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Thoughts on anti-carbon tax movement – what the message should be — 2 Comments

  1. (edited my first comment) That’s a great idea. A general strike against carbon taxes is an excellent idea to promote, and as part of the promotion, think about what intermediary steps might lead to the conditions for a general strike, and then what we can do step by step becomes real and practical, so a petition to the provincial legislature which passed the carbon tax, keep it simple “repeal the law” so the maximum number agrees. Meanwhile explain how people will suffer loss of standard of living (and freedom), and other issues can be brought up, but if people find ways to speak out, formal ways, to officials, journalists, government officals, corporate officials, they may feel more and more empowered, instead of just using Internet only, and it might take off as a movement. Otherwise, right now, it’s people are up against a seemingly all-powerful religious-like belief system and are intimidated by how all the institutions and large percentages of the public seem to be on board with it even if they themselves feel skeptical. Corporations (media just example) are actively involved in the same propaganda, so contacting them and trying to start boycotts of those corporations are another factor. A lot is at stake, even what food we are allowed to eat, so there are a lot of motivating factors.

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