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Comments on The Open Conspiracy by H. G. Wells
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By Alan Mercer

(From The Open Conspiracy and Other Writings, 1933, Waterlow & Sons Ltd., London)

Continued from Part 7

Wells talks about the will to have the “map” complete and up to date.  The analogy to a living intelligent system continues:

“And through that will it will produce as the central organ the brain of the modern community, a great encyclopedic organization, kept constantly up to date and giving approximate estimates and directions for all the material activities of mankind.” (p. 38)

And that should remind us now of the use of tax-funded weather “prediction” policy-generating supercomputers – the crystal balls of the new “scientific” power priesthood – to convince us of the supposed need to cut down on our carbon dioxide generation (clean life-giving gas), energy use, travel and number of children.   Their message: “Pay up, be poor, die off, OR watch the earth descend into utter darkness and chaos as ice caps melt, etc., blah blah blah”.

And then Wells tries to convince us that his authoritarian utopia of “universal peace” (i.e. no opposition) and science, will not need the typical government methods of “will-bending” and compulsion.  Yeah, right.   But on the other hand, it looks like most of us won’t have a will  left by the time his system is in place – after a temporary phase of compulsion and genetic tinkering. (See p. 36 of this document).

Minimizing “will fights”

“must be a primary consideration in arranging the economic, biological, and mental organization of the world community…”. (p. 39)

He explains also that the “controversy between Individualism and Socialism” was a waste of time (p. 39).  Wells strains to explain how degrees of liberty and personal property can coexist in his elitist totalitarian system.    As Orwell‘s Animal Farm explains about its utopia,  “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”   Perhaps Wells’ arguments are calculated to appeal to those who think they be will end up near the top of the pyramid, who desire “freedom” to control and loot others they despise, and interfere with their property.

There are people who want to interfere with the property, personal space, private lives and personal beliefs of those who will not conform, or cannot keep up.  These controlling types are tired of being restrained by middle and working class moral rules about respecting boundaries.    So that’s their idea of “freedom” in my opinion.  “Freedom” to exploit, “freedom” to dominate.

What many people don’t understand about “socialist” arguments is that they believe the dominant form of socialism is intended for the benefit of many people rather than for the benefit of an elite feudal class who are seeking to suppress all forms of competition.

So many have been brainwashed into buying environmentalist or conservationist arguments like those of Wells, these excuses for continued feudalism, for why we are always living in servitude and fear of “conservation” officers [pdf, pages 4 and 8] who inflict harsh penalties.

And the people are so fooled, and being goody-two-shoes, they just make excuses for injustice and cruelty, because it hasn’t happened to them yet.  The attitude of a lot of people is if you just keep doing what you’re told, everything will be fine.  It’s all for a good reason supposedly, even though no-one ever asked them for their feedback about these laws in their life.

“It’s the law”.  Oh, it must be good and right.  Sure, buddy.   These types are just so thankful that they’re not living in medieval times where someone’s hand was cut off, or their eye was burned out for hunting the “King’s deer” in the “King’s forest” so they could feed their family.  Because it belonged to the King, right?   And how dare anyone take the “King”‘s stuff!  Or the corporatocracy’s stuff.

But taking a fisherman’s car, truck or boat, for a few of the wrong fish at the wrong time, oh, that’s no big deal to these slaves – as long as it’s not them.   They should just be GRATEFUL it wasn’t something WORSE, right?  The slave’s attitude is why isn’t everyone staying indoors, playing video games, watching TV and living in virtual worlds like they are?

“Certain things, the ocean, the air, rare wild animals, must be the collective property of all mankind…  Whatever collective control exists must protect these universal properties, the sea from derelicts, the strange shy things of the wild from extermination by the hunter and the foolish collector.  The extinction of many beautiful creatures is one of the penalties our world is paying for its sluggishness in developing a collective common rule.” (p. 40)

So he gets his foothold with the propaganda we are familiar with, using that line of argument we hear now from organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund.

First, members of the elite class, for centuries, imperialists and looters such as Cecil Rhodes run around pillaging the resources that rightfully belong to native peoples and peaceful immigrant settlers.

THEN propagandists like Wells come along and tell us how humanity in general is all SCUM and we’re just running around in general like vicious mindless rats, eating and looting all the resources – mineral and genetic –  that the internationalist feudal class want to control for themselves.

That is the purpose for having a single unified world control over these resources.

And they don’t stop with those kinds of resources at all!  There are no moral boundaries in their minds.

Human beings of the lower and middle classes, to Wells, are just a nasty sort of life, always doing our own thing, always wanting to eat, breath, breed, and prosper.

How they hate to see individuals, families and tribes rope off their own areas and try to protect their own people, their own wealth, their own resources.  They hate that so much.  But they love the furry animals and want to protect them.  Sure they do.  But to people like Wells and the World Wildlife Fund propagandists, the animals, the trees, the rocks ARE more important than the mass of humanity.

We are in an ideological battle of values, but it’s all one-sided.   We are also fooled by their “left” and “right” branches.  The major parties all end up going along with the main agenda.    Those who truly exploit the world’s resources, a collection of international institutions, seek the domination and monopoly of all resources, and they have most of humanity under their thumb.   They run the policy institutes that feed policy to governments.   That is why we are always threatened with more taxes, more regulations, more restrictions, more lies, more war, more monitoring, more check points, more invasions of privacy.

We are already just about completely submerged in this system.  And all that stands between us and total disaster are the remnants of belief in individual rights, in property rights, in local sovereignty, in personal conscience, justice, respect for autonomy and personal freedoms.   And we are on the verge of losing everything to those who use all means to disguise their viciousness as if it’s holy and idealistic.   They claim to put the earth first, to “protect” the(their) environment  – from their competition.  They claim to be spreading their “democracy” and “protecting” everyone with predator drones and depleted uranium.  What is done to others will be done to us.

We must stop making excuses for evil and falling for lies in the name of the “earth” or anything else.  We must put humanity first, we must put rights and freedoms first.  Saying no and standing up for others is standing up for yourself.   That is our only hope.

Part 9

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