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One of my goals is to show that we live in a socially engineered Brave New World, but I’m not content to live in such a world. We all live with the results–the suffering and confusion–whether we realize it or not. is a new effort to express my thoughts, which began with and was my original site where I discussed my cult involvement and religious concerns as well as world events and political concerns about war and liberty. The second website, at first had to do with explaining political principles and issues, but then it expanded into an effort to document the ruling oligarchy’s efforts to engineer this world through propaganda and other methods.

For now, the older websites are separate from the new one and I plan to preserve them intact if possible. Much of the older material is valuable, so I plan to reformat older material from those sites and incorporate it.

With this new project, the principles stay the same for the most part, although I may understand and express them differently. These are just standard moral concepts which I believe are shared to a large extent by most people. They relate to having respect for other human beings and for ourselves.

The slogan of was an effort to clearly express what I still feel and believe:

We don’t want your lies, your wars, your torture, your Big Brother, your Brave New World. We want our rights, our privacy, our freedom.

On the other hand, I feel that it is better to make a symbolic break with past efforts and push ahead with a more mature understanding.

The older websites contain some political content which, arguably originates with efforts at “false opposition.” I hope to discuss that topic if I can collect more information about it. I’m not planning on making generalizations about alternative researchers and movements as “false opposition” unless I have relevant information and good arguments.

If a broadcaster has a personality I dislike, that doesn’t make them a “bad guy.” If a writer has religious beliefs different from mine, that certainly doesn’t make them a bad guy. If a speaker avoids certain topics, it doesn’t prove they are a bad guy, because, in many countries, like mine–maybe most countries–there are laws that try to discourage discussion about many important topics.

Putting out flawed information is inevitable, especially if our beliefs are biasing us or because we have been lied to like everyone else. The writer should provide citations and sources. He or she should always test information and evaluate its source also. Both the writer and reader should try to do this. We should also be watching out for contradictions and logical fallacies. Pointing these out can also be very useful. The goal is to sift out the valid from the invalid.

In order to learn what is really going on in the world, we need to go beyond the comfort zone of the particular belief system and propaganda niche laid out for us, whether it is mainstream or alternative. We need to learn from those we disagree with, and especially from the individuals and organizations who are directing our society. Good is usually mixed with bad, so we need to look at the information from these sources carefully and objectively and think for ourselves, exercising our own judgment.

In any case, I’m drawing a line with the older websites in order to express my current understanding more clearly. For one thing, I don’t want readers to misunderstand and be put off by too many biased references to political labels and ideologies. I believe that ideologies are often designed to divide us (based on legitimate ideals but modified).

New articles will be going directly to, the Power and Reality Journal and into e-books hopefully. New material may include topics related to social engineering, literature, current events, politics, religion, history, philosophy and anything of interest and relevance.

I am going to do my best to include summaries listing critical facts and evidence so that readers can more easily digest the information and distribute it to others.

I plan to edit as much fluff as I can out of my writing. The more often I sit down to write, the more readable the articles should be. Also, the opinion-making (hopefully well-argued) needs to be in balance with the essential facts that readers need.

There is a lot of information to share, and that is why I am making a commitment to readers that I will put in a regular and consistent effort.

Getting back to the subject of ideology, I am no longer interested in focusing so much on presenting a set of ideals which may be skewed towards unreality, and which, in effect, amounts to talking about an idealized future that is never going to happen. That idealistic future is not where the world is headed at present. I am mainly interested in how we might apply realistic ideals-—moral principles–to the world we are living in now. The future that we imagine is just fantasy unless there are steps we ourselves can take in the present to create that future. The present is reality. The rights that we have inherently we have now inherently and these need to be defended in the present. Our lives and principles matter now while we still have conscious existence. The rights violations matter now. The devaluing of human life matters now. The suffering and tyranny that looms over us matters now. The future we want—and wait for–never comes. The more likely “future” is the one being planned and worked on now by those in power unless we change the circumstances now in the present. Hence the website name is “POWER and REALITY.”

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