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  1. I am interested in your point of view. I agree with you on many points (freedome from religion is tops). I see many things you are against here… and many I see as unavoidable. If you trash the whole system of how we live currently in Canada (and I’m not sure that that is your aim; please advise), what would you erect in its place? I presume that you are for the social safety net that government (supposedly) provides… healthcare, unemployment insurance, etcetera. We need taxes for those things… (although it is our solemn duty to pay as little as possible) unless, as in the old days, private organisations step up to provide, as fewer and fewer are doing… at least where the gov has already taken over. Maybe some of the things you list as “fears” are legitimate fears. I see the flaws in the system, but cannot think of a better one; only ways to improve this one(accountability comes to mind).
    As in the case of war, it seems that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t in the West. There is a public outcry over Afghanistan, yet also one that we stood by while atrocities were committed in Rwanda and Darfur.
    Anyway, I would be interested to hear what you stand for as well as what you oppose.

    • Thanks very much for your comments.

      We need to look to voluntary solutions to problems. The type of society I would want to have is one where people chip in to help voluntarily, and they never leave it to organizations like governments or “official” groups (which we often perceive as “higher” and more expert than ourselves – which is all a scam). They don’t leave important things like justice to someone else, they participate in what they should participate in, in what they are responsible for. Individuals taking responsibility for their own lives and the decisions that are made and not interfering in others’ lives.

      The kind of society we are part of – we don’t have a say in it. If you try to change it, you’ll find you can’t unless you tackle it at the root and find many others who agree with you. Challenge every assertion that governments make. We’re fooling ourselves and being fooled all the time. We need to shake people out of their acceptance of things as they are. It’s an elite that is in charge of things and it’s an elite club that is always seeking consensus, and their consensus is overwhelming, their propaganda is overwhelming. People really need to start questioning the whole thing and challenging the whole thing. The whole thing.

      As far as wars, the people who decide what wars to fight know exactly who they can dupe into sending overseas – young people. Older people don’t go to wars. When a war is fought, the excuses are given – “humanitarian” ones in the case of Darfur – and then strangers who you don’t know will be sent over to follow orders from generals you don’t know and who you don’t give orders to, working for international alliances and treaties you’re not even aware of, but you pay for those people against your will (taxation), and they will – guaranteed – commit atrocities just like the locals are accused of. But they will be painted as saints by the controlled media, and they will certainly not know what is really going on and what all the tribal conflicts are about, and they will try to deprive the locals of their responsibilities to govern themselves and make peace with each other. And then the corporations will go in and take the oil and other resources and advantages while the country is being occupied, and the international ngos’ will standardize the system to make it conform to the U.N. / U.S. system so that every culture will be the same and wealth and resources will be redistributed under a world socialist regime run by a wealthy few (real socialism). This is the pattern.

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