February 28, 2021:

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May 7, 2020:

I think networking with like-minded people for mutual practical support and encouragement is very important at this time.

These are serious times and we are trying to hold on to values that are at odds with the dominant powers. I think we are living day to day and month to month in terms of what resources and freedoms we have access to. I will continue to publish steadily and share information as efficiently as I can. There is an endless supply of relevant books and documents, and I want to share what I learn with as many people as possible. I like to ground what I say in reality and accuracy, using official or mainstream documents and authors. I also like to tie together the bigger picture, make connections and interpret events. I am willing to assist people with research and with communications strategies, so that we can help each other build a different vision of this world that is rooted in our natural and spiritual identity as human beings.


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  1. Hello,
    I did not know your site existed! I have been following this Gates, Fauci COVID Plandemic. I noticed you have links to many sites that are great sources of info. Do you follow Del Bigtree at Highwire, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Ty & Charlene Boolinger at truthaboutvaccinesttav
    I will keep in touch.jan

  2. I’m not so familiar with Del Bigtree or with the Boolingers. Please recommend videos or articles which impressed you, for anyone else too. I just want to start posting links.

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