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Cities, World Government, UN Agenda 21: Beyond City Limits The age of nations is over. The new urban age has begun.

Domes: “Experts Say Houston Dome May Help Environment” (huliq.com) – June 9, 2009.

Deindustrialization, Cities: Requiem for Detroit – Summary “dystopic post-industrial city, in which 40 per cent of the land in the centre is returning to prairie”

Law and Disorder in Johannesburg – Summary of video – “Louis Theroux travels to Johannesburg, where the residents find themselves increasingly besieged by crime. Despairing of the capability of the police and the courts to protect them, many have turned to an industry of private security…”

“New York gives homeless people a one-way ticket to leave city” by Matthew Weaver (guardian.co.uk) – July 29, 2009.

New Ghost Cities of China–Waiting for World Elites Perhaps?

The UN, Agenda 21, Millennium Project, Megacities and China

Detroit–Incentives to Move Residents into Compact Cities

Cities: Told You So—Cities to be Redesigned in order to Stuff More People In

–Megacities on the Move – Forum for the Future Think-Tank

Russia Plans to Move Populations into Large Cities (Agenda 21–Sustainable Development)

Communitarianism–Back to Feudalism, Mayors of “Super-Cities” and Britain is the Flagship as Always for the World to Follow

UN, Agenda 21: Un Agendas Implemented City by City

Denver-Bicycling Agenda Turning Cities Over to UN Control

UN Propaganda Applauds Megacities and less Rural Dwellers

UN State of World Cities report

Detroit to be Shrunk

Megapoli-The Groups which Will Run Your Life in Supercities

“US cities may have to be bulldozed in order to survive” by Tom Leonard (telegraph.co.uk) – June 12, 2009.

From Rural to Cities: “Rethinking the Country Life as Energy Costs Rise” by Peter S. Goodman (at democraticunderground.com) – June 25, 2008.

“Americans migrate back to the cities” by Tom Leonard (telegraph.co.uk) – June 20, 2008.

Planned Society: UN Model City, Portland Closes 7yr. old’s Lemonade Stand—Needs Licence

“The Case for a Domed City” [Original Manhattan Dome Proposal] by R. Buckminster Fuller (waltlockley.com at web.archive.org) – Sept 26, 1965.

UN “Habitat” for Sustainable Development on Increasing Urbanization Problems

Urbanization, Moving People out of the Country: Victoria, Australia–Royal Commission Recommends Depopulation of Fire Risk Areas

Detroit to Shrink-Urban Areas to be Demolished and Agenda 21 Followed

“Agenda 21” Document [PDF File] (United Nations).

“Rural Mich. counties turn failing roads to gravel” (wwmt.com) – June 12, 2009.

End of the Road–Towns Rip Up the Pavement Rather than Maintain Roads


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