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Who Rules Canada? Privy Council Oath of service and secrecy — 3 Comments

  1. Alan Mercer,
    To begin with, I agree completely with your “Who Rules Canada?” statement, it is correct, and indisputable, but try to convince a Canadian, who was brainwashed in Canada’s compulsory education system, that what he believes is not the way it really is, and you have your work cut out for you. As children, living in a Monarchic Dominion, we were trained to see that situation as being democracy, and ourselves, as a “free and democratic society”. The quoted words are part of the 1982 Charter, and are linked to its granting of limited rights and freedoms, among which is the right to vote. Most ordinary working class Canadians, stand convinced and ready to defend, the right to vote, as being proof that Canada is a democratic country. Their basic grade school training has them believing, that they are being represented by the people they elect, when just as you have so clearly pointed out, elected politicians serve ONLY the monarch, and her system, which of course is an arms length dictatorship, managed by her sworn Agents in her Canadian realm. I was explain to a friend, that the situation is similar to Large Corporation, whose owner lives abroad, and has hired a local CEO, to manage the affairs of his company. Canada is basically a royal family business venture, its Prime Ministers hired CEOs, its Premiers branch managers, the MPs & MLAs, office managers, and observers. All of them owned outright by the Crown. Yet, the ordinary Canadian is oblivious to his captivity and exploitation, because his thinking was altered by an imperial master culture, for exactly that purpose.

    I tell you true, if my pension was such, that I could donate to your (our) cause, I would do so, but as it is, I just scrape by. Take Care though! Jean

    • Thanks for the kind words! That’s well put, Jean.

      I tend to think there is some hope. Maybe there are enough people out there to make a difference, who are capable of waking up from their false indoctrination if we can put more effort into nudging them along. They should notice the contradictions and pay attention to the facts that don’t fit with the dogma. When I was at high school, we were discussing the Constitution. I noticed the contradiction about the Queen when the teacher had to deal with the question about whether her position has real power or is just symbolic without power. There is constant double-think. I shrugged it off at the time.

  2. The Queens power is real and she is no symbolic relic. The shores of Canada were laid claim to by the French side of the Royal Family before British/French war in Europe, The British won that war and the French king ceded the claim to the British king. Those land claims were blanket claims covering entire continents, limited only by armies superior to the claim maker. The boundaries we see today were established by negotiations between heads of armies as a means of avoiding the costs of war. That is how Canada became what it is, and the British Queen is head of state for Canada, it is extended British Royal Family, who actually owns the land claim which fell to their ancestor as spoils of war (to the victor goes the spoils 100%), and with the Royals it is both supremacy and property that gets passed down, and inherited, by the Family, where it stays. That is why the Queen of her own will cannot sell, or give away, the lands she reigns over, she doesn’t own the land herself, the Family does, and its holding company is the Crown. It is said, that the Crown holds the Crown land “in Right of Canada”, but since the Canadian People do not own Canada, and the British Royal Family does own it, it seems to me, that we the people are in fact landless serfs. Certainly we can never own even the lands we inhabit, because we inhabit them fee simple, meaning we rent them from the Crown, that is why on our land title papers, we are named as “Tenants”, fail to pay the rent, and you get evicted, the land goes back to the Crown. In a modern world, these feudalistic ideals should no longer exist, but they do, and I believe that no one is fighting it, because their childhood mental conditioning was so well carried out, that they unable to see through the delusion. Cognitive Dissonance!

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