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  1. I received the Shingle vacine on 2/26 and for the last two weeks I have had pains in my head, felt like I had lice, bugs on my body, tickling feeling. I am a diabetic. I’ve been to two DOC’s and they don’t know what I have. No rash yet. Wondering if any one else has had this after the Shingle vacine? Could it be due to that?

    • If you open this link, you can see the full report and search for different words. There are many reports in that file mentioning Zostavax. Click on this link, press the right mouse button, try saving it to your pc, and open the file with MS Excel (or even MS Notepad). The link is https://vaers.hhs.gov/data/vaersdatafiles/2010VAERSDATA.csv You could show this link or the file to your doctor or a friend or family member, and you can search through it to read the different reports.

    • Yes, adverse reaction to shingles vaccine.I had vaccine on 10/20/11……on 11/24, my head began itching and it felt like bugs crawling on my head & face; on 12/13, I had an attack of extreme burning/itching of my skin; almost went to hospital; the extreme burn/itch lasted for 4 hrs. The itch/burn went away for a while and now its back as of 1/28/12; I have been to three DRS and no one will diagnose shingles because there is no rash and the itching is all over, not limited to one side; I finally got some gabapentin for the itching/burning pain and it helps. No one will acknowledge that this could possible be an adverse reaction to the vaccine!

      • I would not assume the itching crawling sensation is from the Shingles vaccine. I have had that for about a month now but just took the shingles vaccine 2 days ago. There are several things that could cause this sensation of something crawling on the skin and an itch without a rash that seems to move around the body. Too much histamine in the body can do that also. If you have any kind of indoor outdoor allergies and are consuming foods that are high in histamine and several foods are this can cause that. I just found this out and have begun limiting as many of these foods as possible from my diet. So far the only reaction I have had to the shot is a normal one of some redness around the injection sight with some soreness where the shot was given. That shot should always be given in the back of the upper arm just under the skin at a slant. Not on top of the arm into the muscle.

      • i to had the same reaction to the vaccine..At different times I will get extreme itching on my scalp, like bugs crawling and biting, burning..Horrible..My health has declined since the Zostavax..don’t wish to get out of bed theses days as the burning along my spine and feet..I knew better than to get any shots..However a persistence nurse was telling me I should protect myself and her grandmother had the shot..A moment of weakness..I’m paying for that moment now for what life is allotted me..God bless..Hope you feel better..

        • I had Shingles vaccine March 2017 within days my head and back of neck started itching and now to different places on my torso. Could it be from vaccine I have an appt January to see an Alllergist.

        • I’ve had this burning along my spine also. Now pain in my eyeballs wondering if it’s from this shot. Ugh don’t know why I got this shot!

      • I had a shingles vaccine in May of 2012 and I now have a constant burning across my upper back. The only thing that will give me any relief is gabapentin or neurontin. If I walk out in the sun it causes it to start burning immediately. They say I have nerve damage.

    • my husband and I got the shingles shot on May 21,2014- the next day we both had diarrhea and extremely sore arms. My husband has had this diarrhea for 5 weeks now and is on an antibiotic…which so far hasn’t helped. Obviously there are side effects we are not being told about….but of course the drug companies are getting rich rich rich on our ignorance.

    • I had shingles vaccine. Broke out in sores on leg and arms in about a week. Painful and itched. Then this tingling feeling started. Felt like pins sticking throughout my body .Has been 5 months and some of the sores left scars I am having horrible feeling that wool is scratching me. Especially at night! I do not know if vaccine caused this but timing was interesting!

    • I’m beginning to believe I have what you have….. I had the first vaccine for Shingles almost a year ago and sometime after that I’ve had constant itching on my scalp… very painful. It has not gone away. And now I believe it was from that vaccine. And yesterday I find out I have Shingles on my arm and hand.

  2. People!!! Will you open up your eyes and ears and stop believing the perpetrators who are damaging our children for profit first. How anyone can continue to believe vaccines are pristine and safe is beyond belief. Your opinion is not science or proof. The vaccine court acknowledges vaccine damage. Check this site

  3. I am going for a 5 weeks vacation in Asia, (Philippines and Thailand) and in some point to go to resorts in this places. My travel doctor recommended a series of vaccines, among these includes E-Coli vaccines, Pneumovax for pneumonia, Typhoid vaccines, Dukoral tablets for Malaria and finally Zostavax vaccines for shingles. All other vaccines were good, I got no reaction with it, I resume work just as fine. Two months after i decided to go ahead with the zostavax vaccine as was recommended by the travel doctor. Received the shot and went home. I have delayed allergic reaction of roughly 3 days before all my symptoms surface, most prominent was the body itch, all over entire body and my head, It woke me up at night for severe itch and notice bumps on my scalp and reddened hives of various sizes all over my body,face, arms and legs.I feel bloated and my face turn puffy, The itch discomfort drove me nuts and so i booked an emergency check up with my travel doctor, He then stated it is very rare to have this reaction and recommended a Costicosteriod shot to counter attack the allergy reaction. I choose the option of just taking a mild anti- histamine which is the gravol, slow but helps to control the allergy and less toxic just to be in a safer side. The hives stay on for almost a week and left a dark spot.I hope they disappear or cleared before my actual vacation time. I just worried about the permanent skin scarring from the hives. Most prominent discomfort that i noticed since is the shooting headache that wokes you up in the morning.It occurs more now than usual and still going at the present time. My advised to other people before taking Zostavax vaccines is that, Think about it again and again and get a second opinion from other friends before making a decision. My experience scared me, It could have been worst. It’s a life lesson for me.

    • I had Shingles vaccine March 2017 within days my head and back of neck started itching and now to different places on my torso. Could it be from vaccine I have an appt January to see an Alllergist.

  4. I was at the pharmacy picking up RX’s when I ask about the sign about the shingles shot ( this was 5/2/2012) I told the pharmist that i had chronic shingles…and breakout every month or so…i ash her did she think it might lessen my breakout and she said it wouldnt hurt to try…so i hot the shot and as soon as I got home I had a feeling of extreme tiredness…at the site of the injection it swelled to the size of an egg and was so painful it would wake me up… I had to be out of work the next day… My arm was still swollen and I had such a horrible headache ( and I never have them) that I had to take a oxcodone that I had left from a surgery…this is the third day and my arm is still just as swollen and red…even the people I work with we’re freaked out about how swollen my arm is…going back to the pharmacy tomorrow and showy arm to the pharmist…and my heart has been racing and pain in my chest…maybe it’s from fear!!

    • I had shingle shot….arm swelled up double size, egg knot for ten days had to go to the hospital first then to orthopedic and was told tendiness and damage to muscle. It will take three months to one year to get over it. It has been two months already and I still have severe pain and swelling. My percocets do not touch the pain. I suggest not to have this shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I had had shingles and never wanted them again but this is almost worse.

      • Yes….my arm hurt so bad. I can’t pull the covers over my left shoulder. I noticed a severe pain each time I tried to put my jacket on. I thought it was just from cleaning the shower. Realized I use my right hand to wipe the showers down. Thought back as to when the pain began. In November after getting the shingles shot!!!!
        I would not recommend getting this shot. PAIN IS UNBEARABLE…muscle relaxers DON’T help!

  5. Are there any attorneys preparing for a class legal action, yet?? If so, please post a website & i will contact you.

    • My Mom almost died from the shingles vaccine. It has been a hell of a year. Although nobody really can say if it was the shingles that turned a healthy woman who had a blood disorder into a chaotic disaster. Platelets fell and she had a severe stroke. It is the Dr’s obligation to let her know she should not have taken this vaccine because she had a blood disorder. Nobody advised her. They just went ahead and gave it to her. It was the nurse practitioner not the Dr. She kept thinking she needed it because you are bombarded with itvon television. I don’t watch tv and will never get this garbage ever. We almost lost our Mom. She made a recovery miraculously but still suffering. It is a live vaccine and people with low immune systems should not take this drug. She had a low immune system due to a blood disorder.

