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Soft Power, Colour Revolutions

Also see: War, Imperialism

Protests, Twitter, Memes and Economy

Syria Targeted–Change is Coming–NGOs

British Citizens Stranded in Libya

Wife of Tunisian President Flees Country with 1.5 Tonnes of Gold

Another “Colour” Revolution–Libya

Poland Warns Belarus that Government Funded NGOs will Agitate from Within Unless Demands are Met–Uses Egypt as Example

Imperialism, Soft Power: Polish Prime Minister and EU Parliament Fund NGOs to Instigate From Within Belarus, Warning the Head of the Country that the Same Thing that NGOs Did in Egypt and Tunis Will Happen There (Massively Funded) – More

Change Coming to Egypt–from The Economist, July 2010

US Sizes Up ELBaradei

Brzezinski on Egypt

Egypt told “Change Coming”

Who is Saying “Change is Coming to Egypt?–the NGO Crisis International

US sends Troops to Egypt to Protect Egypt/ Israel Peace Treaty

Israel Watches Egypt

More on Egypt

Soft Power: Colour Revolutions and Modern Youth Comintern

“Color Revolutions, Old and New” by Stephen Lendman (globalresearch.ca) – July 1, 2009.

Video: “Brzezinski lays out the roadmap for the CIA/NGO color revolution in Iran” (youtube.com).

Video: “Obama’s Puppet Master: Zbigniew Brzezinski” (youtube.com).

Brzezinski, Colour Revolution and Muslim Brotherhood


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