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  1. I enjoyed your lecture to Jan Irvin regarding The Trivium Method. I could see distinctly, when you are speaking there are no contradictions in reality; that you can sense if a person is accepting what you are teaching. If you must be on the same page, you must get input on their contradiction that reveals a “disentangled feeling” of some sort and ask for the reason it is there. In order to proceed, you have to get on the same page again, otherwise to proceed is useless. Same in leading a person to Christ.

    I have a question Gene. Do you think a woman can lead a man to Christ, or is it simply something he must come to on his own? Guess I answered that myself. Good lecture.

    Sounds like a cardinal has been continuing the study and presentations with you. I loved at the beginning (which is where I recognized the apostalate) “I was raised Catholic, so I didn’t have to read the Bible”; as children we don’t know, but as we mature; recognition is there.

    Your sister in Christ,
    Janet Oh, you only touched on a few of the fallacies; can you send me a copy of the card you carry in your wallet. I hope to listen to the next one soon!

    • Janet, I’m just linking to a page on the GnosticMedia.com site. If you click again on the above link, probably there is a way to find contact info for the guest Gene Odening and there is more info available on their site on the Trivium and fallacies.

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