  6. I was told by my doctor that I needed the singles vaccine, so I got one at my local pharmacy. I’m a nurse, but have always been leery of vaccines. Sure enough, about 2 wks. after the shot I started getting little itchy spots on both arms. At first, I thought they were mosquito bites. After examining them more closely, I realized they must be from the singles vaccine. Called the pharmicist and he said he never heard of my symptoms. Now, I am very nervous and not sure what to do.

    • I am responding to your msg about having a rash on your arms after getting the shingles shot. THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME!! I went back to the pharmacy and told him that I thought I was having a reaction to the vaccine and was told since it was not at the injection site, (and no one else has reported this type of reaction), it was just probably allergy and that I should take Benadryl. I had the shot on 4/17/16 and I am just getting rid of the rash (5/11/16). I HAD A BLISTERY, ITCHY, RASH, that looked a lot like poison ivy. These reactions need to be somehow documented

  7. I got the shingles vacine over a week ago. I have been sick every since .I had a lost of appatite for 6 days. I have this itch that is sometime unbearble on the back of my arm. I have tried everything and the itch keeps coming back. The pharmacist claims that he has never herad of anyone haveing a reaction from the vacine, I regrete that I got it. I feel better now but this itch keeps me awake at night, I just wish that I coud get rid of the itch

  8. I received the Shingles Vaccine on my physcian’s advise because I am turning 65,, for the first 24 hours there was nothing, but soon after I felt a hot sensation,, and a lump like feeling,, the shot was administered in an unusual place, not the forarm, but slightly underneath that,, as the hours went by, I felt very tired, and noticed a bright red infectious looking area the size of an apple, and then pink radiating out, this continued, until I felt it necessary after 48 hours of icing the area, and sleeping most of the time. The doctor in the emergency clinic, thought it was caused by a dirty needle, or not swabbing the area innoculated first,, but this was done……….. I was given some medicine to take for a week, I start it tonight,, sure hope this will clear up soon, its painful and itchy,, I was NOT warned of these set backs,, only that there might be some swelling,,,,,,

  9. I had the shingles shot last week due to my daughter getting shingles and a young girl who I was in contact with through work . After about three days I felt nauseous, and within hours broke out with itchy, red bumps on my neck, face, arms, upper chest, and upper back. The next day I was exhausted, and slept most of the day. I didn’t leave the house for four days since it was so noticeable. It has been 6 days, and although they are getting better, they are still there, and the site where the shot was given is a round black bruise with a white bump in the middle. I will call the pharmacist tomorrow to check on similar reactions she may have noted.

  10. My mother 91 years old with diabetes and high blood pressure had the shingles vaccine in february 2012. she got a rash afterwards. She read the info she received with the vaccine and it said a rash could be a side effect. She did not tell anyone and the rash got worse. The rash was on her trunk and no one noticed until she went to the cardiologist for a routine visit. At that time my sister was shocked to see she had blisters all over her body. After several drs (genl practicioner and dermatologists) could not diagnose it, she was sent to a specialist who diagnosed bullous pemphigoid. This is a blistering disease. My mother was hospitalized and is on mega cortisone plus anti rejection drugs. This has debilitated her greatly. She can no longer live at home due to the effects of the meds she is on. She is now in a nursing home.

    • My 69 year husband has been suffering from a rash for 18 mos. It started as a few on the arms and legs. The family doctor didn’t know what it was so he was sent to a dermatologist who said it was bug/spider bites and also check for bed bugs. No bed bugs and rash continued up and down all arms and legs and across his shoulders and a few on his face, abdomen and sides. We asked for a 2nd opinion from another dermatologist who did a biopsy at several sites. The diagnosis came back Bullous Pemphigoid (BP) – as in your case!!

      Is has now been 18 months. He has been prescribed many different topical cortesteriod creams and while oral cortisone based meds have been tested at Harvard and elsewhere, the side effects are pretty risky. The best results have been from the Harvard study “Clobebastal Proprionate” cream (spelling?) … try it!!

      Just this week after shingles vaccine was recommended for me, I put two & two together and wondered if my husband’s BP had anything to do with the shingles vaccine he got … he said it WAS around the exact same time the first ‘pox’ or rash started. I Googled “Connection between Shingles Vaccine & BP” and got several hits going back to Nov 2011.

      While it may be a coincidence, I have decided that I would rather deal with the Shingles which most people get over in a month or so, than deal with BP or what my husband has been going through for 18 months and counting. I’ve read that BP can continue for 5-6 years – there’s no known cure!!! It’s a personal choice and crap shoot whether you get a reaction or not I guess.

      I’d rather not go where many of you are saying this Shingles vaccine have taken you or your loved ones!

      I have sent my findings to all my relatives just this week.


  11. There are a lot of people concerned about this and finding this info here. Your experiences are very serious and troubling, but sharing them is probably helping others.

  12. This must be a website for negative reactions only, since that’s all I’ve read. My husband and I both had the shingles vaccine about six weeks ago and we’re just fine. The first few days we had a bright pink “whelp” on the inside of our upper left arms. It was warm to the touch and somewhat itchy. I took benedryl capsule for two nights at bed time (which the pharmacist had recommended to reduce those very common reactions.) The benedryl reduced the swelling and itching and allowed me to get a good night’s sleep. Within a week all symptoms from the vaccine had disappeared. Maybe living with someone dealing with very similar and also mild reactions made it easier to deal with. Getting this vaccine seemed like a no-brainer to me. We have several relatives and friends who have had shingles. Their experiences were all nightmares, lasting for a few weeks to several months. We chose the vaccine as a potentially good alternative. So far, we’re very happy we did!

    • Why would anyone complain about no reactions? Of course 99% probably have no reaction. What about the rest of us? You fault us for looking for some place to voice our concerns?

  13. i had a shingles shot in grapevine texas, friday the 16th of november,advice from my doctor, left for vacation, on monday following the shot i am in south carolina. i broke out from head to toe with a itching rash. went to an urgent care facility, the doctor was unsure. i take azor, allopurinol and nothing else. he advised me to stop the allipurinol, and gave to a steriod pac which may clear it up. his advice was, if it is not better in 3 days, see another doctor.

    the only thing that has changed in my life is the shingles shot. i am in a hotel room
    and broken out and itching from head to toe, waiting for the medicine to take effect.
    you would not want to be seen with me.

    both my family doctor and the urgent care doctor defend the shingles shot. my doctor would not give the shot but sent me to a walgreen pharmacy that would give the shot.

    explain that.

    james l. hibbert

  14. 2 days ago I went to get a shingles vaccine..I am 76 yrs old…the area at the injection site is swollen..very red ,hot,sore,and very itchy the pharmacist after looking at the rash told me to use hydrocortisone cream 2% a prescription that I had…..still itchy ,swollen and red…looks like tiny blisters are forming at the injection…is this normal and can it become worse and develop into shingles is it serious ? does it clear up in time? I had no idea that this could happen….Elizabeth

  15. More info:

    Vaccine information sites:
    http://vran.org – Vaccine Risk Awareness Network

    Here is another article with some info on shingles and possible alternative treatments:
    These articles are on the bigger picture:

    google “zostavax” and you may find more info

  16. This page has warnings in it:

    U.S. FDA info:

    Package insert (FDA page) (this is the full info, amazing, you can see some significant warnings, this is also on the manufacturer’s site)

    The Wikipedia page has more links at the bottom to this info:

    (Someone mentioned this disorder in case the info is related or helpful for some: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pemphigoid )

  17. My mother is 94 she has had shingles out breaks for as long as I can remember but they have decreased in severity through the years.It seemed like the thing to do so she got the vaccination on Oct. 10 2012, 1 week later she started to itch but no blisters, and headache, this continued for a month keeping her up at night and her scratching her self all over, she went to her family Dr. he gave her the standard Hydro/10mg tabs with refills, and clotrimazole cream for itching, she has gone through the refills and now she is developing blisters on her face which she has never had and of the usual blisters on her hips she is now scratching her head. No one wants to tackle this problem, I explained this to my mom to that she needed to be as calm as possible because it would only make it worse and gave her a antihistamine, to take 2- 3 times a day, this is a night mare for her at her age who has a pacemaker, and takes probable less meds than most her age. I hope some one comes up with a solution to counteract or lessen the effect of this vaccine, I am not sure if I will get it now !

