National Service, Youth Corps, Mandatory Service, Draft, “Volunteer” Service, Slave Labour

Also see: Communitarianism

Youth Corps, National Service: Britain–Cameron’s Masters Give Go-Ahead for Youth National Service

National Service, Forced Servitude, Draft: NY –Rangel Again to Introduce Draft Bill

National Service, Draft: “National Service Corps Bill Clears Senate Hurdle”

National Service, no political freedom: “SEC. 125. PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES AND INELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS.” March 18, 2009 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD–HOUSE H3607 [PDF File] (

National Service, no political freedom:“Announcement By the Acting Chair — (House of Representatives – March 18, 2009)” [Refer to link, Page: H3607, for “PROHIBITED ACTIVITIES AND INELIGIBLE ORGANIZATIONS”] (

“H.R.1388 Title: To reauthorize and reform the national service laws.” (

National Service Bill UK

Youth Corps, National Service: Britain–Cameron’s Masters Give Go-Ahead for Youth National Service

“Man with Fat Paycheck has got a Nerve Asking You to Serve” (Obama’s Email to the Nation Requiring Volunteerism).

“ / Corporation for National and Community Service” (

“City Year corps” (

“City Year South Africa” (

National Service: “Every youngster to carry out 50 hours community service by age 19″ by Robert Winnett ( – April 23, 2009.

National Service: “PM plans to compel community work” ( – April 12, 2009.

“House Passes Volunteerism Bill Critics Call Pricey, Forced Service” by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos ( – March 18, 2009.

“S.3487 – Serve America Act – A bill to amend the National and Community Service Act of 1990 to expand and improve opportunities for service, and for other purposes.” U.S. Congress (

“Time for national citizenship service?” (

“Youth called to serve – Justin Trudeau’s proposal has fans across the spectrum” by James Cowan, National Post – April 11, 2009.

“Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More” [Explorer-Scouts Train in Post-9/11 Law Enforcement Methods] ( – May 14, 2009.

“Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell” (

Working for Nothing: Salary Does not Matter– Volunteerism is Good

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