and had proven that by his recent address to the CFR and his continued involvment in the TPP, the EU free trade agreement and other secretive deals being conducted behind closed door, which are all designed by the corporatist to take away our freedoms. Revolution is crucial and leadership from established groups like yours is necessary at this crucial time. If you are looking for funding, start showing the course of action you are willing to take with the funds provided before asking for them. Talk is very cheap and you need to step up to the plate and take a stand before people are willing to donate. Thank you for your forum and God speed,

  2. Hi Craig, I appreciate the fact that you’re calling for action from Canadians.

    But I think you’re just misunderstanding me. In earlier posts a some years ago, I was part of a political party (most members didn’t know enough to oppose globalism), so you’re mixing me up with an organized group. I’m just an individual who is sharing information, and I ask people to help me out a little the same way people are constantly sending streams of their money to the mainstream media propaganda outlets such as satellite TV and cable and government. Alternative media just needs funding, but more and more people expect everything to be for free on the Internet.

    I attempted to hold meetups, but there is no group. There are individuals here and there who are knowledgeable and active in their own lives and sometimes in their community.

    And anyway, maybe we’re not at that stage yet perhaps where there can be enough agreement for real organization. Maybe there doesn’t need to be organizations as such. It is very important that people act. They should act individually based on their knowledge and belief and think of something they should do–how they spend their money for example and what they fund–and share their info with others. If they have natural leadership abilities, they may have some success in getting people to follow their lead.

    People are divided over left and right for example. Groups are infiltrated it seems quite easily also. People are very divided however because of the various forms of warfare–propaganda and cultural bombardments assaulting everyone–dividing generations even and splitting up families.

    So you have some great ideas, and you should go out there yourself and speak up for what you understand. Because individuals can think for themselves. Groups can’t. They’re always waiting for someone else and they’re led here and there, to and fro. So go ahead please and keep doing what you’re doing. If you can explain it to others, and still get along with them, and they’ll listen to you, that’s great.

    This is just my website. When I use the word “we” in the slogan at the top, I’m sure I’m just trying to speak for others who I know happen to feel the same way, but there’s no organization. I just used to be active in politics, and I’m trying to put more effort into my website lately.

    • Thanks for your reply, Alan. I am new to this site and mistook your comment as being from the “Canadian Liberty” site. I, like yourself, continue to tell anyone who will listen about the information I have obtained regarding world events and the actual forces behind them. Thank you for you input and trust you will continue doing this as well. It is refreshing to see others who are aware of the truth and are spreading it to others. Again, sorry for the confusion on who you are.

  3. Craig, just to clarify. I’m the one who posted these quotes (from a globalresearch.ca article about political integration) because “Canadian Liberty” is my personal website. There is no organization other than the fact that I used to be active in a small political party a few years back. I put my own views up, and the information I learn. Let me know if you have other concerns about my site. I totally agree that I haven’t done enough to put out information. My attitude is that people pay for their daily newspaper, which is put out by the establishment working for the New World Order (covering up Agenda 21), so why shouldn’t they pay a few pennies for alternative articles they find useful? So that’s what I suggest to readers.

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