  18. Last August (2012) my Husband had the Zostavax shot and had a server reaction to it. Within a week he started having a hard time swallowing eventually unable to swallow anything not even his salvia. He ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks having MRI-twice, CT scans and the list goes on. He had to have a feed tube in his stomach., we were so scared and unsure. We were sent home without any answers. For four months I feed him through this tube. I meet with a Holistic Healer who believes all this came from the shot. She treated us for months giving us hope and comfort and thank god as of December his swallowing has returned. He is still very itchy all over his body and has some never damage to his eye..
    My question is there anyone out there who has experienced something simular.

  19. My wife had the shingles vaccine on may 1 2012 she has been vomiting since may 2nd non stop every day ,she is very thin now and we can’t find a way to stop it. Her Potassium’s always low and has Diarrhea always As well she has been to the hospital and had many tests,but no luck stopping this,has any one found the answer?

  20. Against the advice of my alternative health professional, I decided to get the shingles shot. A week later, I broke out with the shingles rash and it has spread all over my body. It started in the scalp, with almost intolerable itching, then spread down my legs and after that to shoulder blades and then lower back. It has been a nightmare. It is hard to get any sleep. I have tried every regular doctor (AMA) remedy, plus any topical solution I could find on the net. No luck. My advice: DO NOT, under any circumstances, get the shingles shot!!!!! Don’t advise your elder friends to get it, either. It is a very DANGEROUS vaccine, which injects a live virus into your body. It takes up residence in your spine, and stays there for life.
    The only cure (and I’m very glad that I knew about this) is the Bob Beck Black Box which delivers microvolts which kill the virus but don’t work on the good stuff. You can red about it on their website. (I’ve used one for years.) You can find this online. It is a little box with two electrodes and you place one on each side of the lower spine. I slept with mine, for hours! and just left it on. The horrible body rash is beginning to disappear. It will NOT hurt you to try it. It is the only thing I’ve found that kills herpes and shingles virus in the spine, where it takes up residence. Hope this helps for some people!

    • God bless you Judi for giving this info on Bob Beck Black Box..I have used just about any known thing for this terrible positioning Shingles shot..I will gladly send for this box..

  21. Went for my 50yr exam, Dr recommended getting the Shingles vaccine. I have always stayed current with my vaccines, so I agreed with the Dr. I am a very healthy person I run 15 miles a week and also bike. When I was given the vaccine within a hr of it I had arm pain and felt ill. Hours later had a fever, headache, stomach upset. The next day developed cellulitis at injection site that spread to entire triceps area. Was put on antibiotics. Dr could not deny this was a reaction. During the next two months had muscle pain where I could barely get up and walk, then it spread to just my spine. My spine became extremely stiff and painful. I also still had stomach upset, no appetite, and no energy to return to my normal activities. I had the vaccine on Oct 19, 2012. It is now March 3, 2013. Recently started having arm pain in shoulder down to elbow and into forearm. Went to chiropractor said I had brachial neuritis and asked if I ever had shingles, because this is a common side affect. No never had shingle, but had the vaccine. I regret every day for getting this vaccine. Have not been healthy since. My Dr denies any of this is vaccine related, but most of the symptoms are the same as having shingles, just no rash. Im hoping one month it will work its way out of my system.

    • Did your symptoms ever go away? I had the vaccine a couple of months ago. Painful for a couple of weeks then went away. Now I am experiencing deep tissue pain in my tricep at the injection area. I lift weight regularly, this is an unusual pain for me and inhibiting my workouts. I’m positive it’s a reaction of some kind to the vaccine, just wondering if perhaps there may be an end in sight!

      • I had the shot 2 weeks ago and every day the pain in my tricep gets a little bit worse. How long did it take for your pain to go away? I am 65 and live in upstae NY. It’s winter so I am fairly dorment. I did nothing that could have caused an injury to the muscle.


  23. On tues March 12 I received a shingles vacine shot at my doctors office. The following monday march18 my lip felt numb as if i had novacaine wearing off. On Tues I called my doctor and told him about my lip and i could not blink my left eye by itself. After a brief conversation he informed that more than likely it was bells palsey but the only way they could rule it bells palsey was to go to the emergency room. I was admitted overnight at the hospital they did all tests mri mra ct blood echo grams and ruled out a stroke and diagnosed it as bells palsey . PREDNISONE 40 mg for 5days then each day after it was reduced. DOXYCYCLINE 100 mg twice daily was perscribed . after a week my condition improved and still is improving

  24. I had the shingles vaccine in Febuary, Two days after the shot I started having edema in my hands,legs and feet, there was a intense burning that accompanied the swelling. In 24 hours the pain was worse and seem to atack my joints..The pain, swelling edema and burning has continued. It is now May 25 and all the doctor is ging me diurits {lasix} and pain meds. These are not finding an answer to my delima. I suggested prednisone. He said because I am type 2 diabetic, he could not. I am not overweight and very active for a woman in my 60s.

  25. I notice my heart racing a day or two after my shingles vaccine. I took my b.p. it got as high as 228/129. I have heard of another person having this same reaction. I had to take twice as much bp meds plus a water pill. Currently doing tests for all regular causes for the high bp Merck and my doctor say it wasn’t caused by vacinne. All tests but one to go have been negative for the cause. I still believe it was caused by the vaccine. I had only 1 racing heart bout since the first 10 days within 4 weeks of vaccine. BP is coming down. Has anyone else had flushing and extreme heart racing causing anxiety?

  26. Since receiving my shingles shot I have been to the emergency room for high bp _ 224/122, anxiety and now have edema in my lower legs, feet and ankles> I’ve also been experiencing headaches, and a cold nose. I also have noticed crampy like feelings in both arms and like someone else said they feel like they may be having a stroke or heart attack. If I had to do it all over again, I’d never do it again and quite frankly I wouldn’t recommend it.. I am so thankful my husband hasn’t had any side effects. i talked him into getting the shot after I got my shot.

  27. I am a seventy eight year old lady. After I had a shingles vaccine, within two days the injection spot on my right arm was stinging and burning from my shoulder to my elbow for at least two weeks. After that it progressed to the point that I could no longer use my right arm to lift anything. I have always been very healthy and active, walking two miles a day and lifting weights. Now I am unable to lift the coffee pot. If a class action is initiated,
    please let me know. I know another person who has experienced the same symptoms as I did after her shingles vaccine, and no one believes her either..
    Thank you

  28. My 89 year old grandmother received a shingles vaccine a couple of years ago. Very soon after, she began having a severe itch all over her body that still, 2 years later, has not stopped. Her caretakers must rub almond oil, olive oil, and any other gentle and thick moisturizers all over her body several times per day. My grandmother happens to be “shot happy” and “pharma happy” so she never thought the very very intense itch all over her body was related to the vaccine…until… Her 72 year old neighbor just went to the doctor 3 weeks ago, and he gave her a shingles vaccine. The poor woman has been itching so badly that she now looks as my grandmother did 2 years ago with open itched sores all over her body. She wants to sue the physician and Merck, but no one will admit that the vaccine caused this – – they have her trying to find bugs at her house and allergies to her long time used home products, but nothing to help her in the meantime and even have indicated to her that it’s probably partly psychological. *rolls eyes*

    • My husband had a serve nerve reaction causing him to hospitalized for a month I published it back Feb 6, 2013..We talked to a Lawyer in Vancouver, BC. Canada about the Merck company…He felt he needed more cases on this. The Doctors will never say that this was the cause of many suffering people. To this day we are still having issues…swallowing..itchy and and double vision. Maybe if enough people come forward we could do something. We hate being the victim to this…as i sure many feel the same way.
      I hope you Mother and her friend find someway to relieve discomfort.

    • After the shingles vaccination I have suffered for three months now with a terrible rash and open sores over my body. I’ve seen two dermatologist and they don’t know what I have. They biopsied me and no answer still. In the meantime, I have a horrible itch, rash, open sores that will not go away. I really believe it all stems from having that vaccination.

