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May 29, 2021

Let’s reason together. Open to dialogue with readers

May 8, 2020

We are not your herd. We are not animals.

I am currently on Twitter: @CdnLiberty and Facebook.

I am a proud Canadian. I admire what is best about Canadians–their decency, good will, their resilience. It is incredible to live in such a country surrounded by a vast wilderness with endless resources and a long-held tradition of respect for fundamental rights and freedoms.

I grew up mostly in Canada, but originally I came from Northern Ireland–which has, to put it very simply, a very idealistic culture–and I know what I mean by that. Idealism can be good and it can also be naive. But naive is the way many of us have to start out. So I took a strong interest in religion and I have had a lot of exposure to different versions of Christianity.

When I became unstuck from what I considered a cult, I became more interested in political ideology. When I saw our rights and freedoms under attack in the years following 9/11 and I saw that some people in power were proud to abuse people overseas, I used my interest in libertarianism and found an outlet for expressing my ideals and my naturally-felt traditional beliefs as a Libertarian Party organizer and candidate on multiple occasions. I have met a lot of good, idealistic people.

However, at a certain point, after being exposed to alternative views for long enough, I realized that most of the world is subject to a system very analogous to “membership” in a very large cult–in which many (or most) people have to endure an awful lot of unnecessary one-way, authoritarian indoctrination, contradictory messages, unverified claims, outright lies, brow-beating emotional manipulation, exploitation, toxicity of all kinds, abuse and trauma–in varying degrees. There are people who will immediately respond to that type of claim and deny it–but maybe they should pay more attention to what’s going on around them.

I have learned a lot about the actual public-private system we live under and I keep learning, and I have been trying to share what I have learned and even what I know instinctively, because I realized that the truth is not just “out there” and discoverable by us. Our ability to realize the truth is present in us–in our minds and bodies–accessible to us–but it’s usually beaten down and buried under a type of scar tissue.

And so we find ourselves at a climax in the spring of 2020 with this COVID-19 emergence of the dominant oligarchy’s agenda for all of us–and they say as much in their own words repeatedly. So it’s time for all of us–as many as possible–to fully wake up to who and what we really are.

May 7, 2020:

I think networking with like-minded people for mutual practical support and encouragement is very important at this time.

These are serious times and we are trying to hold on to values that are at odds with the dominant powers. I think we are living day to day and month to month in terms of what resources and freedoms we have access to. I will continue to publish steadily and share information as efficiently as I can. There is an endless supply of relevant books and documents, and I want to share what I learn with as many people as possible. I like to ground what I say in reality and accuracy, using official or mainstream documents and authors. I also like to tie together the bigger picture, make connections and interpret events. I am willing to assist people with research and with communications strategies, so that we can help each other build a different vision of this world that is rooted in our natural and spiritual identity as human beings.

Value for value: If you appreciate the information provided and have the means, please support this project.

To contact me, go here.

From November, 2019:
Wake Up. Grow Up. Stand Up.

I am putting more focused time and effort into this project. My goals are:

  1. Publishing critical, factual information in more useful formats and posting more information. See E-books page.
  2. Providing analysis of books and other media relating to key authors and topics.
  3. Communicating opinions grounded in a value system that supports human life–as shared with others case by case–on specific concerns–to governments, corporations and everyone else–via official channels and not just on the Internet–and encouraging others to do the same.
  4. Making sure the information is spread off line whether or not the Internet becomes more censored and controlled. This is a simple idea–for more on this, see the E-books page.

Background information on myself and explanation for what the overall long-term campaign and value system is all about: Brave New World Resistance and
BNW Resistance #2 – the features of Brave New World

Events, Interviews & Research: I used to be involved in politics as a candidate and organizer, so I have experience in public speaking, interviews and media communications. If there are topics you want me to address, you are welcome to contact me.

Support: Always appreciated. Value for value. Details here.

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