Adverse reactions to shingles vaccine

People believe in the system, they believe that they’re being looked after, that they’re being cared for by the government and regulators and by the big pharma companies. But they should really not take anything for granted.

I’m concerned about my family members taking vaccines, because in my family I did observe two people recently who seemed to have reacted after taking the H1N1 vaccine in spite of my efforts at cautioning them. I wonder how many people have had that experience with the flu vaccines every year, and yet they make some excuse for what they see with their own eyes.

One of the reactions – if it was a reaction to the vaccine – was very serious and involved almost fainting and paralysis. And the other was a fever, which is serious enough. And yes, I know, people will rationalize and make excuses and say I can’t prove it. Exactly. I don’t know. You should read the ingredients. You should read the written warnings that come with vaccines. The data sheets are available, but you need to read them. I don’t know, but I don’t trust.

I have read the extremist views of those like John Holdren who claim to be “environmentalists” and are concerned about “sustainable development” and population. This is what the UN obsesses over. And I’ve quoted the extremist eugenics views of George Bernard Shaw about those who are not seen as useful to the economic system we live in. And over the last few decades, these policy makers have reduced the importance of human life below the level of the birds and fish. And I know that it’s really because the ruling class thinks that most people are taking up their space and their resources. So they’ve been destroying the old values with their media. And they’ve been generating suitable policies with their governments. In terms of eliminating property rights, in terms of controlling and managing “health care”, in terms of collecting data and in controlling as much of the details of our lives as they can get away with.

So I know there is no justification for trust at all. I know what I saw and I allow myself to make the connection – because making that connection is a survival instinct, it’s a protective instinct. Most people are living in a conditioned reality and they have dropped that survival instinct and replaced it with the television.

Now, I notice that the local community newspaper has an article where the shingles vaccine is being promoted, and I heard a terrible story about that, so I looked it up.

Here is a critical article.

It mentions VAERs, so I looked it up. The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has the reports of vaccine reactions here, and you can also report events at this site.

You can count the bad reactions to particular vaccines if you search for terms. From the CSV Vaers data file for 2010, number 376473, (PA), for example:

Information has been received from a physician concerning a more than 60 year old female patient who around 07-DEC-2009 or 08-DEC-2009 was vaccinated with a dose of ZOSTAVAX (Merck). The patient had not been feeling well since receiving the vaccine. she had been vomiting (length not known). The patient called the physician on 15-DEC-2009 and was suggested to go to the emergency department. At the time of the report, the patient had not recovered. Follow-up information has been received from an 84 year old female consumer with high blood pressure and allergic reaction to valium and a history of shingles who on 07-DEC-2009 was vaccinated with a dose of ZOSTAVAX (Merck). Concomitant therapy included blood pressure medication (unspecified) and antidepressant (unspecified). A few days later, “shortly after receiving the vaccine”, the patient felt like her body and internal organs were on fire. She stated her rectum and urinary tract felt like they were on fire. She was in a lot of agony and pain and she feels like gagging and is vomiting all the time. The patient woke up with what felt like “lightening bolts in her head”. She went to the Emergency Room to check for possible stroke. Unspecified laboratory diagnostic studies were performed to check if the patient had a stroke. The result showed that the patient did not have a stroke. The patient was hospitalized (dates not specified). She reported she has been in pain ever since. The patient could not sleep or eat. On 31-DEC-2009 the patient had a torn cartilage. Her physician would not operate because of her age. At the time of the report, the patient was being treated with PERCOCET. The patient stated several times that she wanted to commit suicide as well as stated that “she is in so much pain she wishes it would just go to her head so she could die.” The patient had an appointment with a pain management center on 04-JAN-2010. She was unable to talk any further because of vomiting. At the time of the report, the patient had not recovered. Additional information has b

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