      • Ruth, I couldnt agree with you more, I thought I was going nuts and the rash, open sores were just a coincidence to the vaccine. I had the shot Dec 2015, here it is end of June 2016 and I am still suffering. Docs do not know anything but they will when I go back in Sept for my check up.
        I feel like telling them…let’s get real….this is from the shingle shot. I am getting quite angry that these side affects were not discussed prior to the shot. I am most angry at my self for getting roped into this by big pharma and the football guy Bradshaw. what a joke,
        take care

  29. I had the Shingle vaccine in June 2013 I have been feeling bad since that time. I woke up with the worse headache I have ever had and then threw up and was dizzy. A week after this happened I am still feeling dragged out and feel like throwing up. i have not thrown up in thirty years. I am so sorry that I got that shot. I just hope I start feeling better.

  30. I had the shingles vaccine yesterday at 3 PM. This morning I came down with a fever of 101
    Which is very high for me because my temperature runs 97 Due to thyroid disease. I had chills and now i ache all over. It is 8:30 PM my arm is swollen about the size of an egg At the injection site. I am very ill, barely can go to the bathroom, and slightly nauseous. It is not flu season (july). I pray that I won’t get the rash that I hear so much about. I am a very active 63-year-old. Wish me luck And please excuse my lack of punctuation, as I’m not up to Being precise

  31. I had an allergic reaction to the shingles vaccine 5 minutes after I got it in Feb. 2013. A wave of dizziness came over me, and my chest became red and blotchy. My blood pressure sky-rocketed. They observed me for about 15 minutes, agreed it was an allergic reaction to the vaccine, and then let me go when it seemed to subside. However, since then I have had several “incidents” where that unreal dizzy feeling hits me, and my blood pressure goes way up, and I feel agitated and nervous and not at all like my normal self. The first time I thought I was having a heart attack and went to the hospital, but it wasn’t a heart attack. This was about 2 months after I got the vaccine. A month later, had another somewhat less severe attack, but it culminated in a non-hormonal “hot flash” hitting me, where I got very flushed and hot in my face and my heart started pounding and racing like crazy. These episodes last for a day or 2 where I feel really off and not like my normal self, and my blood pressure is really high (in the 170’s). Recently had another bout, slightly less severe, so I’m hoping my body is learning to fight off this disease that I allowed to be injected into my body because I believed the claims that it is very safe. I am now being treated for high blood pressure by my doctor, and I believe that I would not be taking hypertension medication if I had not had the shingles vaccine.

    • Within a month after I had the shingles vaccine, my average blood pressure went up 20+ points. I wonder how many patients happen to return to a doctor within a month and have their blood pressure taken. Nothing else changed, and my average BP has remained 15 to 20 points higher than it was before the vaccination.

  32. I am 69 and just received the shingles vaccine. within three days i had some rash, and now at 5 days later i have egg-sized lumps, hives all around my body. this problem of reactions should be brought out before taking the vaccine.

  33. I had a shingles vaccine on 8/12/13 and at the time I told my primary care doc my concern at having the vaccine because one year ago she game me a TDP vaccine and it became very infected. On 8/13/13 a day later after the shingles vaccine I got a headache and stomach ache and swelling at the site of the shot and another day later I had a massive infection. Returned to doc and she prescribed anti- biotic for 10 days. She said with my exzema condition shingles would have been worse.

  34. I received the shingles vaccination on Oct 11, 2013. The next morning I had a headache and an injection site reaction. It is now Oct. 19th and the injection site is still red but slowly lessening. What has developed is a low grade nausea every morning, and pain and itching in my feet and hands progressing slightly up the legs and arms. There are times it is even uncomfortable to put on shoes. I also have itching around the waist area. Now of this was present before the injection and I am hoping this is just something that will wear off over the next couple weeks.

  35. I went into a walk-in clinic to get the shingles vaccine tonight. After reading through the paperwork, I asked to speak to the pharmacist to see if I should get the vaccine. It seems that if you are allergic to MSG (which I am) and if you’ve had an allergic reaction to Neomycin then you shouldn’t get it. The pharmacist got the insert out of the box that the vial came in and couldn’t see anything that was related to those two ingredients. I am allergic to Azithromycin and Biaxin which are apparently related to the Neomycin. I ended up leaving without getting it. Not sure what to do now.

    The last time that I took Biaxin I broke out in hives all over. I’ve had two mild cases of shingles in the past two years and thought it would be a good idea to get it. After reading the posts on here, I’m not sure what to do.

    Is there anyone that posted on this site allergic to MSG or Neomycin?

    • I am allergic to sulfer. but I would say do not get the vaccine. It was the worse thing I ever did. I am never sick. now since I had that vaccine I have hard nodules on my head and have had a biopsy. I haven’t gotten the results back yet but I feel these bumps on my scalp are from that vaccine. I would never get it again and am sorry I got it.
      plus you still have a 50% chance of getting the shingles with the vaccine. NO NO NO don’t do it!

    • I’m allergic to Biaxin but was told it was ok to get the shot. Six weeks later I still have arm pain and cannot lift my arm out to the side because of the pain. I suggest NOT getting the vaccine.

  36. Thanks for your comment, Sandy, but just to try to clear up that point, the ingredients in the official insert below shows “monosodium L-glutamate” and “neomycin”. Maybe you can get a copy of what your pharmacist looked at and compare to see if it’s the same drug or a very short version of the document, maybe he has bad eye sight:


    The complete sentence from page 8 is:

    “Each dose contains 31.16 mg of sucrose, 15.58 mg of hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, 3.99 mg of sodium chloride, 0.62 mg of monosodium L-glutamate, 0.57 mg of sodium phosphate dibasic, 0.10 mg of potassium phosphate monobasic, 0.10 mg of potassium chloride; residual components of MRC-5 cells including DNA and protein; and trace quantities of neomycin and bovine calf serum. ”

    This other document from the manufacturer warns about neomycin etc.

    “Who should not get ZOSTAVAX?

    You should not get ZOSTAVAX if you:
    • are allergic to any of its ingredients.
    • are allergic to gelatin or neomycin.
    • have a weakened immune system (for example, an immune deficiency, leukemia, lymphoma, or HIV/AIDS).
    • take high doses of steroids by injection or by mouth.
    • are pregnant or plan to get pregnant.

    You should not get ZOSTAVAX to prevent chickenpox.

    Children should not get ZOSTAVAX.

  37. Thanks to everyone for their input. About Sandy’s other question about what to do, when it comes to **chronic illnesses**, the only thing I would say is that I would take a look at “alternative” health practitioners such as naturopaths and other types of holistic doctors.

    For example, I think I mentioned other links above also, but I found Dr. Glidden’s book “The MD Emperor has no Clothes” to be very intriguing. His site is http://www.drglidden.com

    I wouldn’t wait around for all alternative/holistic doctors to make claims, because the system doesn’t allow them to do that freely. We don’t have free speech and free competition when it comes to medicine and health. It’s dominated by a government protected monopoly that was created in the early 20th century by the Rockefellers.

    All you can do is to start reading information where we can find it. Now’s the time because it’s all over the Internet, and rethink what we think we know , and look into the evidence one way or the other.

    Commenters are presenting their experiences.

    I’ve presented some evidence on this page – official documents. Actual lists of ingredients, warnings, and so on.

    Even when confronted with the grim truth of this kind of failure, one or two still want to “believe”. I understand that. But it seems many are “doubting” the religion of government-sanctioned medicine and vaccines.

    This vaccine is just one tiny example.

    How will the system “fix” this glitch in its “religion” of blind faith in authority?

    Probably by banning access to documents and other opinions, by licensing speech and Internet access, by intensifying propaganda at school and through the pharma-funded media, by separating children from parents, by continuing attacks on family and other institutions that foster independence.

    By following through on Huxley’s Brave New World and just drugging everyone from childhood, which they do with multiple vaccines and then more and more psychotropic drugs from an early age to “treat” their “disorders”, to prevent them from questioning anything.

