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Canadian woman suffers conviction for privacy

Judge convicts Saskatchewan woman who wouldn’t fill in long-form census, www.vancouversun.com, January 13, 2011

With the 2006 census, I remember that all I did was write a comment on the form that I disagreed with the census and its questions.

Sandra Finley has been convicted for following her principles and for taking the serious Gandhi-like tactic of civil disobedience.

Besides the issue of the military industrial complex contractor the government hired, she

“invoked the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, saying it protects citizens from being forced to turn over “a biographical core of personal information” to the state.”


“doesn’t feel Canadians should be forced to reveal personal information to the federal government, such as their ethnicity, sexual preference, occupation or other information.”

Absolutely. But the government (as an institution, regardless of party) thinks it needs that information for controlling, planning and taxing Canadian society – so that it can fund its war and pay its private bank debt, etc.

There’s even a paragraph at the end where they try a back-handed smear against some of her statements to dissuade people from admiring her for bravery and for her commitment of time and money in fighting this case.

It’s like other restrictions the “holy” government FORCES on people. If people started seeing human beings suffering in the face of government coercion and penalties, they might start seeing government as an oppressive – impoverishing – limiting – bully and stop enabling and making excuses for what it does.

Mandatory vs. voluntary – Canadian census controversy

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Industry Minister Tony Clement has taken the position that the long form census should be voluntary instead of mandatory.   I noticed the media and the rest of the establishment were all over Clement about this, frothing and howling.  This tells me all I need to know about them and who they work for.

It reminds me of how the U.S. government and tax-subsidized NGO’s were freaking out over the Conservative government refusing to force Canadians to fund foreign abortions.

I think the Conservatives might benefit from this by shoring up their activist base.   It looks like they are playing their outside-the-Establishment role in a very calculated way.   The Conservative party plays this symbolic right-left game very professionally, pretending to support pro-life or pro-liberty causes.

With this sort of skill, the Conservatives could help keep Canadians stuck in the right-left delusion forever, or just long enough to bring Canada into the next world war, the shutting down of the Internet, the final integration of North America, and possibly the introduction of a global energy tax of some kind.  Who knows?

Because of the pacifying effect of symbolism, the Conservatives could get away with some of these things more easily than the Liberals could.   Different parties can get away with certain globalist policies while pacifying different sections of the population.  That’s why the international bankers run more than one party.

To me, I know this issue is just a drop in the bucket and is probably meant to distract from the many enormous attacks on freedom we are going to be slammed with as we head deeper into the New World Order.

In any case, I think it’s great that somebody in the government seems to have a  small amount of conscience and seems to feel ashamed of imposing so much privacy invasion on the public.

But they should also feel shame for the continued war in Afghanistan, started by the Liberals, where so many civilians are being killed. They should also feel shame for spending so much of our money on the G20 summit, over a billion dollars, and for arresting hundreds of peaceful innocent people.  And for imposing body scanners.   And for not doing anything to end the other tyrannies that have been imposed on us, and the ones they are attempting to impose.

It’s troubling that so many people in the CBC online survey believe in the current system of government that they actually want to continue the time-honored cattle-herding feudal tradition of imposing a mandatory census.  The census implies feudal ownership of us and our property, just like William the Conqueror’s Domesday Book.

The ones who support this mandatory census are the dominant minority parasites – and control freaks -  who can’t stand the fact that the government might possibly not have complete and total information about everyone. They need to keep their fat bureacratic jobs, feeding off of everyone else’s taxes.  The census is their FOOT IN THE DOOR, just like the UN-NGO power structure has its foot in the door of every nation by bringing along its data-collecting pen and clipboard and pretending to want to help them “develop”.

The word “mandatory” is a disgusting word.  People should be ashamed to use it. Especially with so many being tortured and tasered worldwide, and with so many being subjected to airport body scanners and endless war.  “Mandatory” reeks of threats and violence.