    And then ultimately we will have Huxley’s utopia in which we are happy (but permanently brain damaged) obedient slaves. And then there won’t be any more confusion or doubt or disobedience any longer. 1+1 won’t equal 2. As in 1984, 1+1 will equal whatever they say, all the “good people” in government, finance, media and medicine.

    • Thanks so much for all of your information. After careful consideration, I decided not to get the shingles vaccine. The risks are just too high, for it having such a low success rate.

      Actually, I will never get another immunization again. It just so happened that I hadn’t had a Tetanus shot in over 10 years (I think it’s called a Tdap now), so about a month ago I got one thinking that it’s been around for so long, it’s safe. Well, I woke up the next morning and couldn’t lift either one of my legs…..not even to drive. My muscle in my lower right arm was extremely painful until just the other day (5 weeks later), and that wasn’t even the arm that I got the shot in. My neck was stiff, my spine was in pain, and more. Then a week later I got a terrible cold and I NEVER get a cold. I know this has nothing to do with the Shingles Vaccine, but it just goes to show you that none of the vaccines are safe. I am feeling better now, but still not at 100% after a month. I am used to working out daily…. biking, high intensity aerobics, walking, etc. but have not been able to get back to that yet. This sucks, to put it mildly.

      I do wish all of you the best, and hope that your symptoms have dissipated from the Shingles Vaccine.

      Thank you again for all of your input, I greatly appreciated it. This is a great website and I will be back……
      Happy New Year to all of you!

  38. I had the shingles vaccine on September 9th. About a month later I broke out in these bumps on my scalp. They are not red, but are hard like bone. Never had anything like this before. I have never been sick either. It is very strange and I had a biopsy taken but not received the results back yet. I believe it is from the vaccine.
    Never would I get another vaccine again in my life!

  39. Received my vaccine on Oct. 31, 2013 and so far have only had a red whelp mark appear at injection site along with some soreness and some mild nausea when first waking up. Hopefully that is all that will happen. After reading some of these comments I hope I haven’t consented to unknowingly making myself sick!

  40. I have had two mild cases of shingles ( I say mild compared to three people I know right now that have severe cases) April 3rd I had a shingles shot,5:00 P. M. All night I had Itching all over my body,eyes, ears . I took 3 Hydroxyzine HCL 25 MG at different times during the night, still itching! Called Dr. and was sent Prednisone 10 Mg Tab DSPK ,also keep taking Hydroxyzine. I also take one Valtrex 1 GM every day. Today is April 11 still itching, Dr. sent another prescription of Prednisone. I do not have a rash or did I have a problem at the sight of the shot. Today I have had 5 Prednisone pills, and I am itching . Could I have shingles inside my body, with no evidence on my skin?

    • Thanks, Peggy, and others for your comments. I think these must be very helpful to readers. I don’t know the answer to that question, Peggy. I would recommend people start asking questions openly of their doctors (drug company reps) and other “authority” figure vaccine pushers, and telling everyone, their families, the media (lying propaganda outlets), the government representatives (corporate reps), what is happening to them. And we should all try to be more unified about things like this and try to stand together rather than deal with these things in isolation. People need to support each other and stand together. Each person has their own experience about what is happening. Write it down and tell it to the world.

      Also, maybe some of the fraudsters and their apologists out there would like to debate (as if there’s something to debate, money-grubbing losers) all this testimony from actual real people, do you (talking to the vaccine promoters) have any kind of conscience?

  41. I got the shingles vaccine in late June 2014. A week later I spotted some small bumps on my fingers, like you’d get with poison oak, so I just discounted them as that. However, next my legs began to get a scarlet red rash which spread from the knees to the ankles, and my legs were swollen. Itched like crazy, especially at night. Then it spread to my arms, mostly redness centered in the elbow pits, but with little red hive like bumps on my forearms. Quite itchy but not nearly as bad as my legs.

    The redness has subsided but is still present in a varying degree of light redness color. The itching is not so severe, but I feel like it’s always there in a constant uneasy status. At night, I use anti itch creams and take some sleep aids to get through the night.

    My blood pressure has been about 10 to 20 points higher during this period.

    I have NEVER had such a skin reaction before. After reading the accounts in this web page, I am totally convinced it is a reaction to the shingles vaccination.

    Now, what to do? Should I go to the Dr. and see if he has an antidote? Or, will time take care of this, with it playing out and going away eventually? I am not sure what to do.

    Thanks. John

  42. John,

    Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Thanks to you and others for sharing your experiences.

    Maybe others could comment if they had relief or info to share about this.

    If your regular doctor doesn’t help, you could try to get a recommendation from friends on finding a good naturopath, homeopath, chiropractor, herbalist, etc. Maybe you can find someone helpful that way.

    By the way, I had some other info in previous comments about the official info. For example, the CDC promotes the shingles vaccine–readers can compare what it says to real life, but it also has warnings about allergies etc.: http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vpd-vac/shingles/vacc-need-know.htm#notGet-vaccine


  43. Ask a naturopathic doctor about this quote on p. 94 of “Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone” by Abram Hoffer and Andrew W. Saul: “Shingles also responds to high doses of vitamin C.”

    • Yes, it does.
      Everyone fears shingles and subsequently they allow this poison vaccine to be injected into them. Why not just locate a naturopath and discuss your desire to have high dose vit c given, IV, should you get shingles???????? DUH!

  44. Sept. 26,2014 I had the singles about two years back. Very painful worse than the t.v. commercials tell you. My fear with getting the shot after reading these poor peoples comments who have had the shot already & had all these sad side effects makes me sceptical to even get the shot now. I went for a routine yearly well check in May 2014, & my Dr. Advised me to get the shingles shot & told me, “if I get the shingles again say in my 70’s I could have pain like I had for 2 mos. At age 57 years old, for over one year in my 70’s or older, if I get the shingles again.” Well, when I got the shingles the medicene for it nearly killed me so in desperation I went on line to learn “holistic helps for shingles.” That is when I found out high doeses of vitamin-C does help & B-Vitamins too. Nedles to say, they did help and extra virgin coconut oil helped on my blisters too (I had them on my left side of stomach badly & a few on my back) “VERY PAINFUL” & missed about 1 week of work but had no choice but to go back to work & still in pain for over 2mos. NEVER want shingles again, I have had 4 children natural child birth & beleave me had I not knowen that kind of pain I don’t think I could of even taken having the shingles it is VERY PAINFUL!! Thank you for your comments about the vaccine. I have the feeling in the years to come if not sooner we will hear on a T.V. Commercial “If you have had the shingles shot & suffered severe complicatin from the vaccine call such & such Attorney’s At Law!”

  45. I am a 60 year old female and I received the shingles vaccine on 11/15/14, along with the flu and pneumonia vaccine. Since then have had the following side affects that seem to be associated with the shingle vacine: headache for a day or so, a growing red whelp (up to 5″ x 2.5″ now), itches slightly and the area feels bruised and sore. As a norm, I daily take 20 mg of an over-the-counter allergy relief medicine, therefore, I think it has helped to keep some of the side affects at bay. I have used a roll-on Max Freeze on the whelp to help with the soreness, several times. Have not had any other reactions as listed above thus far. Hope the vaccine actually works. I did have chickenpox as a child and I’ve known an elderly lady who repeatedly had shingles attacks and she was miserable.

    • I am 59 years old, had chickenpox when I was young, and made the decision to get the shingles vaccine on 3/18/15. I have had the same reactions as you stated; mild headache the next day, a growing red whelp (as of 3/21/15 it is up to 6″ x 4″) that is very, very warm to the touch, itches slightly and the area feels bruised and sore, especially if I touch my arm against anything. As a norm, I also take Zyrtec daily. I am starting Benedryl today to see if that has any effect on reducing the redness. I am going to go back to the doctor on Monday for them to look at it. Did yours eventually go away or did you have any other reactions at a later time?

      Thank you for any information you can provide.

  46. I’m glad to hear other people have had itching problems. Well, not glad, but relieved to know it’s not just me. I got a shingles vaccine in November 2014. About a week later I started getting itchy all over, but mostly my feet, legs, scalp and palms. My primary doctor and my allergist both said there is no way it’s the vaccine. I dealt with the itching for a couple of months and just used lotions and such. My primary insisted it was due to winter dryness. But I’ve never had that problem in the driest of winters. I changed my laundry soap to something that’s hypo-allergenic and washed everything that was already clean. I stopped taking other medications for some time, I changed my shampoo and my body soap. Nothing helped. Finally in January or so I started taking Benadryl. That definitely helped but it made me too sleepy so I switched to a generic version of non-drowsy Allegra. That helps a lot. If I don’t take it, I get so itchy all over I can’t work or sleep. Sometimes I’ll lie there scratching for 2 hours before I can fall asleep. I stopped taking any allergy medication about 3 days ago to see if it was still a problem and wow, is it ever. There is no rash, no hives, no redness. No external signs of inflammation. But I itch all over deep inside, even the palms of my hands. I’ve never itched like this ever in my entire life. I often scratch to the point of bleeding. It came on very suddenly and just won’t stop. I don’t want to have to take allergy meds every day for the rest of my life. This is nuts. There has to be a solution. I know 3 people who’ve had shingles recently. I know it’s bad. But I’d rather get shingles a couple of times for the rest of my life than to deal with this nonsense every day.

    • Hi Avian,
      I read your post, are you any better?
      I have sensations in my skin also but mine isn’t itchy , mine is a burning feeling to anything cold.
      this is since I received the shingles vaccine in June 2016.

  47. I got the shingles shot I start feeling hot every day my arm started to hurt so I ask my doctor could it be the shingles shot he said it had to be something else I ask the phamest he said that he never heard of the shingles shot doing this to anyone well its been almost 3 months and I get pain from the area where they gave me the shot my elbo hurts bad my arm stiffens up to the point where it wakes me up and I have to move my arm with my other arm this is starting to scare me bad im only 56 I feel sick I wish I never ever got the shot

  48. I had shingles shot in october 2015 it is now november my right arm were i got the shot still hurts and have a hard time lifting my arm any soluitions that will take the pain away.

  49. Had shingless shot 3 weeks ago within 10min got huge headache, huge lump on site where it was administered and red, a week ago my arm startded hurting to the ppoint where I can’t bend it,

  50. I had the shingles shot a week ago. Had a red blotch at the injection site around an inch square that then expanded to twice the size. It went away yesterday, but woke up this morning itching around the middle of my body with large red patches across both sides just under breasts and splotches of red around midrift. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been getting a cold since the shot. No headaches or vomitting as others have reported, but a bit whoozy and sniffy.

  51. Several days after receiving my shingles shot, I began to feel like the main character in a Si-Fi book. Felt like a alien had taken up residence just under my skin. Not being happy in just one area, it would move around looking for new places to cause itching. Hot showers would help momentarily. Two or three weeks into having this new tenant I got to thinking that maybe it was from the shot. The pain very much resembled the pain from a small shingles outbreak on the left forearm months prior. Nothing else had changed in my life. I had a bottle of PK2 that I would use for occasional joint pain in my fingers, thought I’d try spraying that all over. What a relief!!! All in all it probably lasted about six weeks. Glad that’s over. Anyone suffering with this reaction might want to try topicals used for muscle or joint pain only if skin is not broken open. Mine wasn’t. Good luck and happy scratching.

    • Four days ago I had the shingles vaccination. It felt ok the first day with a light pink small long thinner oval shape, welt. The next morning it was brighter pink and very sore. No blisters or rash. Then as the day progressed, it got bigger. Day three, it traveled almost to my elbow and you can see the edge of the welt, but the brightest colour was near the vaccination site. Mild headache, and two nights ago, every joint in my body hurt. Crazy, still mild head ache and the pharmacist said to ice it and take tylenol. He said to give it a couple more days, and that it should not travel down my arm. So I iced it and was painful even putting the ice pack on it. Mild itching only, but can not scratch it cause it hurts too much. It has not improved, but has not gotten any worse. It is weird how we all react to vaccinations differently. But my take on it is, that it is better than the alternative. Shingles is very nasty, and painful, and can go on for up to a year in some. My sister has it on her face and she has to put band aids on the blisters, so they won’t travel to her eyes. Can cause loss of vision. Good luck…..happy shingles club

  52. I had a shingles shot 1/18/16. Now and 2 days ago had a sudden feeling of warmth/heat primarily on my back accompanied by reddening of skin and some itching. Anyone else had a similar reaction?

  53. 53 year old female. Allergy to sulfates, Levaquin. Overall healthy. Had my Shingles vaccine last week; saw father get them & didn’t want to suffer like that in future. Day 1 not much reaction. Day 2 Swollen two inches around site with raises bumps which looked like they might turn into blisters, itching on area, heat, red, and sore. Day 3 secondary swelling right past elbow in AM. Went to doctor. His eyes popped out of his head. He put on the gloves to examine the site and ensure there was no infection underneath. Advised icing it. As day went on and into Day 4 it progressed into two areas – much like the bulleyes formation of a spider bite. Nausea set in. Day’s 5 the swelling, redness, itching mostly gone. Some bumps still there. Still nauseous and feel blah. Took gravol Spent most of the time watching tv like I had a cold or flu so I would not aggravate the obvious reaction I was having. Wondered it if the reaction was due to an underlying allergy to neomycin which is also in the vaccine since that allergy is very common in people. Will check for that in future. Still staying quiet for now. Don’t want to poke the ‘get really sick’ dog. I think I will be ok. Would I do it again? ‘Yes but I would check the neomycin thing first’. This reaction has been far less then getting shingles.

  54. 76 year old female. Great health and exercise at least 3 times a week. Had the Shingles vaccine March 2 and about 3 weeks later began having searing pain in arm. The pain was about 2 inches above elbow in fleshy part. Taking ibuprofen about every 2 hours for about 3 days and went to emergency. Dr said probably internal shingles from the vaccine. Gave me Gabapentin but I am allergic to most meds so went back to Ibuprofen and a Chiropractor. Severe pain has stopped but now I am having numbness in last two fingers and terrible tingling like arm is asleep from elbow to hand. Have to sleep on my back as any other position makes pain worse. Feel tired and slight headache. Chiropractor says this will eventually go away. I’m beginning to wonder. Will never take Shingles shot again.

    • 79 year old male, taking no medication and never been ill. After the shingles shot in a May 14,2017, I have been in severe pain in all my joints and neck, can’t lift my head off the pillow, constant headache, sore throat, cough and barely able to walk. Went to emerg four times in the past month and have been prescribed prednisone, Percocet and Lyrica…none have helped. Also taking Tylenol for headaches. Dr’s all say it can not be a reaction to the shingles shot! Sorry I took it.

  55. I have had the symptoms like nettle rash, headache itch tiredness seems to get worse if I get fillings in my teeth is having fillings a connection another thing that is denied when you say your allergic to them, I’ve not had the vaccine but had shingles for 3 years all the same symptoms described want to shower all the time exhausted

  56. I had the shingle shot DEc 1st 2015. Exactly 21 days later got terrible itching rash under breasts , all down upper and lower legs as well as spine where the rash initially started. The docs IVe seen are totally incompetent. SAy they either dont know what it is or say its dermititis. I told them I believe its from the shingle shot and they either totally ignore my comment or emphatically say no way. As u can imagine I am totally at a loss and so frustrated. I am going to go to an EAstern medicine route. I would never tell anyone to get this shot and PHARMA and their stupid commercial with the football guy can go do u know what. Also when I SEE MY FAMILY PHYSICIAN in Sept boy will he get an earful. I feel totally ripped off and betrayed standing here typing while my rash I still burning after 6 months.
    Thank you for this forum and the chance to share with people who will understand.

  57. on October 14, 2014, I too took the shingles shot. approx. 3 weeks later, I began to have a rash on my arms, head and spine. I’ve seem 3 MD’s, 2 dermatologist, and a allergist, that told me that the shot couldn’t cause this reaction…om my last visit with a infectious disease Dr. he showed me pictures of people with acute urticarial, or acute hives..that was caused from my bodies reaction stimulating my immune system. Dr. Howell seemed concerned and spent a solid hour listening and trying determine my problem, which was very refreshing to find someone that seemed to care. This was his instructions, take 10mg of claritin at night, and singular in AM.. just started this, have no idea if it will work..what does help me is steroid cream and a ice pack..Good Luck to whoever took this stupid shot!!!!

    • Exactly. I had same problems. Still am after 5 months after vaccine! I do wish I had not taken but people said ” oh you should “. It has really impaired my life. I think it was vaccine!!
      Take your chances. Without taking shot!!!!


  59. I received Shingles Vaccine on May 25, 2017 at a local pharmacy. Injection site became red, swollen and itchy. After three days, on May 28, 2017, I returned to the pharmacy for the pharmacist to inspect the area on my arm where I received the injection because it continued to be red, swollen and extremely itchy. Needless, to say, the pharmacist looked baffled. I asked her should I be concerned and was that normal for the redness, swelling and itching not to subside. Once again, she looked extremely perplexed and didn’t have a medical response for me as to why the injection continued to be red, swollen and itchy. The pharmacist advised me to just keep watch on it and stated as long as I didn’t have a fever, I should be okay. I walked away totally disappointed. To date, I am experiencing fatigue, dizziness, and elevated blood pressure as well as mild joint pain. I contacted my health care professional who could not provide me with an appropriate diagnose as to why my body is experiencing these symptoms. Prior to having the Shingles Vaccine injected into my body, I did not experience any of the unexplained symptoms of discomfort. The Medical Industry promote this type of vaccine that is to be a preventative measure but if a candidate experiences an adverse reaction to the vaccine, they don’t have an answer. I will strongly advise all my friends and relatives not to get the Shingles Vaccine !!!

    • Just so timely as I ran into a town mom today who also had a shingles reaction .. after taking voluntarily the vaccine … she told me not to get the vaccine …. I never would.

  60. I got a shingles shot in November 2016, I have been itchy ever sense. I have scabs over my arms, legs, shoulders, back and ass. It’s terrible at night. I wake scratching and awake with more scabs then the day before. This is still going on and it’s June 2017. I have been to many Doctors. No results. Some said bed bugs but there are no bed bugs. I have used Benadryl, steroids, Zertec, different creams recommended by my dermatologist. The dermatologist said to cut my fingernails and wear long sleeves. This is driving me nuts. Ha ha I was even given medicine for my nerves Have seen 5 different doctors. Still scratching.

    • @Jeannie… You are NOT alone in your suffering. I am so sorry to read that anyone else has been dealing with the awful symptoms that I have faced since Dec. 2014. Like you…I have seen many doctors without finding more than temporary relief for an hour or two at a time. I now have purple-tinted scars marking my once blemish-free skin…from my shoulders…down my back to the back of my knees… I also now have a large collection of useless prescription anti-itch creams and anti-biotic ointments. Sadly…other than one prescription anti-itch medication (oral)…my misery lasted until the past two months…when it suddenly seemed to wane a bit weekly…and one or two of the anti-itch prescription med. per day holds my symptoms at bay. I do avoid all scented products, plus any with ‘sulfates’ and I use a very bland moisturizing cream daily, too. The same goes for using unscented washing products for all laundry. I do not believe that any of these measures actually helped to stop my miserable struggle since the week following my shingles vaccinatiuon…but perhaps the ‘misery’ finally just gave up and declared me too stubborn to “drive me crazy”. Although…in the darkest hours of some of the past two and a half years…I did feel that ‘it’ had won and I was ready to just sign myself into a mental hospital. I thank you for posting such a clear and thoughtful description of your own symptoms and suffering…because your words have certainly given me such confidence in my belief that the Shingles Vaccine is a very deadly product …which should NEVER be given to anyone without the suppliers first devising a test to establish who is or is not allergic to their vaccine. I wish you a lessening of symptoms soon and a return to your former good health. Again…I do appreciate all that you’ve shared here.

  61. In June, 2017 I had the shingles shot and had an allergic reaction. Where the injection site was my arm was swollen and hot to the touch and I was itchy in that area. A month later, I could feel something wasn’t right in my armpit area. I had a feeling of someone poking me with a pin in my armpit on several occasions that was hard enough to wake me up. It’s August 20, 2017 my armpit is not poking me anymore, but I feel pain there. I’ve had xrays and they haven’t seen anything. I’ve been to 4 different doctors. I asked the first general practitioner if my condition could be relatable to the vaccine, because of the timing. He said no. The last doctor I saw 3 weeks ago who is a surgeon said it very likely can be from the shingles shot. The pain in my armpit still will wake me up. The doctors could feel that my lymph node seemed swollen, but I just can’t seem to get rid of it. I’ve read through a lot of comments and haven’t seen anyone post a reaction like this. It doesn’t bother me all the time so I guess I’m lucky in that respect.

    • I know an intelligent woman who works for the BDC Moncton .. she told me she had a reaction too … I cannot fathom how intelligent women will willingly take a vaccine.

      • Because of professional propaganda, deception and conditioning. Humans have been observed to obey perceived “authorities”. People are being lied to very effectively their whole life by the education system and media and through their parents’ belief in the system and good intentions. Intelligent people join cults too.

  62. I provided a source in an earlier comment I made about high doses of vitamin C being used to treat shingles. So, what I would suggest is that if you have suffered from the side effects of a shingles vaccine shot, try working on the theory that you have shingles internally, and see a naturopath and ask for that kind of treatment (even intravenous vitamin C). If it works/doesn’t work, or you find something else that works, please share it in the comments. Besides C, other vitamins (like niacin, B3) in high doses are also used to treat different disorders. (Adding to Jan’s recommendation about B vitamins).

  63. Thank you all for posting your stories
    I also had a reaction to the zostavax vaccine and am having sequential monthly episodes
    I too cannot get any doctor to verify it is the vaccine that is causing the problem
    However I am still striving for the truth and where the responsibility will lie
    I’m in if there is a class action
    Keep me posted
    Also there is a new vaccine out
    I wonder why they are changing the type of vaccine
    Ours was live Zostavax
    The new one is dead Shingrix

    I reported to vaers
    dont give up!!

  64. Thanks for all the comments with info which I’m sure readers appreciate.

    On the subject of class action lawsuits, there has been news this year in the States. I’ve listed some links below.

    Please add comments if you know about any results.

    You’ll see from the articles below why it’s confusing.

    To me, depending on your resources, it makes sense for anyone affected to explore legal options–whether a vaccine is for adults as with this one, or for children, whether within the system that protects manufacturers or outside of the system.

    The shingles vaccine is an adult vaccine so the manufacturer is supposedly not protected as in the case with childhood vaccines (but I included a 2011 Supreme Court decision that someone used to try to claim otherwise—-but maybe they’re incorrect as others disagree and maybe it shouldn’t stop people anyway).

    I don’t know if anything is happening in Canada – let me know if you have updates about Canada (about this or other vaccines)- or any positive results from the lawsuits in the United States or other countries.

    If you have info on the special vaccine courts or results from using official vaccine adverse effects reporting systems, you’re welcome to provide that too in the comments.

    Why don’t people with the capacity to do so just go ahead and test the legal system on their own? That’s my thought on that for what it’s worth. The situation may vary in each country as far as childhood vaccines or adult vaccines.

    Maybe whatever laws have been passed to protect companies against lawsuits could be challenged constitutionally.

    And maybe there are other avenues–people should try to appeal to political representatives and especially I think using formal channels such as petitions. And they should complain to the Canadian media who actively promotes–advertises–not objectively–the shingles vaccine. And people should consider affidavits and criminal charges in my opinion also–contacting prosecutors/crown attorneys/police –why not–if they feel they have the resources?

    And of course we feel intimidated and lacking in time and energy and money so it’s not about judging anyone. But those who can do something should think about what they can do — without waiting for “class action” necessarily. “Class action” sounds good, and might be the best thing for many, but maybe waiting for others just causes more delay?

    Here are some related articles to inform readers about what has been happening in the U.S. Sorry I haven’t been keeping track. Others are welcome to provide updates.


    More News Articles & Legal Firms who are involved:

    Web search example:


  65. Read the huge USA report comparing the side effects of the shingles vacc against a placebo!
    1.1% side effects(with the vaccination) for those UNDER 69yrs as against 1% for the placebo, BUT slightly MORE side effects for those 70 – 79 WITH the placebo than for the vaccination! LOL…that was reversed for those over 80. The results in some thousands of patient studies, were NOT statistically significant!
    People will always seek to attribute a ‘problem’ to a ’cause’ and that will include a newly prescribed medicine, a change in diet OR, as here, to a recent vaccination. I happen to be a doctor, but long since retired. I had my shingles jab when I was 78…if I live that long, I shall have others EVERY 4-5years!

    • Do you have the title of the report and a way to locate the report (Internet link)?

      Do doctors believe in finding causes to their patients’ problems?

      Are the reports of symptoms (terrible ones) collected in the government adverse reactions database — and the ones in this post — included in this report you mention or any study?

      Only these alleged placebo studies have any validity? Do they have any validity?

      How do we assess reports coming from those who participate in fraudulent, authoritarian, depopulation-oriented criminal activity? Have you heard of Jonas Salk’s (the creator of the polio vaccine) “Survival of the Wisest”? Is that a coincidence that a eugenicist comes up with the polio vaccine with all the problems it has?

      Why are you and others just going along with alleged “science” and trusting “authorities”?

      Why can’t people make their own connections and observe their own experiences and do their own cause and effect science? Is there some problem you people have with people making cause and effect connections? Is there a philosophic problem you people are trained to have?

      Why don’t you grow up and take some responsibility? Try providing a source. Maybe you’re not who you claim to be and there’s no report at all. How would I know? I put a lot of effort into providing sources. Try it. Here’s a quote about scientific studies. LOL, but nobody’s laughing:

      Richard Horton, the editor of the Lancet (http://www.thelancet.com/contact-us) wrote the following in the April 11, 2015 edition:

      “A lot of what is published is incorrect.” I’m not allowed to say who made this remark because we were asked to observe Chatham House rules. . . .

      The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness. . . .

      –From: “Offline: What is medicine’s 5 sigma?” See http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(15)60696-1/fulltext (pdf: http://www.thelancet.com/pdfs/journals/lancet/PIIS0140-6736%2815%2960696-1.pdf).

      (Quote in context at my post here: http://powerandreality.com/power-reality-journal-issue-4/)

    • Well great for you Richard. Quite honestly though, as a doctor,who should be able to objectively weigh and review evidence, the reports in this comment section by people are hardly coincidental, and indeed frightening. It’s great that you didn’t have any side effects, but the public should know about these side effects, and they do not.

  66. At age 70 I was contacted by my General Practitioners’ surgery to inform me that I was eligible for a free Zostavax vaccination. Foolishly I had it in late June 2017 at which time I was well. About two weeks later I had sore gums with some ulcers and a rash broke out on and behind my upper arms. It looked a bit like hives. Seven months later I still have the sometimes itchy, lumpy rash.
    Three doctors, a dermatologist, biopsy, blood test and CT scan later, no-one can tell me what it is but won’t say it could be a reaction to the Zostavax. I am certain it is. Today a nurse saw it and said she was sure it was a reaction to the vaccine. She has seen the reaction before and said it was quite common. Nothing I can do to cure it. Maybe it will go in time. (I am in Australia).

  67. I had the Zostavax vaccine in June 2016. I was 56 years old. Between the commercials on TV , the brochure in my doctors office and my doctor who convinced me to get $250 vaccine, all the publicity was cunningly convincing. Yet since getting the vaccine I am plagued with weird skin sensations. Cold air from glass windows, any cold metal, cold plastic, cold leather furniture …hurts my skin, like a burning sensation that is unbearable. I speculated the possibility that it was the vaccine that caused it. I looked for hours on the internet but couldn’t find a connection, found nothing related to shingles vaccine complications. I have developed allergies to foods I never had before , I now have asthma, and Nov. 2016 was told I have Fibromyalgia ….yet all this happened after the shingles vaccine. I saw 3 different doctors and not one thought my symptoms were related receiving the vaccine.

    Wow!! Just today I saw on TV that a class action lawsuit was filed against the makers of the Zostavax shingle vaccine. I called my doctors office immediately and asked the name of the shingles vaccine I received back in 2016….it was Zostavax…Wow … validation !!I’m not crazy or imagining things. I live in Montreal. if there is any news about lawsuits I would appreciate contact. This cannot continue ! And I just read that Canada is trying to give this vaccine free to the elderly. This can’t happen !!!I will share my findings also.

  68. My 85-year old mother got a shingles vaccine about a year ago (at age 84). She finally confessed that she has been living with nightmare symptoms of “bugs crawling all over her.” She can feel them crawling on top of her scalp, down her neck and arms, across her face. “They” wake her up at night. She said she can see where it leaves bite marks and tiny scabs “where they crawl out.” She showed me a large spot on her forehead hairline that she insisted the dermatologist should take a sample (doctor found nothing). It is next to a hard, bony bump that was never there before. She feels things crawling across her eyelids, down her arms. When she said it tingles and burns and “the bugs leave red trails,” I said it sounds like shingles. She said, “It can’t be shingles because I got the vaccine last year!” Because her symptoms have coincided with her getting the vaccine, and after reading comments, I really suspect they’re related. She saw a 3rd dermatologist today who told her to go off all supplements, thinking she may be allergic to any fillers or supplements (fish oil, magnesium, glucosomine with MSM). She gave her an antihistamine to take for two weeks. My mother has bad seasonal allergies, but they have been worse this past year–so bad that she hates to leave the house for fear of inhaling whatever is in the air. What antihistamine seems to have the best effect for adverse reactions to the vaccine?

    • Hi Kim, maybe a reader will have an answer to that question about antihistamines, but if you scroll through the comments, you’ll see one of the solutions–for shingles, assuming that it’s internal shingles–that may be provided by naturopaths is high-dose vitamin C (IV). I cited the source for that I think (Andrew W. Saul, “Orthomolecular Medicine for Everyone”). I think it’s worth talking to naturopaths or other holistic doctors-about that.

  69. I had the shingles vaccine a little over 2 weeks ago. Within in hours my lymph nodes were swollen and tender. My arm swelled, was tender and was hot to the touch. I have been battling severe pain in my chest and side since the shot. I went to the nurse practitioner today in fear that I was having heart issues. I am 55 years old and in good health. EKG, blood tests for blood clots and 2 X-rays later, the nurse practitioner is stumped as to what’s wrong with me. I have no visible rash but she was leaning towards a muscle strain. Muscle strain is a stretch since I haven’t done anything to cause it. I think I have internal shingles. But try and get someone to believe that. Feels like someone sitting on my chest most of the time. Hard to breath deeply. I hope this goes away.

  70. all I have read here is true, 2017 oct, rash, itching, this is oct 2019 and still,, please don’t get this vaccine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! doctors lie and say its not vaccine,, it started 1 week after shot !!

  71. I received the Zostavax vaccine in 2012. Within a year I had developed this very hot and prickly flush on my skin. The pricking sensation gets very uncomfortable at times, especially in the heat of summer. Although the sensation never goes away. I can’t wear clothing on my upper body, except for brief periods in short sleeve shirts. I spent five years in dermatology clinics going through heel. I even went through dermatology rounds at the Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus. Close to forty Dermatologists were totally stumped. Finally in conversation with the Head of Dermatology at the Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus and suggested to her that I wondered if it could be nerve damage from my diabetes. So she prescribed Pregablan. It worked for about a year, but gradually came back. I still take the Pregablan but too limited success. This thing is putting me through absolute hell. I can’t go out can only wear clothing for a limited time. The discomfort is terrible. Thanks for your efforts and please keep me posted?


    Alan Fournier

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